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Who Cares if You're a Normal Type? My Top Normal Type Pokemon.

by Craig Arnott 2 years ago in list
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A list looking at my top 5 normal type Pokémon and my top normal type Legendary Pokémon.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 20 years, Pokémon is a franchise you will have heard of. You may not have played any of the games or watched an episode of the anime or played the trading card game. But chances are you still know the odd pocket monster, such as Pikachu or Eevee. However, there are now nearly 900 of these battle ready monsters for fans to enjoy, and each has their own typing within the games.

These types give players the advantage or disadvantage in battle. For example, a fire type Pokémon will be weak against a water type but will be strong against a grass type Pokémon. Sounds pretty simple, but there are 18 various types a Pokémon can be and some have two types to make it even more complex to plan your strategy. With all these types of Pokémon this article will look at my favourites from the normal type of Pokémon within the franchise. With that said, let's use the HM Dive and get right into the list.


Eevee - The Evolution Pokémon
  • Pokédex #133
  • Mega Evolve - No
  • Gigantamax - Yes
  • First Appearance in the Anime: #40 - The Battling Eevee Brothers

Eevee is easily a fan favourite within the franchise and looking at this cute little pup like Pokémon it is easy to see why. However, it is more than just his little puppy face making fans love this guy. He is effectively the Pokémon of infinite potential. While Eevee is a pure normal type, he has the ability to evolve into multiple various types which include a water type, fire type, electric type, psychic type, dark type, grass type, ice type and fairy type! No other Pokémon has as many branch evolutions than Eevee and fans still want more added in future generations.

As for using him in a battle, he is helpful in a supporting capacity. While he is not exactly a heavy hitter, he can learn many attacks to assist in battle by reducing stats of a foe or raising stats of an ally. This is a strategy often ignored by many players, as many prefer to go for all out power. But an assisting ally can always aid in tipping the odds in a players favour. So while Eevee will fail in taking down a Charizard, he may be able to help reduce the flaming dragon's accuracy, defences and even its attack.


Braviary - The Valiant Pokémon
  • Pokédex #628
  • Mega Evolve - No
  • Gigantamax - No
  • First Appearance in the Anime: #760 - A Surface to Air Tag Battle Team!

Go on, you can admit it, he is one bad-ass looking bird and Braviary knows it. This high-flying Pokémon is the first dual-type Pokémon in this list, as he is obviously also a flying type Pokémon. This is not a unique pairing, as nearly every generation has a line of flying/normal type Pokémon for players to catch, train and evolve. However, Braviary takes the top spot in this combo as it has typically higher attack stats than other flying/normal types.

Add this to the mixture of moves this Pokémon can learn and you have the potential for a flying tank on you team. The one downside to this Pokémon is that you are unable to teach it any egg based taught attacks. The simple reason being is that Braviary, and its earlier evolution Rufflet, can only be male. This means you have to breed it with a Ditto which has no egg moves to pass on to a newly hatched Rufflet. So while you may not be able to surprise a trainer with an unexpected attack, you can still create a good pool of moves to use in battle.


Sawsbuck - The Season Pokémon
  • Pokédex #586
  • Mega Evolve - No
  • Gigantamax - No
  • First Appearance in the Anime: #678 - A Connoisseur's Revenge!

Another dual-type on the list is the majestic looking Sawsbuck, who is also a grass type. But this deer line of Pokémon have various looks due to the seasons. As the seasons change as does the appearance of Sawsbuck to reflect the lifecycle of plants. During the spring it will have some small pink flowers on its antlers, during the summer it will have fully leafed antlers, the autumn sees the leaves all brown while the winter will have white snow covered antlers. These changes are purely aesthetic, but it is pretty cool having a Pokémon that changes appearance as the year progresses.

But aside from that, this Pokémon can bring some surprises in battle. Thanks to TMs (Technical Machines) it can learn both ghost and electric type moves. With it being a normal type Pokémon, ghost type moves deal 0 damage to it. But a ghost type move used on a ghost type Pokémon is super effective, which makes Sawsbuck a good option in a ghost type gym. The electric type moves can also make it a double threat against water type Pokémon who are weak against both grass and electric type attacks.


Drampa - The Placid Pokémon
  • Pokédex #780
  • Mega Evolve - No
  • Gigantamax - No
  • First Appearance in the Anime: #1002 - Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet!

Drampa is easily one of the Pokémon you just want to run up and embrace with both arms as he looks like a friendly elderly dragon with long wispy wings, tail and hair. As you have guessed with that description, he is indeed a normal/dragon dual type Pokémon and has become a quick favourite within the franchise. The strategic advantage behind this guy comes from his dual typing.

While many dual typings can see more weaknesses than strengths arise from the combination. Normal type Pokémon only have fighting type as a weakness and have a complete resistance to ghost type attacks. This means, unlike other dual dragon type Pokémon, Drampa only adds one weakness in battle while gaining pure immunity from another. Then you look at the collection of moves this Pokémon has the potential to learn, which results in a Pokémon that could have an attack to bring down any Pokémon it comes across. So, while he is classified as the Placid Pokémon it is safe to say he can bring it in a fight any day.


Obstagoon - The Blocking Pokémon
  • Pokédex #862
  • Mega Evolve - No
  • Gigantamax - No
  • First Appearance in the Anime: As of 6th March 2020 it has yet to appear.

Now this could be one you have never seen or heard of, as it has only appeared in the 8th generation games, Pokémon Sword and Shield (at the time this was written). But when the gaming community found out about this Pokémon it sent ripples through the fandom. Obstagoon in a regional evolution to the Zigzagoon line from generation three, where the entire line received Galarian forms. But Obstagoon was brand new as the line used to end at Linoon. Now in Galar the line have been updated from pure normal types to now being normal and dark types.

Aside from its punk rocking style, it is a competitive normal type to now have on a Pokémon roster. Through TMs, egg moves and the moves it learns while levelling up, it can learn an astonishing combination of attacks. This could warrant any trainer to have several, each with a different combination of attacks to enable the player to pull out an Obstagoon against anyone trying to claim a victory over them.


Arceus - The Alpha Pokémon
  • Pokédex #493
  • Mega Evolve - No
  • Gigantamax - No
  • First Appearance in the Anime: Movie - Arceus & The Jewel of Life

Completing the list had to be the ultimate of all normal type Pokémon, and that is the mythical Pokémon Arceus. Now to call Arceus a god would not be crazy, as in Pokémon mythos Arcues is the one that created everything! No seriously their is a trilogy of Pokémon movies that cover it all. With this comes something that is rare in Pokémon. Arceus can become any type of Pokémon. His primary type is normal, but once given a special plate that represents another type of Pokémon he then becomes that type of Pokémon.

This alone gives it an edge in battle. But even without a plate Arcues is a beast of a normal type. With its exclusive move Judgement, it reigns down an epic shower of power onto its target. Add to this its ability to learn powerful attacks from practically every type of Pokémon available, it is near impossible to guess what an Arceus might throw at you in battle. The downside is this Pokémon is extremely elusive and only ever given out during special distributions, so getting one might be difficult.

Let it reign normal type Pokémon

That is my list for normal type Pokémon a type often overlooked by the fanbase. Which normal type Pokémon make your list? Do you agree or disagree with my list?


About the author

Craig Arnott

A guy who was raised on comic books, sci-fi and the love of superheroes, thanks for that dad. I am also studying Film Production and Cinematography giving new insight into the craft.

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