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White Lotus

Season 1

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

One of the most decorated shows for Emmy nominations is White Lotus. As it is my mission to watch all of the Emmy nominated shows I decided to start here. I have heard some mixed reviews (I mean what else is the internet for?), but I already love the casting and I am intrigued by the idea. So I am going to power through both seasons of the show, so here we go with my first watch of White Lotus.

The first episode does a really great job of setting up each character's personality and internal conflict. The casting is absolutely phenomenal. It's beautifully shot and does kind of give me “The Shining” vibes.

This fuckers name would be Shane. I hate him.

I was not expecting to see some dudes' balls.

This bitch is so awkward, why are you talking to teenage girls? Don’t ever talk to teenage girls, especially pretty ones, unless you want to feel bad about yourself.

“Your power is your independence” Connie Britton could say anything to me and I would take it as gospel.

This family dynamic is so accurate.

Dudes dad died of AIDS and he never knew about it, some buckwild information to get as a grown man.

Shane is really creeping on these teenage girls and it's super fucking weird. God I could not possibly hate him any more then I do currently.

All of these people are kind of insufferable. I don't hate Rachel and I don’t hate Nicole but that's about it.

This poor man…I straight up feel bad for Mark. The man finds out that his dad died not of cancer, but of AIDS because he was gay and now he is like catatonic. He doesn’t know what’s real anymore, he feels like his whole relationship with his dad was a lie. And honestly, a totally valid response.

This hotel manager getting absolutely blitzed on these teenage girls' drugs is so funny. I would numb the fuck out of myself too if I had to deal with a bunch stupid, rich bitches.

Nope I lied, I hate Nicole…the straight white men are the victims now take is super weird and gross.


What the actual fuck Olivia hitting on Paula’s vacation fling is so gross. I girl code too hard for this shit. Ew. Yeah okay so Rachel is the only one of these people that isn’t totally off their fucking rocker. Seriously, everyone else has a screw loose. Quinn is fine.

Armond fucking his employee is terrible and now we’re fine with Shane trying to get him fired.

Agh poor Kai, I am all for him stealing these rich peoples shit he just needed a better exit strategy.

I’m glad Quinn has friends, it's cute.

Rachel calling Shane out on being a man-baby is my favorite thing that has happened. It was also her best acting moment.

Paula and Kai were the biggest emotional stake I had in this show and just nothing happened. After the scene where he runs out of the hotel we just never see him again. This show really has no message or theme whatsoever.

Tanya is actually just a person who's clearly been through some shit. And Jennifer Coolidge is definitely the best performance in this cast. Connie Britton is also wonderful, but as wonderful as the cast is, the story just isn't giving them a lot to work with. Most of the acting is good, as in it is what it should be. Professionals are doing their jobs but nothing exceptional is happening…except for Jennifer Coolidge.

So what I am going to say about this show is that there doesn’t seem to be a plot. A lot happens but there doesn’t seem to be a purpose to it. Plot and theme and purpose are all important. Entertainment for entertainment's sake is fine but it works better when there is some relatability and purpose to it.

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  • Jazzy 11 months ago

    I'm torn on if I want to see this or not

Alexandrea CallaghanWritten by Alexandrea Callaghan

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