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Why Scarlet Witch is the Most Badass Character in the MCU

by Alexandrea Sams 3 years ago in superheroes


This is a topic that has spurred many an argument amongst my nerd friends and I. I will fight for Scarlet Witch to the death and here’s why; the character is played by the beautiful and graceful Elizabeth Olsen, who is not only gorgeous but one of the most kickass actresses on set as she doesn’t have anything tactile to act with. She has to wave her hands around and throw them at a tennis ball. Imagine as an actor how difficult that is, how well you have to know your character as yourself. I have been an actress for a long time and Elizabeth Olsen is incredible.

Second, she is one of if not the most powerful character in the cinematic universe as of right now; She has long outgrown the stone that gave her her powers (See Civil War when she overpowered Vision). She has the ability to manipulate reality (See Age of Ultron when she messed with the Avengers' heads) and she has the power and energy at her disposal to wipe out entire forces (See Infinity War when she flew down from the tower in Wakanda to save the Avengers' lives). In Infinity War the writers also set her up as the hero for Avengers 4. (Yes we know Captain Marvel is going to be badass, but she can’t get them out of the soul stone now can she?) They used the basic rule of 3, meaning Scarlet Witch saves the day 3 times implying that it will be her (probably with some assistance from Doctor Strange) that will save the day in Avengers 4. As they have not introduced Agatha Harkness (and I don’t think they will) we can assume that if Scarlet Witch's powers are to grow they will with the help of Doctor Strange (Probably in this next Avengers movie) for he is the one in the cinematic universe with the most access to magic.

If we draw from the comic books for some motivation for her future we will find that she is in fact the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe (Some would argue that it’s really Dark Phoenix to those I’d like to remind you that Scarlet Witch defeated Dark Phoenix). The reality of the comic books is this; Scarlet Witch wiped out more then half the mutant population by saying the words “no more mutants”. Name me 1 marvel character that has that much power with their voice and intent alone? She also couldn’t have children with Vision for obvious reasons so she literally created them from magic (They were children that faded in an out of existence and were eventually hidden from her by a witch, but that’s besides the point). It is also known in the comic books that Scarlet Witch can resurrect the dead, as she did for Pietro after Magneto killed him in House of M. No matter what universe the Avengers or Evil Brotherhood seem to be in, Scarlet Witch either saves the day or destroys it with unfathomable power and strength. Will the cinematic universe use this to their advantage and make her as truly badass as she should be? Well I sure hope so. I really believe that she will be the major player in saving everyone that “died” in Infinity War (if she’s not then it’s just unrealistic). I look forward the seeing what the Marvel Cinematic Universe does with her character, with her and Vision’s story line (as it is my favorite Marvel relationship) and how they will grow her powers from here as there are lots of places to go.

Alexandrea Sams
Alexandrea Sams
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