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Why Dory and Marlin are the ultimate Iconic Duo

by Tabitha about a year ago in pop culture

A tale of courage, perseverance, and belonging

Dory and Marlin

I don't think anyone could have imagined that a blue tang fish named Dory, and a clownfish named Marlin, would go onto become the most iconic Duo of all time, but that's precisely what they are. Bear with me, and I'll explain why, let us start at the beginning.

In the opening scene of 'Finding Nemo' Marlin and his partner, Coral are expecting 400 children, which are due to hatch shortly. Unfortunately, they are cruelly attacked by a ruthless barracuda. Only one slightly damaged egg survives, Marlin names his only remaining child, Nemo.

As Nemo gets older Marlin grows increasingly overprotective of him, a result of the attack as mentioned earlier. This causes Nemo to feel somewhat suffocated, and in an act of defiance, he swims out towards a zone in the ocean known as the "drop off and is captured by a scuba diver as Marlin watches on helplessly. While frantically chasing after the boat that took his son there is a collision between him and another fish, enter Dory a.k.a Marlin's worst nightmare, or so he thinks, well at least in the beginning. Dory is an outgoing, extremely forgetful (she suffers from short term memory loss) amusing, optimist, and on the other end of the spectrum, we have Marlin a neurotic, apprehensive, reclusive, pessimist.

Dory decides without hesitation to help Marlin, and they set off together to find Nemo. On their journey, they come face to face with a menacing shark named Bruce, who takes them to what can only be described as a type of AA meeting for sharks who have vowed, to never again, eat fish. Marlin thinks it a very perilous idea for them to befriend a group of sharks and is wondering how they are going to escape. Dory meanwhile is oblivious to the dangers and excitedly congratulates her new buddies on their gallant resolution. As the meeting continues Marlin suddenly realises that there is a clue to Nemo's whereabouts written on the divers mask they found earlier, as he and Dory fight over how to read it, the strap hits Dory's nose causing a nose bleed which sends Bruce into a carnivorous frenzy, and they flee.

Dory and Marlin continue to cheat death on their persuit, they encounter a sinister Anglerfish lurking in the shadows, hop atop a swarm of Jellyfish where Dory is badly stung, and even get swallowed by a whale, and yet through all of their trials and tribulations they continuously have each other's backs, they persevere and manage to succeed despite the odds. They are the ultimate team.

Dory's hilariously forgetful nature inadvertently forces Marlin to live in the moment, to be braver and more resilient, she also teaches him that its okay to let go of those we love because they always come back to us in the end. While trapped in the belly of a whale Marlin laments over his failed promise, to never let anything bad happen to his son, Dory responds by saying "you can't never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him." what a wise comrade.

And owing to her friendship with Marlin, Dory's memory begins to improve, she eventually remembers Nemo's name, she recalls what was written on the scuba divers mask "P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way Sydney" yes the iconic address that is now emblazoned on our hearts forevermore, and most importantly she finds a purpose.

Dory and Marlin come to realise they can overcome anything together, they simply have to "keep swimming." through thick and fin.

They not only become genuine friends by the end of their epic mission, but they also become 'family.' (Dory finds a new home with Marlin and Nemo) and there's nothing more iconic than that.

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