Which character are you from The Office during quarantine?

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Each character from The Office is broken down - which one are you while quarantined? I may or may not be Meredith.

Which character are you from The Office during quarantine?
Michael Scott

If you are Michael Scott during quarantine you are probably losing your mind. Being a social butterfly that loves interacting with your employees makes staying inside nearly unbearable. With that being said, you may give Stanley or Jim a few or 25 calls, emails, texts, etc. just to check in and see how they're doing. The Zoom meetings don't appeal to you since one of your qualities does NOT include being tech savvy. You may be caught sneaking out of quarantine disguised as someone other than yourself to stop by Dwight's farm or Pam's home. Although your employees find you quite annoying, to cheer you up they drive by your home while honking and showing appreciation.

Jim Halpert

If you are Jim Halpert during quarantine you are probably relaxing on the couch drinking a cold beer while watching old sports films. Although you may seem occupied, the main thing on your mind is a special someone by the name of Pam. You will most likely send her funny emails just to make sure you put a smile on her face even while quarantined. She is not the only person you are in communication with. You have secretly been sending Dwight forbidden messages from the government involving new updates about the virus, making him think he is the missing link.

Dwight Schrute

If you are Dwight, being quarantined is a piece of cake. You have been preparing for this your whole life. The secret bunker at your farm has up to 5 years of non perishable foods along with homemade masks and weapons. Your days are most likely spent teaching Mose how to fight using your numchucks or trying to decipher secret messages you have received from the government. Staying inside may be easy, the only difficult thing is staying away from the love of your life Angela, but as you would both agree rules are rules.

Pam Beesly

If you are Pam Beesly, you are probably taking long walks enjoying nature. You take mental pictures outside so you have inspiration for paintings. Art is your main outlet for any anxiety you are feeling, that and reading romantic novels daydreaming about a certain someone. Before you start to feel lonely you receive a funny email from Jim and instantly feel better.

Stanley Hudson

If you are Stanley Hudson, quarantine is a dream come true. No work, shenanigans, and paid time off? You are living the life. You look forward to waking up every morning and solving your favorite crossword puzzle. Everything would be perfect if only Michael Scott would stop calling you every five minutes to tell you a joke.

Meredith Palmer

If you are Meredith Palmer, dry martinis have been your best friend. Although the first couple weeks were an endless party, you miss having someone to party with. You are still working/going to school online which makes you have somewhat of a routine, but secretly you are struggling. Nothing booze can't fix though! For some reason you have been having extremely vivid dreams about an old hookup... Todd Packer.

Oscar Martinez

If you are Oscar Martinez during quarantine you are taking some time for yourself! That means self care, new recipes, and exercising. This seems like the perfect opportunity to order a few things online and indulge. Although being by yourself comes easy, you wish you could spend this time with a special someone.

Angela Martin

If you are Angela during Quarantine, you are perfectly at peace. Finally you can enjoy time with all of your cats. You find a routine and stick to it every day which makes you feel comfortable and in control. The only thing missing from this picture is a hunky man to help you with things around the house, perhaps someone by the name of Dwight.

Kevin Malone

If you are Kevin Malone during quarantine you are probably playing a lot of online Poker. You wake up, eat breakfast, make yourself a stiff drink, eat your second breakfast, then begin your day. You really miss social interaction but find other ways of staying in touch like becoming friends with your neighborhood squirrel. You are a happy go lucky kinda person who takes it one day at a time.

Kelly Kapoor

If you are Kelly Kapoor during quarantine you are keeping up with all the latest gossip! You are completely up to speed on all the new celebrity couples and which websites have the best deals. When you're not keeping yourself busy on TMZ you are most likely keeping tabs on your hot beau Ryan Howard. You keep him on a tight leash by tracking his location and making sure he is staying out of trouble.

Ryan Howard

If you are Ryan Howard during quarantine you are playing a lot of video games including tetris and thinking of wild business plans to con your coworkers into. While dreaming of being hottest in the office you are trying to create new excuses to get out of speaking with your girlfriend Kelly.

Andy Bernard

If you are Andy Bernard you are probably ra dat dat dat doin your days away. You have created a youtube channel under the name of "nard dog" where you sing all of your favorite hits acapella. Although your videos are doing really good, Broccoli Rob’s are doing better and that will not be acceptable!

Phyllis Vance

If you are Phyllis Vance you are most likely snuggled up next to hubby Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration knitting some nice gloves for a friend. You love spending the extra time with Bob because you love him very much. You day dream of being head of the party planning committee and taking the throne away from Angela.

Creed Bratton

If you are Creed Bratton, I have no clue what you are doing.

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