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Why are Home alone and How the grinch stole Christmas the most sought-after movies during the holidays?

These two movies have been popularized and embraced but why?

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 2 years ago Updated 8 months ago 3 min read
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My initial answer was that they are timeless classic movies, but I was wondering about why they are timeless classics. I noticed the continuous trends from the movies and the support they receive especially during each holiday season. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, classic is defined as “serving as a standard of excellence: of recognized value” and timeless as “not restricted to a particular time or date”.

Dr. Suess’ How the grinch stole Christmas was firstly a published book in 1957 and has had multiple adaptations ever since. The latest movie was in 2018 but the 2000 movie starring Jim Carrey seems to be the most memorable. Many years later, it is still being embraced and stapled as a Christmas must-watch. The movie was named the #1 movie on Netflix’s 2020 most popular movie list according to This is a great example of it standing the test of time to still be quoted, watched and praised.

The How the Grinch stole Christmas movies started with the first one in 1966, to 2000 then the most recent in 2018 called, The Grinch. The two animated movies from 1966 and 2018 are dissimilar to the 2000 live-action movie. The live-action movie surpassed in likeness than the animations did.

Jim Carrey's ability to make a character more dynamic than expected is very much appreciated. His personality and delivery as a comedian then an actor amplified the likeness to the Grinch’s character. I have seen comparisons of his version of the Grinch to the realities of adult livelihood as it's accepted for the relatability. The affection is depicted through recreated costumes and scenes.

The first of the Home alone movies celebrated its 30th anniversary in November 2020. The first and second movies starring Macaulay Culkin are arguably the most acknowledged in the franchise. There are five in the official franchise as well as one spinoff called Bone Alone (or Alone for Christmas) which is addressed by Dazzreviews on Youtube. Macaulay Culkin's personality amplified the Kevin character to be more likable than the others. The script of the first movie was perceived as the most structured and cohesive as well as the second when compared to the others. For an in-depth review of all of these, you can view the video below.

Video Credit:-Dazzreviews

Like How the grinch stole Christmas, they are also embraced as Christmas must-sees and noted for their memorable scenes. The scenes and lines are still enjoyed many years after and have been re-created severally. Both movies seem to be more appreciated due to the likeable personality the main actors depict in the movies.

The two movies are still incredibly valued despite their times of release. Both are family movies, therefore are feel-good and comfortable movies. Although some factors in each movie could be taken the wrong way, the stories tie up well making it enjoyable.

I believe both movies could be changed to a horror or thriller genre which various channels on Youtube can prove. Luckily Home Alone does not emphasize the plot from an angle of danger but rather one of adventurous independence from a child’s perspective. The plot of How the grinch stole Christmas does not emphasize it from a dangerous outlier or dangerous community but from a discriminated outcast that learned to appreciate things and love again.

Regardless of the possibilities, these movies encapsulate the warmth and wanting for togetherness that you're expected to feel especially during the holidays when the family is presumed to be together. They are hilarious but emotional and allow you to appreciate your loved ones a lot more

People have different traditions for the holidays either as coping mechanisms or to maximize celebration- ways people get into the holiday spirit to enjoy it even more.

Traditions vary for many people, it could include; gathering with loved ones, eating certain meals, lighting certain scented candles, re-decorating or watching certain movies and for most people, these are those movies.

They are both classics, timeless, family-friendly and known for various moments. For these reasons, they are deemed must-sees and are worth the watch to many.

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