Why 'The Flash' Season 3 Wasn't as Bad as Everybody Makes It Out To Be

by Dennis Begley 2 years ago in tv

It's not that bad.

Why 'The Flash' Season 3 Wasn't as Bad as Everybody Makes It Out To Be

Let me get this started with saying, The Flash season 3 definitely wasn't my favorite season of The Flash. Yet, I'm also not part of the majority of The Flash fans that absolutely hate it. I think some of fans' biggest grievances are completely justified, and I think some of their grievances can be easily defended against. Those grievances are what I'm here to talk about.

1. The Musical Episode

Alright, so this one is everybody's least favorite episode from season 3. When you think about it though it makes a lot of sense. It allowed a crossover episode to happen between Supergirl and The Flash. It was also during some upsetting stuff between Kara Zor El's own relationship and Barry Allen's own relationship. This allowed writers to fix two issues in one episode. Plus it was made during the height of Hamilton and LaLa Land, so it allowed for this to be fixed. Probably biggest of all though is Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin are former Glee costars, and Jesse Martin was in the original cast of Rent. It makes it a very fun episode to watch if you know that background information. Also, one of everybody's biggest issues this season with The Flash is it was too dark this season. This was a nice segway to break into the next part of the season.

2. The Gorilla Grodd Episode

I loved this episode. A lot of people just say this one happened for no reason, but it makes sense. When Cisco and Barry go into the future and see the Grodd news line you know they have to plug that in. It also let Barry grow as a character, this season after "Flashpoint" he felt awful and needed to know at points he wasn't becoming a monster. This episode showed that to himself and the Gorilla's plus the whole coliseum and Barry fighting the king Gorilla was just so fun to watch.

3. Barry Became a Dick This Season

This is an insane argument. Obviously his intentions with "Flashpoint" weren't to make everybody's lives different. Barry was just in a dark part of his life. As Oliver says best "if I could've done it with my parents I would too." We have to realize Barry might be metahuman but he's still very much human. He has issues just like the rest of us and in our darkest moments do we not wish we could go and change it too? Not thinking of how selfish that would be, but rather how we would feel better. Also when he becomes a tough person with everybody while trying to prevent Iris' death, I mean who wouldn't if you were in his situation. I know I would.

4. Iris Sucks

I don't know why people don't see how awesome Iris is. People say her whole purpose last season was to die, but think about what she tried to accomplish during the season knowing her death. Especially with trying to make journalism that matters before she dies. As well as she seemed to be the only one willing to accept her death and that was extremely noble of her. We learned a lot from her throughout this season, and if you can't see that look deeper.

5. Wally Sucks

I'm not the biggest TV show Wally West fan because he's not the one I'm used to from the comics and I don't like the fact that he's already almost as fast as Barry. However, I think about it and it does make sense, Wally out of all comics speedsters besides maybe Bart Allen does have the rawest talent with the speedsters abilities. As well as it was good finally getting Kid Flash in the show after wanting him for so long. He can be whiny at times, but it's important to remember he's just a kid. Which makes for good character development.

6. Killer Frost

I thought it was cool seeing a new big D.C. villain on The Flash this year. Killer Frost is dangerous and always a tough adversary for any of the big D.C. heroes. It was awesome to see a classic character on the show. I also actually did like to watch the struggle between Caitlyn and Killer Frost. As well, I thought Danielle Panabaker did an imagine job of playing killer Frost this season. My only issue was I love Caitlyn so much that it was hard seeing her be Killer Frost at times. I think that's when you know a show is doing good though, you love a character so much you want them back.

7. The Proposal

Alright, I still have no clue why people are mad about this. Honestly this was my favorite part of all of season 3. People complain about how it doesn't make sense that Iris would break off the engagement and then was willing to accept it a mere three episodes later. I'll tell you what though, it makes complete sense. The reason Barry proposed to Iris in the first place was, yes, due to the fact that he loved her, but it was mostly because he thought it would change things with Savitar. You can see why Iris would get upset in this situation. She may realize that Barry loves her, but the proposal is hollow if it's not for the real reason of wanting to be with her forever and loving her every day. When Barry proposes to her the second time and Iris says yes. Barry has grown and realizes that as he sings "I want you every hour, every minute." He realizes even if he can't stop Savitar, he still wants Iris every minute. Plus there's only been five times I've ever cried at a tv show and this proposal was one of them.

I hope if you've had mixed feelings about this season that this clears your thoughts.

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Dennis Begley
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