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Why 'Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Is WRONG

by Daniel B 4 years ago in tv
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What on earth is happening...?

Why?! Who on earth approved this? HOW MANY PEOPLE APPROVED THIS!? Oh man, calm down, Dan...calm down, it's only a cartoon.

Honestly, this show could be OK. I am alright with interpretations of original ideas and stories...but the new material needs to keep the basic moral and character essentials to make it a real and good new version of a show. This show could have some potential, but they have changed basically everything that was essential about them. Let me break this down into two categories: Childhood Ruining and Tolerable.

Childhood Ruining:

The turtles are different species and still brothers? How does this work? Was their mom a "turtle of the night?" No, this is just stupid design and writing to give a reason for the turtle to be different sizes and shapes.

Is there magic? I am okay with the brothers dealing with magic once in awhile, but they aren't freaking wizards with glowing hands and wizards. Why are all of them (and April, if you look at other pictures of her) all using some glowing power on their weapons? What is this? Is it elemental? Is it magical "energy?"

WHY ARE THE WEAPONS ALL DIFFERENT?! Donatello still has a staff, kind of. Raphael has apparently gone from his usual sai to tonfas. I love me some tonfa, but they have no blades and WHY WOULD THEY CHANGE HIS WEAPON?! His sai were an extension of his aggressive and talented persona....which reflected in his weapons. Tonfa are far more defensive, which Raphael is not. Leonardo has one sword which, from the looks of it, is okay....I guess. But Michelangelo has lost his classic nunchucks and found some nunchuck-whip-mace. other words I do not approve.

Who put Raphael in charge? I understand they want to change things up, and that is okay, but Raphael is no leader! He is hot-headed and does not think a plan all the way through. Leonardo and Donatello are far better suited leaders. Uggghhh....

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a terrible name. Just call it TMNT, THE Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or basically anything else. Because origin stories are overdone and their name is already long enough.....why add three words before it? STUPID.

If you look up the part Splinter for this show, he looks gross, unskilled, and just weird!. He barely looks like a rat! Why on earth are the producers for this show trying to change everything as much as possible?!


The animation design is *shutters* okay. The hard edges and sharp shapes is a different take, and maybe it will look cool with the fight scenes, but I still don't like it that much. It honestly looks cheap and too "modernized." It looks like the designers never saw any of the old cartoons or comics and made something based on someone's loose description.

April being African American? That is actually the only part of this that I am 100 percent behind. April was never defined by her skin color or culture, she has been defined by her spunk and intelligence, so a big "yay" for her to seem like her character more than anyone else.

That's all I have, guys. I don't know who thought all these "new" and "cool changes" were a good idea, but they aren't. The amount of backlash and outrage from the internet is pretty crazy, and no older generation is going to watch this show. Only those kids who are new to it will be watching, and even then, that audience probably won't care that much about them. Please, change everything to something remotely close to the original source material or don't make the show. It is really a disappointment to the TMNT name.


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