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White Noise Movie Ending Explained

White Noise Movie Explained

By Ayush VermaPublished 8 months ago 12 min read
White Noise Movie Ending Explained

In the beginning of the story, we see a man named Murray on the screens, who is giving a lecture in a hall on accident development, but he says that as accidents are happening over time, they should be looked at from a different perspective.

With each accident, the method of causing one becomes more refined. This means Murrey is making people aware of how much change is coming to the world. 

Then the next scene shift happens towards Jack, who is a professor in college and is doing a very deep study about Hitler, and due to this he has gained popularity in college as well.

People are afraid to say anything about Hitler at this time, but Jack openly teaches all of Hitler's theories-that is, all of the wrong things he did and how he manipulated people

Jack also has a wife whose name is Babette; this is their fourth marriage for both of them. They also have some children from earlier marriages, around four, one of whom is named Denise.

White Noise Movie Ending Explained

At this time, the first part of the story is going on, which is called "Waves and Radiation," where the focus is being put on the aspect of Jack where there is a lot of noise in his house because of the children.

Jack's eldest son is very fond of playing chess, and he keeps getting entangled in such mysterious things. Jack's daughter Denise is very intelligent, but unfortunately, her bond with Jack is not special.

In the next scene, Jack is taking German language tuition, in which he has to face a lot of problems. That means he has studied so deeply about Hitler, yet he does not know German. And after some time, some German students are going to take entry into Jack's college.

And Jack will also have to give a speech in front of them, and those students are not at all aware that Jack's professor does not know German, so Jack is taking private lessons by avoiding everyone.

At home, Denise notices Babette taking some medicines called DILAR, and Babette is continuously forgetting things.

In a night scene, Jack and Babette are discussing death. Jack feels that if Babette dies before him, he will not be able to live alone, and Babette feels that she does not have to die soon.

And the scene shifts to the department store where Jack has gone with his entire family to buy household items, where Jack meets Murray.

Murry's way of looking at life is different, and he always talks about looking at life from a different perspective, and Jack learns through Denise that Babette is taking some kind of medicine due to which she is losing memory, about which Jack talks to Babette alone, but Babette twists things.

After some time, Denise notices Babette again at home. Babette is going for her yoga session, in which she teaches yoga to old people, but instead of going the way she normally does, she goes somewhere else. She leaves, and Denise suspects that Babette is not going to teach yoga and tells Jack.

But Jack carelessly brushes off Denise's words, feeling that everyone has a secret and should have every right to keep it hidden.

At night, Jack has a dream in which he sees himself dying; such dreams occur to him on a daily basis, but he cannot tell anyone about them, and many things related to death occur in his college. This is what the professors are doing among themselves.

In the midst of these things, Murray invites Jack to his class because he is very famous, and Jack gives such a good speech in Murray's class, which is very impressive and is also related to Hitler somewhere.

A big twist came

Along with this, a train is shown coming in, on which big tankers carry chemicals, and where the train is crossing, a truck is coming in front of it whose driver has had a drink, and he directs the truck into that train, destroying the tanks and dispersing all of the chemicals contained within them.

Then shortly after that, there is a huge blast at that place, with which the whole train is destroyed and a huge cloud of chemicals is formed in the sky.

When Jack comes back to his house, his son is watching all these things with his binoculars, but Jack tells his son that the cloud is far away from his city and the direction of the wind is also different, which means that it will never happen. also cannot reach our house, and there is nothing to fear.

Jack is explaining all this to his children as well as getting dinner planning done quickly. His reason for doing this is that he wants to divert everyone's attention from that cloud.

Even Jack does not like to watch blast discussions on the news, but his children are very interested in all these, and they believe that that cloud will definitely come towards them and the problem will increase.

And after that blast, Jack's son has a lot of knowledge about the chemical that is in the air.

Jack is having dinner comfortably, and everyone is very worried that only then will the police car come there and, while playing the siren, announce that you will have to vacate your place as soon as possible because clouds can come here at any time.

And because that chemical gas is toxic, anyone who comes into contact with it can die.

Now, everyone in the area is quickly going through their cars after packing, etc. Now, because Jack is sitting here carelessly, he leaves with his family last.

Later, Jack and the Jack family get stuck in the traffic, and in the meantime, a car comes from behind at full speed and breaks into the car in front of Jack, due to which a big accident happens and many people also die.

And now the police make a new announcement from the chopper: the people who are still in the house have remained the same; they do not need to come out, and those who have left the car should move towards the camp side.

In this situation, no one is able to think properly.

Jack proceeds to the car with his family, where Babette is taking some medicines due to panic, and Denise sees her.

These people have come to a petrol pump, which is completely empty, and Jack is filling up his car. But in the meantime, that chemical cloud comes from behind, which means that Jack has come into contact with that chemical cloud.

Now that these people have reached the camp side, where many people are panicking, Denise tells Jack that because he has come in contact with chemical gas, he will have to go separately and report about it.

And Jack does this after hearing Denis, in which two people sit with the computer and tell Jack that we do different experiments, and he was about to do a similar experiment in a simulation.

But because such a situation has arisen in real life itself, they have shifted their simulation to real life.

