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Who Would Win? John Wick, The Punisher, or Batman?

The Last Man Standing

By Rand EinfeldtPublished 5 years ago 2 min read
They seem to like wearing black...

A friend of mine asked me very serious question the other day. “Who would win? John Wick, the Punisher, or Batman?”

Now this was hard, we already knew Keanu Reeves is the infamous John Wick; but I wanted to know which Batman, and also which Punisher? So we settled on Jon Bernthal's The Punisher, and Ben Affleck's Batman.

So with this article I will base it on body count, skills, and what drives them.

Note: Before you all leave your comments below. Please understand that we will only be counting the kills that happen on screen. And just because Batman says that he's Batman, doesn't mean that he will automatically be a winner. That being said, let's get started!

Body Count:

Self explanatory. This will be based on how many bodies hit the floor! John Wick has 72 kills under his belt in the first movie and 133 in the Second Chapter. With these numbers, we can expect more in John Wick Chapter 3!

The Punisher has 60 kills in season one, and 62 in season two. It's currently in the air if we will get a season three, with all the Marvel Netflix shows getting "snapped" by Thanos.

Batman had 34 kills in Batman V Superman and 17 in Justice League. Granted Batman has a no killing rule, he managed to throw that rule out the window.


This part will be one the weapons they used and how they used them.

Wick is clever with his killings and makes sure that he aims for the head so that they're completely dead (didn't mean to rhyme, but oh well). He IS a weapon, and uses everyday objects as weapons, even a number two pencil. When he doesn't have a gun, he will kill you with some random object; then use your gun to get the other guys. He is also very resourceful.

The Punisher's killings are a bit sloppy. He mostly shoots limbs before he aims for the head. He seems to want his enemy to be tortured before they meet their maker.

Batman has a variety of weapons, and is not afraid of hand to hand combat. He is adaptable in all his surroundings. He gets bonus points for being able to disguise his voice with a machine instead of stressing his vocal cords like Christian Bale did in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Can't say the same for the mask, because of Ben Affleck's chin, anybody can easily discern that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

Batman's never captured, let alone killed Joe Chill, the man who killed his parents. John Wick, on the other hand, killed the man who killed his dog and then some.


What gives anyone that "drive" to get the job done? Money,

John Wick's drive is his wife, and his wife's dog that she gave as a gift prior to her passing. The dogs name is Daisy, which is hinted at that they wanted to have a daughter named Daisy.

Wick's other drive is that he wants to kill anyone involved.

The Punisher’s drive is witnessing his family getting killed. That was a tough one to work with, because family is a stronger drive than a dog getting killed.

Batman’s only drive is witnessing his parents death at a very young age.

Overall, John Wick gets the job done! Maybe Keanu Reeves should be the next Batman?


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