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Why Letterkenny is So Easily Addicting

I suggest you let that one marinate

By Cathryn DennisonPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Image from Season 1 Episode 2 "Super Soft Birthday" (the best episodes in my opinion)

If you’ve heard someone say, “How are you, now?” and you didn’t reply with, “Good, and you?”, then you might have just REALLY disappointed a Letterkenny fan. I first found out about the show in late 2018/early 2019, and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve binge-watched the show at least four times

It wasn’t to catch up for new seasons, either.

About the show

Letterkenny was a CraveTV original from season 1 to 6 (plus the Valentine’s Day special) until 2019 when Hulu bought the rights; as of now, there are 9 seasons (not including the specials between seasons). The show has been mainly written by Jared Keeso, who plays Wayne, and Jacob Tierney (also the director), who plays Glen. Where did they come up with the idea for the show? Well, it’s actually loosely inspired by Keeso’s hometown in Ontario; Listowel.

The plot

The show’s opening credits to the first episode give all the backstory you need in less than a minute. “Letterkenny consists of hicks, skids, hockey players, and Christians. These are their problems.”

Simply put, it’s a show about a small, rural town and the crazy drama that unfolds in it from the perspective of these characters. Most of the show is shown from the perspective of the main character, Wayne, who’s a simple farmer who doesn’t say much, loves his dogs, enjoys a beer, and, at the start of season one, is getting over the breakup of his high-school sweetheart who cheated on him.

What's the appeal?

When most people think of a show about a small town, they would probably NOT think about these ‘hicks’ to be as quick-witted, clever, or wise-cracking as they are. Just the first scene alone has, as Kelso from That 70’s show would put it, the sickest burns, but it’s not just the first scene.

The whole first episode is just burn after burn and when the words are finally enough, the dramatic, slow-motion fistfights with rock music make it next to impossible to both laugh hysterically at the absurdity and, at the same time, cheer and root for our hero.

This isn’t just for the first episode, either. It’s every single episode. Unlike a lot of shows, the jokes aren’t recycled, but the style is consistent as the show progresses. Quick wit, characters with particular ways of throwing (or receiving) insults, and the same lovable and crazy characters that both stay the same and grow.

One of the most loved features of the show is how un-filtered it is. There’s a very little line on what they will do/show in the show; ergo, it is NOT for children. They drop every curse word in the book and even some unique ones. They’ll talk (in detail) about male and female anatomy, illegal (and legal) substances, breaking (and obeying) the law, and everything in between.

The show isn’t all laughs, though. They touch on certain topics that most comedy shows stay clear of for fear of criticism like sexuality, racism, political opinions, and more. Some of it is in jest, but a lot of what the show does have in regards to these subjects is actually very progressive when it comes to the education of said topics.

What some people hate about it

There are a few things that some people find distasteful about the show. While the show is fairly progressive, there are a few traits of a character or two that some fans cannot understand or agree with.

I’ve met some people who find Wayne’s views slightly outdated when it comes to the treatment of children. I’ve also met a few people who think that the ‘skids’ are glorifying the lifestyle of the basement-dwelling drug addict or making the life of a drug addict seem amusing.

Overall, there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t like something from the show. However, I believe Wayne would say, “As long as most people are having a good time, there’s no reason to be a poopy-pants.”

Why I’m personally addicted to it

One of the first things that drew me into the show was the cleverness of the characters. There’s just something about each of the characters that you can relate to; whether it’s Squirly Dan’s young-heartedness, Dairy’s awkwardness, Katy’s self-confidence, or Wayne’s ‘pitter-patter’ mood.

Not only that, but I also liked the fact that there isn’t just episode after episode of drama. There are very few filler episodes, but the most consistent drama and plot throughout the show revolves around Wayne’s love life.

Because of this, I also suspect that the show will finally be over when he finally ties the knot and settles down, maybe even shortly after, and I think it’s a good sub-plot of the show since it’s something we can all relate to; especially if you’re like me and live/grew up in a small town with a bunch of crazy characters with insane personalities and beliefs.

Honestly, I could keep watching the show again and again even if it were to end right now. Although, I hope it doesn’t because I am currently in the process of watching season 9; yes, I know I’m behind, but I’ve been on a writing binge.

If you’re looking for a new show to watch, please check out Letterkenny. It’s only gotten more and more popular, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked a friend if they’ve watched it and answered, “No. I’ve never heard of it.” I’ve already gotten at least four of my friends hooked in the past year, and I’m eager to share my love of hicks, skids, natives, and Glen. don’t love Glen? I will proceed to kick a trashcan over and scream, “That’s effing embarrassing!” (keeping it relatively PG while giving the references). I’ll call the Ginger and Boots...allegedly.

Thanks for reading! If you liked my breakdown of the show, please give this a like and share it. It really helps me grow and keep writing. Or just give it a like for how awesome Letterkenny is! If you’re interested in more of my stories, articles, and more, check out my Twitter for live updates when my most recent works/projects are available.


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