Who is the Best Time Traveler in Movies?

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Who is the Best Time Traveler in Movies?

After watching some time travel movies, it got me wondering, who is the best Time Traveler in movies?

Note that when a started this list, I was basing it from the movies i remember seeing in my upbringing. So if I am missing some important movies, I'll put them on the next article, and even watch some suggestions.

I was thinking of adding Avengers: Endgame in this, but they went back in time to different realities, not their existing timeline. So this movie will noy count in this debate.

Anyway, I will be exploring the distance in time travel; when they started, how far back they went in the past, and how far forward they went in the future.

I'll be going over the problems that occur when each character time travelled.

I'll be exploring the devices used for time travel. Was it successful? Did the time traveler fulfill their purpose? Would I personally use that device to go back or forward in time to fulfill my own personal purpose?

So without further ado. Here we go.

Donnie Darko

Movie: Donnie Darko

Distance in Time Travel: From September 5, 1988 to October 2, 1988.

Time Travel Device: A Foreign Object from another time, and a wormhole.

Purpose: To prevent the death of his girlfriend.

Successful: Yes

Why? He saved many lives from his sacrifice.

Total: 28 days

Marty Mcfly

Movie: Back to the Future Franchise

Distance in Time Travel: From September 2, 1885 to October 21, 2015.

Time Travel Device: A Delorean

Purpose: To change the future of his family.

Problems: Running into your other self.

Successful: Yes

Why? His parents aren't bullied by Biff anymore.

Total: 130 years


Movie: Interstellar

Distance in Time Travel: From 2070 to June 28, 2092.

Time Travel Device: Spacecraft.

Purpose: To save a dying world.

Problems: Time moving too fast, and you miss everything.

Successful: Yes

Why? He was able to see his daughter grow old.

Total: Approximately 22 years

Chris Johnston

Movie: Timeline

Distance in Time Travel: From 2004 to 1357.

Time Travel Device: A Time Fax Machine.

Purpose: To bring a scientist back from the middle ages.

Problems: Running into old friends who also time travelled before.

Successful: Yes

Why? He was able to bring the scientist back.

Total: 647 years

Hermione Granger

Movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Distance in Time Travel: One day in the past.

Time Travel Device: Time Turner

Purpose: To save Sirius Black and Buckbeak.

Problems: Trying not to be seen.

Successful: Yes

Why? She saved Buckbeak, and Sirius Black

Total: 1 day

Bill and Ted

Movies: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Bogus Journey, and Face the Music

Distance in Time Travel: From 410 B.C. to 2688 A.D.

Time Travel Device: Futuristic Telephone Booth

Purpose: To write the perfect song that brings peace to the galaxy, and pass their history report so that Ted doesn't go to Alaska to go to Military School.

Problems: Forgetting to rewind their watches.

Successful: No

Why? Though they passed the history report, all the historical figures will remember the future. Who knows what they will be talking about when they go back to their timelines. What they all witnessed, will probably change the outcome of the future. Unless of course Bill and Ted had a neuralizer that they stole from the Men in Black to erase their memories. Plus they still haven't written the song that was supposed to change the universe for the better. We'll have to just wait and see if they will in Bill and Ted Face the Music.

Total: 2,278 years

The Terminator

Movie: The Terminator Franchise

Distance in Time Travel: From 2029 to 1984.

Time Travel Device: Being naked in a sphere.

Purpose: Deciding the fate of the Connors.

Problems: Creating alternative timelines that ruin the continuity.

Successful: No

Why? Wasn't successful in killing Sarah Connor, or even preventing the robo-apocalypse for that matter.

Total: 45 years

Napoleon Dynamite and Uncle Rico

Movie: Napoleon Dynamite

Distance in Time Travel: "It didn't frickin' work!" "I could've told you that."

Time Travel Device: The crystals.

Purpose: To relive the glory days.

Problems: It created pain and irritation in the groin area.

Successful: No

Why? The Time Machine didn't even frickin' work.

Total: None

The Time Traveler aka Alexander Hartdegen

Movie: The Time Machine

Distance in Time Travel: From the 1890s to 802,701 A.D.

