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What should this American grandfather do when he has to run for his life after retirement?

Age can grow a person's experience, but it can also take away a person's enthusiasm for life. As we get older, our enthusiasm for life does not increase with each passing day. Old people always have a broad mind, not from their generally high moral character, but from their increasing age, and when a dying old man appears in life, no one would consider him to be aggressive.

By Haas TashPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

The movie that we recommend to you today is about such a truth. The Mule" is the story of a drug carrier, Earl is more than eighty years old, because of divorce his wife and children do not get along, and he chose to live alone, but living alone with Earl is a good choice, but also a bad decision, because living alone so no one cares, because no one cares, so when Earl's financial resources are forced to interrupt, no family, he is Earl chose to do something on his own.

In the U.S.-West border area, nothing is more active than drugs, Earl because of the financial dilemma had to choose to transport drugs to help themselves to get income, once or twice is very appropriate, three times four times can also be rich, Earl does not pursue huge amounts of wealth, just want a source of income, but such things can not last, narcotics police Colin gradually noticed the octogenarian's perverse behavior, Earl is about to face his own The double choice of life. This time, how will he choose?

Of course, when we watch this film will see the director in the main story outside a little bit of fun, for example, the United States is still deep-rooted racism in this film is still rooted, Earl as a white old man is not distrusted by the police on the roadside, and in the trunk with drugs was opened, Earl every time can successfully escape the police check, all because he is a white man, but instead, the black "black" police. On the contrary, the "life" of a black man is not so pleasant. When the same thing happens to them, everything is the opposite because they are not white.

These small details are deep-rooted ideas unique to American society, and after this idea, the main line of the film may need more attention. For a man who had been through the war, ordinary life did not provide him with peace, life was fragile, and Earl felt this deeply and had experience.

However, planting means reshaping life, even if the object of reshaping is a plant, which is a great comfort for Earl because it allows him to emerge from the clouds of war. However, Earl's family did not want such a thing to replace normal family life, and conflicts arose.

Earl's love for planting gradually tipped the scales of life, and he was no longer a good performer who could play the role of a good balancer, but an ordinary man who had made a choice. So, the love of planting gradually overwhelmed his family and home, and eventually, after the conflict broke out, the life left to Earl was shattered.

All this is unfortunate for

ordinary people, but Earl is passive to help him make a choice, he has since begun to focus on planting, but Earl does not care about life. Not really, he is still willing to give all he has to his ex-wife, and to his children, when he gets income, in addition, tousinge it to repair his plantation, the rest all to his family, even if his family before quite a lot of words to him, this is an old man dying of love.

Earl cared about his family, so he ultimately chose to keep all the bad things in his life to himself. Surrendering all the good to others, for a dying old man, what is his best asset? Naturally, it is experienced, frankly admit their behavior in court and willing to pay for this behavior, teach the police to remember every holiday and for drug dealers bitterly teach, etc. If these are the words that come out of an ordinary young man's mouth, we will not feel very good, but when an old man teaches others in a retrospective way that his life experience is informative, this is his greatest asset.

It is simple and complex for Earl to accompany his ex-wife on her final journey and to prove that his love exists in this way, life does not give him special attention, but Earl always finds good answers to prove that he is still useful to the world after he is dying because he has also been here. The old man will not pay special attention to the world, but that does not mean he does not pay attention, he can not use the phone, and the times are outdated, but he still does not give in, all because he has experienced pain.


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  • JoAnn Ryan2 years ago

    I've seen this movie and loved it. Great write-up.

Haas TashWritten by Haas Tash

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