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Who is James Hudson Jr?

by Luqman Sattar 4 years ago in superheroes
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An Introduction to Wolverine's Son from the Ultimate Universe

I do not own the art or the character in this post. All art and characters belong to respective companies.

For those of you who don't know, the Marvel Universe has countless alternate realities. Well, it did up until an event called Secret Wars, and I'm not really going to go into that, but it was a huge event that led to the end of the multiverse (or so we thought). Among these infinite worlds was the main Marvel Universe (Earth 616). Earth 616 is essentially where most comics that Marvel publishes will take place. But in the 2000s, I believe Marvel Comics wanted to start a new line of comics that were centered mostly around the real world, or a world as similar to ours as they could get while making superpowers a possible thing. The Ultimate universe (Earth 1610) was similar to the main Marvel Universe, but just that certain things were different. For example, Earth-616 Spider-Man is Peter Parker, but in Earth 1610, Spider-Man is Miles Morales (the Ultimate Peter Parker died). So the Ultimate universe's Wolverine was very similar to The Wolverine, but he too was killed off, and his son, James Hudson Jr., took his place as Wolverine.

So if you understand that each universe in the Marvel Multiverse has different versions of our heroes, then some people may wonder who the James Hudson of the main Marvel Universe is, and his name is Guardian. He is from London, Ontario, Canada, NOT the son of Wolverine. He still is a mutant and a leader of essentially the Canadian X-Men team, Alpha Flight. But nobody cares about Alpha Flight. They are not relevant. They barely show up in comics. Moving on.

Jimmy Hudson Jr. was the son of Wolverine from Earth-1610 and Magda Lensherr from the same universe. For those of you who don't know, Magda is Magento's wife. So yeah, that probably pissed Magneto off. It's probably why Magneto shattered Wolverine's adamantium skeleton and killed him. Anyways, Magda Lensherr gave birth to Wolverine Jr. and gave him to Wolverine. Wolverine, realizing he was a trash person, a mutant, and a superhero, realized he probably would be a horrible father for the child. So he gave him to a couple, the husband being someone that he served in the Iraq War with. The couple happily takes Jimmy in. Jimmy lives his life as a normal teenager up until he gets into a car crash and heals almost instantly. In this world, it is illegal to be an unregistered mutant, and his father is a cop who hunts mutants down for a living. So, Jimmy Hudson tells his family, they love him even though he's still a mutant, which is nice. But Jimmy decides that he's going to run away. Wolvie Jr. runs off and ends up meeting Kitty Pryde and joining her mutant team, and eventually joins the X-Men. He does this in the comic for some time up until Secret Wars. In the Secret Wars event, the main Marvel Universe and the Ultimate Universe merge, and some heroes survived and became reality displaced in essentially a new Earth—616, and those that didn't show up after Secret Wars, are presumed to be dead.

Jimmy has shown up in the Main Marvel Universe with all his powers and mutations, but does not remember who he is (basically like his dad did for a while). He gets recruited by Jean Grey into her X-Men team. This team is the X-Men Blue team, with the young, time-displaced X-Men. Right now he's trying to learn about his past and all that good stuff.

Like his father, Jimmy has a healing factor and retractable claws. But here's what's really cool, he has the ability to create a metal alloy that can cover his bones and protect them. Basically, he can cover his bones in metal if he needs extra protection during fights, but he can also make the metal seep back into his bones. Not only does the metal cover his skeleton, but it prevents telepaths from reading his mind. And since he has a healing factor he's also immune to all disease.

The reason I enjoy this character so much is because I love Wolverine, and really his son is just another version of him. Essentially, it's Wolverine as a teenager, and he acts like Wolverine, just with less cigar-smoking and more teen angst.

This pretty much sums up the character of Jimmy Hudson Jr. I'm currently reading through the X-Men Blue title, so we'll be seeing him a bit more often, but I'll try to keep it balanced with other content from different comics. As always, please feel free to check out previous posts in my profile! See you in the next post!


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