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A Supernatural Overview


Continuing this road of Supernatural with the Winchesters. This journey has been long going and never easy! The more things that happen the more they are torn apart and beaten up. Damaged and bruised only to come back fighting stronger and stronger. Even though there have been times they wanted to give up… They couldn’t outrun their destiny. Which is fast approaching.

The sixth season starts a year after the last one ended. When Sam suddenly shows up outside Dean’s house claiming he was mysteriously released from the cage. Later in the season, they find out that Castiel brought Sam back. Soulless as part of his new plot to become the new God. Dean then learns through Sam that they have more family than he knew about. Including their maternal grandfather, but Dean is resistant about leaving his new life. Their grandfather was working for the angel Crowley (who opposes Castiel) in exchange for Sam and Dean’s mother’s resurrection. In the end, Castiel betrays everyone. Absorbing all of the souls of purgatory as a source of infinite power, and achieves his goal.

The seventh season brings a new enemy called Leviathans to Earth. After the brothers convince Castiel to return the souls he had absorbed. These very first monsters ever created are the strongest monsters in existence, rendering the brothers’ usual weapons useless. Sam is suffering from severe PTSD after his experience in Hell. The Winchesters then ally again with Castiel and the former angel foes from the past. In order to defeat the new creatures, but when everyone dies, Sam is left all alone.

In the eighth season, Dean escapes purgatory to reunite with Sam and again attempt to finish business. They end up trusting a new traitorous ally, Metatron. Who leads the Winchesters into causing the fall of Heaven during their honest attempt to close the gates of Hell. Metatron also takes Castiel’s grace and he is downgraded to being human again.

The ninth season follows the aftermath of Heaven’s lockout, including Sam’s journey while he is near death. The angels are all trying to get back into heaven, and they all want to be the leader. Sam is possessed by the angel Ezekiel at the behest of Dean in order to save Sam’s life. However, Sam does not actually know that this is happening while he is healing.

The reason for Ezeikel’s desired secrecy is revealed when he is revealed as the banished angel Gadreel. When Metatron returns to Earth looking for help to rebuild Heaven. He then takes full control of Sam’s body. Nevertheless, Castiel is able to take another fallen angel’s grace. Allowing him to regain his powers and expel Gadreel from Sam. Gadreel allies with Metatron to cause major issues on Earth. The brothers part ways due to Sam’s anger at Dean’s participation in the deception of his possession.

They ally with Castiel and Crowley, who have opposing views but agree that Metatron must be defeated. Gadreel is soon disillusioned and comes to help destroy the source of Metatron’s power. Dean fights the influence of the weapon that can defeat Metatron. He’s then slain with it by Metatron while attempting to kill him. Crowley revives Dean as a demon. Separating the Winchesters

In the tenth season, Sam is looking for Dean. Who he does not know has been resurrected, much less in the form of a demon. Castiel is returning back to mortality which is impacting his ability to help. Sam is able to trap his brother and embarks on the quest to expel the demon. When they succeed, they spend the season fighting all types of monsters.

Dean is still suffering from the effects of the weapon used in the previous season that killed him, and he ends up facing off with it’s original owner. When the family owning the cure tries to capture Dean, he succumbs and slaughters them all. He then finds out that he must pass the weapon to another host to cure himself, which will involve killing his brother. He cannot, and kills Death himself instead. ‘The Darkness’, a powerful force from ancient history predating even God, is released.

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