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World Box Office: Chinese Athletes Again Outscored 'Blade Runner'

by Harsh Mehta 5 years ago in movie
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The picture from Denis Villeneuve did not manage to occupy the first line of the top of the international rental.

Here are box office reports of international movies.

1. 'Never Speak of Death,' $30.1 million

The second week at the top of the international box office is a sports comedy from China. The film of the director Sun Yang gathered, over 15 days, more than $260 million and continues to dominate in the Chinese box office.

2. 'Blade Runner 2049,' $29.3 million

In the second week, the film from Denis Villeneuve again could not raise the first line. Big bets were made on the premiere in South Korea (Ryan Gosling, La La Land), but only the trump card did not play. Fantastic cinema was entangled in the extensive networks of local releases and raised at the start of only $1.7 million. A similar alignment came out in a dozen parts of the top countries. The fees were 20-40 percent below forecasts in Germany, Australia, Poland, and Brazil. Nevertheless, the most loyal fans of replicants were found in Great Britain ($16.2 million), Russia ($8.4 million) and Germany ($6.8 million). General fees were $98 million.

There is, however, still some hope for the premiere in China, which will take place in a week, but only on the same date Warner suddenly put the Chinese release of Geostream, and this is a very bad bell. Audiences in China are very fond of catastrophes on the screen — androids, less so.

3. 'Bad Genius,' $17.5 million

In third place is a large international topaz, a Thai film. Shah and mate are internationalists. Speaking absolutely seriously, the picture by director Nattavut Punpiriy about schoolchildren-scammers is a big sensation of 2017, visited this season, it seems, all the genre film festivals of the planet, and also collected fantastic money in their homeland. The picture was bought for wide distribution in China, Japan, and South Korea, and last week it successfully launched in the Middle Kingdom. Hence, as you can guess, it is the third place in the top.

4. 'Kingsman: The Golden Ring,' $15.6 million

The main (and only notable) premiere of the past weekend for the spy sequel from Matthew Vaughn was in France ($4.6 million). The remaining amount is residual fuel from the continuation of the rental in 64 countries. The most successful market is still South Korea ($35.3 million). Further on the financial list are Great Britain ($28.3 million), Australia ($14 million), Germany ($9.3 million), and Mexico ($5.5 million).

5. 'It,' $10.4 million

Pennywise did not notice any big premiere, but he is perfectly and very tightly held on the screens even a few weeks after the release. Literally, it will be released in Italy in a couple of days, and in Japan in a couple of weeks, after which the rental can be considered held. If you talk again about money, then the best for the clown was in the UK ($41.7 million), Germany ($29.4 million), Mexico ($27.2 million), Brazil ($19.4 million), and Australia ($18.6 million). General fees for the planet were $630.6 million.

6. 'LEGO Ninjago Film,' $9.5 million

The third cartoon about yellow men successfully started last week in the UK ($5 million). The British premiere brought a little more than half of the painting fees for the weekend in 64 countries. Other prime countries of the first echelon were much more modest: France ($0.7 million) and Italy ($0.6 million). General fees of the cartoon to date amount to $44.5 million.

7. 'Geostream,' $9.1 million

A modest, little premiere of Geostream in nine Asian countries of the second row suddenly showed quite spectacular cash and, most importantly, the first place in the rolling grid of each of the nine countries. The total was: Taiwan ($1.8 million), Malaysia ($1.3 million), Thailand ($1.2 million), and Hong Kong ($1.2 million). This week, the debut blockbuster of Dean Devlin will appear in 50 countries, which makes it possible to assume with certainty who will be at the top of the international top next Monday.

8. 'Snowman,' $9 million

The thriller with Michael Fassbender was cautiously released in 27 markets before the big premiere in the States. The best start was in Great Britain ($1.9 million, third place). In Norway, where the author of the original novel and his characters come from, the film came out from the first line and showed one of the best results of this year ($1.1 million). The second line of the thriller about the serial maniac from Oslo earned in Italy ($1 million) and Spain ($1 million). Next week, the film will start in Australia, Germany, Austria, Estonia, and a dozen other countries.

9. 'In the Pursuit of Dragons,' $7.1 million

Donnie Yen and Andy Lau, in the background of the vintage Hong Kong of the 1970s, continue to attract viewers not only in Asia, but also in the limited American box office. The general fees of the picture are $72.1 million.

10. 'City of Rock,' $7.1 million

Despite the extensive international rental of the Foreigner with Jackie Chan, the other Chinese blockbusters managed to squeeze out the old man this week from the international scores. The last line in our review is taken today by the comedy of the former Mr. Dal Peng's City of Rock, telling, in fact, about the Peking rock. The film in this list is already in the third week, and its operating hours per copy with every weekend seem to only increase for a modest amount.


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