Will We Get A Sinister Six Movie After 'Spider-Man Homecoming'? All Signs Point To Yes

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Much to the excitement of Spider-Man’s many fans, there’s little time remaining until Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into our local multiplexes.

Will We Get A Sinister Six Movie After 'Spider-Man Homecoming'? All Signs Point To Yes

Much to the excitement of Spider-Man’s many fans, there’s little time remaining until Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into our local multiplexes. As such, Marvel and Sony’s press tour is well underway and given that the film’s pre-release buzz is very strong, talk is already turning to the future of the franchise. We now know that Tom Hardy’s #Venom solo movie will face off against the blood-crazed super villain Carnage, but it also seems that we’ll be getting another, rather insidious installment in Sony’s Spider-Man franchise.

We May Be Getting A Sinister Six Movie After All

[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Reading between the lines of a recent article from the Hollywood Reporter, it seems very likely that we may finally get to see a film featuring that squad of scoundrels – the Sinister Six – team up to squash the wall-crawling hero after Homecoming. Some fans will be confused with this news, and understandably so. After all, the last thing we had heard about a cinematic Sinister Six was that, in the wake of Marvel's unprecedented deal with #Sony, it had been discarded along with plans for the third Amazing Spider-Man film. Indeed, the Hollywood Reporter’s article confirms that:

“... [the] Spider-Man villain ensemble Sinister Six…has been shelved.”

So if Sinister Six has been shelved, how can we still be getting it? Well, the same article also revealed that several, previously unmentioned projects will bring villains Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio to the silver screen for the first time. We don’t know if these characters are going to each have solo movies or if they’re going to appear together as Black Cat and Silver Sable are set to do in the upcoming #SilverandBlack, but there are two key details to note. The first is that Kraven and Mysterio are both – somewhat tellingly - founding and recurring members of the Six; interestingly, in the comics the Vulture (played by Michael Keaton in Homecoming) frequently rounded out the group. The second is that these films, alongside Silver and Black and Venom, will form part of a larger shared universe:

“… The idea, says a studio source, is to build out a world gradually rather than launch one immediately...”

So it seems that Sony is concentrating on singular character projects first, but they still have their eye on something bigger down the line. In short, they appear to be following the methodology of #Marvel Studios by creating their own interconnected series of films which each intersect and later culminate in each Avengers movie. And though we’ve been burned by Sony before and are therefore loathe to admit it, this news could hold a lot of promise for the Spider-Man's future.

The Promise Of These New Spider-Man Projects

Maybe my optimism is borne out of how good Spider-Man: Homecoming is shaping up to be, but these tentative plans pleasingly indicate a change in direction on Sony’s part. After all, it was their somewhat overzealous and clumsy approach to world building in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 that ultimately led to their downfall. Taking a step off the gas and allowing these characters to be each explored before they all meet – and at a steadier rate - will at least help to rectify the plot problems from Sony’s previous projects.

Similarly, the fact that Sony’s new superhero/villain films will be part of the #MCU is another pleasing factor - as is Kevin Feige's amusing reaction to the news. Even though it’s clear that producer Amy Pascal is using Kevin Feige and co. to rehabilitate the #SpiderMan franchise and use it as a springboard for Sony’s projects, this kind of deal could also work well for Marvel. Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery is second only to Batman’s numerous compelling villains. If Sony’s new batch of films is successful, and if the Marvel/Sony deal allows for a full cross-pollination of characters between each installment, then Sony’s well-rounded rogues could pop up in other Marvel movies and thus help solve the ongoing villain problem within the MCU.

Yet ultimately this is really exciting stuff for Spidey fans due to the simple fact we’re one step closer to having some of our favorite villains onscreen for the first time, and potentially forming a cinematic #SinisterSix no less! We may not definitely know what’s in store for Spider-Man or the extended Sony universe, but there is a lot of potential for these new ventures; here’s hoping that they continue to develop promisingly.

#SpiderManHomecoming is in theaters on July 7th, 2017

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]

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