That means those people are studying with real computers.

At the same time, he tells Jack that because he has come in contact with that chemical gas, he has left thirty years of his life to live, and Jack gets very scared after hearing this.

In the next morning, that particular chemical gas reaches camp, due to which people start running here and there, and Jack escapes with his family and blindly follows a car.

That car is going towards the forest, and Jack also follows it, and by mistake, Jack's car gets stuck in the water.

Then Lucky Jack somehow gets out of the water with his car and his family. Then they reach the second camp, where different types of rumours are spreading.

Nine days pass and everything becomes normal once again; the chemical cloud ends, everyone returns to their homes and their normal lives, and the scene shifts once again towards the same department store.

Jack meets Murray again, who talks about the department store, like how colourful the store is, how much better things have become here than before, etc.

Now Babette is very upset and quite calm too. On the other hand, Jack is showing himself to the doctor, and he comes to know that the potassium in his body has increased a lot, which might have happened because of gas.


Babette is going somewhere in the night and seeing this, and Denise starts getting suspicious, and now again she tells all these things to Jack.

And she says you should immediately ask Babette's doctor which pills he's giving her and whether he's giving her the DILAR pill.

Dilar is such a rare pill that no one knows what it does. Jack calls the doctor in the middle of the night to find out about a mysterious pill like Dilar.

However, the doctor begins punching Jack and informs him that he has not given the babette named Dilar any pills. 

Now Denise takes out Babette's hidden Dilar pill bottle, out of which Jack keeps one pill and gets it tested by a chemistry teacher at his college.

That professor further explains that Dilar pills are very rare and no one knows exactly how this pill works, about which Jack talks directly to Babette, who tells him that due to the continuous news of such accidents, she is very scared about life.

That means she must have become so afraid that his own death might not happen.

And she is concerned about this because one day she reads in the newspaper about some people conducting an experiment on the fear of death, and because of that fear, Babette becomes a part of it. She believes that after this experiment, his fear will be relieved, but the experiment does not go well, and she cannot continue with this experiment because it could be fatal.

So those people stop the experiment in the back, and only on this basis do they subject their test subjects to the drug Dilar; this drug has no effect on anyone.

And along with it, some side effects are also happening, like memory loss.

But Babette was still terrified, and she fears that taking more dilar will harm her, which is why she meets Mr. Gray.

Mr. Gray is also a part of that experiment, and he asks for extra DILAR tablets, in return for which Mr. Gray asks Babette for some favors. This deal goes on for months, and in the same way, Babette gets DILAR tablets, because of which he was having memory loss.

And his fear has not yet been controlled, which means medicines are not affecting him as well.

After hearing all this, Jack gets very angry because his wife is cheating on him. Babette tries to explain to Jack, but he does not understand, and both of them have a big fight.

And now Jack himself is so scared about his death that he thinks about eating a pill called Dilar, which he doesn't get, and he asks Denise about it, and she tells him that she threw those pills in the garbage.

Jack does not get those pills from the garbage, but he finds a newspaper in which an ad about Dilar is mentioned. Jack understands that this ad must have been put up by Mr. Gray.

He takes out a revolver that Murray had given to Jack as protection in the second camp.

Jack talks to Mr. Gray on the phone, who gives him an address where earlier he used to call Jack's wife Babette, and by now Jack's conference date has also arrived, and he gives a very good speech in his conference.

After the speech, he borrows Murray's car and drives to the same motel room where Mr. Gray gave him the address.

Mr. Gray is sitting in the room. First, Jack scares him because he has consumed so many medicines that psychology is affecting his brain a lot, then, in anger, Jack shoots Mr. Gray twice.

Jack washes his gun well and then leaves that gun in the hands of Mr. Gray.

However, as soon as Jack begins to leave, Mr. Gray regains consciousness and shoots at Jack, but the bullet misses Jack and instead hits Jack's wife Babette. 

Babette had already known that Jack would definitely go to take revenge on Mr. Gray, so she also followed Jack there.

Now Babette has a bullet in her leg, and Mr. Gray is also alive. Jack realises his mistake and takes Mr. Gray and his wife to the hospital.

All three are admitted to the hospital, and then a nun comes to meet them. Jack asks the nun whether she believes in heaven, and the nun replies, "Hell of heaven." Both of these things are above belief, and whatever we choose, in the end death has to come, so we should not be afraid of death.

And after listening to all these things from the nun, Jack finally realises that death is such a thing that he can never stop it; it has to come, so he should accept it peacefully and leave the fear of death forever.

His wife also understands this thing, and from this he makes a new beginning. His wife understands that, coming into contact with the gas, it may happen that Jack's death happens before him, so now he has as much time as possible. She wants to spend it with Jack.

And Jack is also shocked to understand that, instead of sitting around thinking about death, it is better to enjoy life.

And then once again, all the people go to that department store again because this is the place where there are bright colors, and when they come here, they always forget their fear of death.

And he's here again to make a fresh start, and that's where he meets Murray again.

This movie ends with a happy ending; the name of this movie was White Noise, and this movie has also been nominated for three Academy Awards.

Last Words

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