Time Travel Device: The Time Machine

Purpose: To answer the question, "What if?".

Problems: Being stuck in time and not going back.

Successful: Yes

Why? He was able to be satisfied with the time period he chose, and didn't worry about 'what if'.

Total: Approximately 800,811 years

John Sullivan

Movie: Frequency

Distance in Time Travel: From 1999 to October 1969.

Time Travel Device: Aurora Borealis

Purpose: To save his family.

Problems: The Nightingale murderer lived.

Successful: Yes

Why? His family lives and he was able to have a happy life.

Total: 30 years


Movie: Looper

Distance in Time Travel: From 2044 to 2114

Time Travel Device: time machine

Purpose: to kill the Rainmaker

Problems: The future self may not agree with the past self about what should happen for the future outcome.

Successful: Yes

Why? Joe kills himself, thus preventing his future self from killing The Rainmaker's mother, of which would've been the drive that pushed The Rainmaker to kill all the Loopers.

Total: 70 years

Evan Treborn

Movie: The Butterfly Effect

Distance in Time Travel: From 2004 to 1985

Time Travel Device: Memories

Purpose: To have a better life.

Problems: Every choice he makes, affects those around him.

Successful: No

Why? He still remembers all those alternate timelines he created, which will create depression in his future as he continues to wonder 'What if?'. Granted the girl has a happier life, Evan doesn't get the girl in the end.

Total: 19 years(however there's a Director's Cut where Evan goes back to where he was in the womb, trying to take his life, but we're not counting that.)

Wade Wilson aka Deadpool

Movie: Deadpool 2

Distance in Time Travel: From 2018 to April 20, 1889.

Time Travel Device: Cable's futuristic wrist watch

Purpose: to change a boy's life, save his lover's life, fix the timelines, and kill baby Adolf Hitler.

Problems: He created alternate timelines. One where Ryan Reynolds was killed before making The Green Lantern, one where Deadpool in X-Men: Origins was killed before fighting Wolverine, one where Peter lives, one where his lover is still alive, and one where baby Hitler is killed.

Successful: No

Why? As I mentioned earlier before. He created alternate timelines that conflict with the history of the world.

Total: 129 years

Travis Ryer

Movie: A Sound of Thunder

Distance in Time Travel: From 2055 to 65-million B.C.

Time Travel Device: The Time Machine

Purpose: To hunt dinosaurs for sport.

Problems: Stepping on a single butterfly that changes the fabric of time.

Successful: No

Why? Because of one butterfly getting killed, it altered the history of the world's future.

Total: 65,002,055 years

After looking at the stats, the winner on who was the Best Time Traveler would have to be Travis Ryer from A Sound of Thunder, with 65,002,055 years of time travel.

The best means of time traveling was a tough one. Short answer, it was Hermione Granger's Time Turner. And the reason being is because you don't have any limitations when it comes to magic in time travel. Granted if you were to break this object, it would prove problematic, but you could just fix it by using reparo as the spell.

Here are the reasons the other time travel devices don't work for me.

In Napoleon Dynamite, the time machine wasn't a time machine, therefore it didn't work.

In The Terminator, I'm not gonna get down to my birthday suit and crawl into a ball to time travel. What if somebody saw me?

I wouldn't use the Delorean from Back to the Future. Granted you just had to go 88 mph to go back and forward in time, but what if you ran out of plutonium? Or you were in an area that didn't get a lot of lightning storms?

A Telephone Booth from Bill and Ted would be cool, but the space is too small. It's not a Tardis… though we can see where the movies got the inspiration. I am surprised that the booth was able to hold 10 people, despite the capacity being within 2-3.

I wouldn't use the time machine from Timeline, because the machine would rip you apart until you were nothing, and then splice you up together in the time period of your choosing.

That's my logic behind why I wouldn't choose the others, however The Time Machine from said movie, is a close second.

What do you think? You like my conclusion? What time machine would you use, and for what purpose?

Rand Einfeldt
Rand Einfeldt
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