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Wolf Pack Review: "Lion's Breath"

A number of revelations in Episode 7 sets up a climactic finale

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Hard to believe that we are almost at the end of this inaugural season, and I'm referring to it as such with hopes that we will get a second season. As a devout optimist, I'd like to believe that we should see a second season of this amazing show, but it all depends on how this season ends, as well as the responses to the finale. But that's next week. The focus is Episode 7, which kicks off with Baron suddenly appearing to Everett, who attempted to get through to the timid, yet dangerous, werewolf. Baron states that he's not in control; someone's pulling the strings. That's one. I'll explain later.

Everett attempts to say Baron's name, but is interrupted by Baron's roar and the appearance of a deceased Phoebe, who warns Everett that Baron will strike again before piano sounds suddenly come out of her mouth. Once those eerie visions end, Everett informed the rest of the pack about his experience, and they quickly figure out who is next on Baron's rampage: Austin. They decided to not only save Austin, but attempt to regain Baron's humanity, meanwhile, Kristin and Garrett clash over Harlan before appearing at the scene where Phoebe's body is found. We see Rodrigo and Danny (Blake's father and brother), and it's the latter who tells Blake that he saw Kristin at the parking garage...where the werewolf was. That's two.

We later see Kristin and Garrett back at that same abandoned warehouse, which was the site of Kristin's murderous heel turn in Episode 5. Her claimed intent was to continue her investigation, but as we see, she has evil plans for Garrett, as she is really clutching that flashlight--and later her gun when she gives the light to Garrett after showing him the plethora of bodies. It's followed by a flashback through Kristin's eyes, and it's taking us back to that last fire all those years ago, the one that Malcolm and the other firefighters had to deal with, with one of them being Cyrus's father. The werewolf that Malcolm mentioned appeared, but when the beast shifts, it becomes a young woman. Yeah...that's three. So it was a she-wolf who took out that crew, leaving Malcolm as the only survivor, and it doesn't take much to figure out who it is.

As for the pack, we see Everett and Blake embrace before being interrupted by Kendra, and it's followed by Kendra telling Everett to stay in his room while she works, while also turning down Everett's request for the car. We see Everett, now emboldened due to his growing power as a werewolf, tell his controlling mother to be nicer to him before taking the keys to the car; boy, did I love that scene. We later see Austin and Luna, and the former finally learns that he was right all along, while the latter admits to liking him when he isn't a prick, which isn't often. Austin takes it, and later that night, they are out together as part of the plan to lure out Baron, who emerges in his bestial form.

Knowing that Baron will only attack if any member of the pack is threatened, Luna tells Austin to hit her, even slapping him to provoke him, but Austin kisses Luna instead. Baron pursues Austin, who loses the beast, however, Baron later chased a hooded figure, believing that it was Austin. In actuality, the hooded person was Blake, and she successfully trapped Baron in the freezer, where all four teens held him in so Baron could shift back to his human form in death. The plan was to revive him with epinephrine, but Austin had his own agenda, as he plunged a knife into Baron at the final moments of the episode.

OK, I said I would explain the counting. Let's rewind here. In the episode's opening scenes, Baron told Everett that he didn't want to hurt people, but he's not in control. Someone's pulling the strings. One. Danny later informed Blake that he saw Kristin at the parking garage, despite Blake's protests. Two. And finally, the flashback to that last fire; it was a female werewolf who caused all that chaos and bloodshed. That's one, two, three strikes, you're out at the old ball game. It's Kristin. She's behind the wheel, she's the werewolf, and she's been behind it all. It wasn't revealed completely in this episode, but the rest of the pieces should be filled in during what should be an epic finale.

Episode 7, "Lion's Breath," hit Paramount+ on March 9, 2023, and the finale is coming. I expect it to be supersized, immensely supernatural, and absolutely superb. As a hardcore fan of werewolves (especially female ones), if Kristin's officially revealed, I better see a transformation scene--a good and long one. That's all I ask.

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