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Why don't you go fishing with me today

Why don't you go fishing with me today

By miesha bellfisherPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, there lived a fisherman by the sea. Every day, he went out to sea to fish. He went out early and came back late, rain or shine. Strangely, he came back empty-handed every day without catching a single fish. The other fishermen wondered why he couldn't catch a fish when everyone else could. One day, the fisherman was going to go fishing again. A kind fisherman advised him, "Why don't you go fishing with me today? I'll help you catch some fish and you can learn how to fish from me." The fisherman laughed and said, "What do you know? You catch a lot of fish every day, but as long as I catch that baby, I won't have to be a fisherman anymore." Puzzled, the kind fisherman asked, "Honey? Is there any magic treasure in the sea?" The fisherman whispered, "It is said that Aladdin's lost lamp is in this area of the sea. If I can get Aladdin's lamp, I can have everything!" No wonder the fisherman couldn't catch any fish. His heart wasn't in fishing at all. The good fisherman pointed to the sea, said: "The vast sea, endless, I advise you to catch some fish to fill your stomach, and then fishing magic lamp!" The fisherman would not listen to this and took the boat out to sea alone. The fisherman cast his net hoping to catch the magic lamp, but what he caught was a small white shark. Just as the fisherman was disappointed, the little white shark spoke out, "Wow, I'm finally back on land! Hello! Thank you for saving me. I am Aladdin." In a flash, the little white shark turned back into Aladdin's lamp. In order to thank the fisherman for saving his life, Aladdin turned the fisherman's boat into a big ship. He said to the fisherman, "This big boat is my little thank you gift. I have been in this sea for three years, two years ago the person who saved me can grant three wishes, a year ago the person who saved me can grant two wishes, today you saved me, I can grant you one wish!" Greedy fisherman thought: if I have a hundred Aladdin magic lamp, can not realize a hundred wishes? So he said at once: "My wish is for a hundred Aladdin's lamps!" As soon as he had finished speaking, a hundred Aladdin lanterns appeared in front of him. A Hundred Aladdin Lanterns The fisherman put a hundred Aladdin lanterns into his ship, and drove the ship happily back to the port. All the fishermen came to see the fisherman's ship. They were very envious and praised the fisherman's ability. Only the good fisherman stood at a distance and did not come. The fisherman said proudly to everyone, "Now I have a hundred Aladdin lamps. I can have anything I want!" With that, he took out an Aladdin lamp and pointed to a boat moored by the sea and read: "Aladdin lamp, the boat becomes a ship." But after a long time there was no change in the battered boat. The fisherman took a few more magic lamp to do the experiment, still nothing changed. At this time, the sky came from the voice of Aladdin's lamp: "Greedy fisherman, your one hundred Aladdin's lamp are fake goods, this is the punishment for your greed, the ship will soon be back to the boat, you will be the same as before, or nothing." As soon as the voice of the lamp stopped, the ship turned back into the boat it had been... After this incident, the fisherman was changed. From then on, he no longer thought of getting something for nothing. Instead, he followed the kind fisherman to learn fishing seriously and live a down-to-earth life.

fan fiction

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