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What Should Spider-Man 3 Be Called?

by Rand Einfeldt 2 years ago in fan fiction

'Home' something...

With Spider-Man getting a third movie under Sony and Disney I just had to talk about this subject. I remember when the first movie came out, and the title was Spider-Man Homecoming. I was then creating future titles for Spider-Man franchise. Since the subtitle was Homecoming, and Peter Parker was still in high school; I was thinking that we would get Spider-Man: Sadie Hawkins, Spider-Man Prom, Spider-Man: Winter Formal, or even Spider-Man: Senior Cotillion just to top it off.

I even thought of specific villains that would be for each high school dance.

Sadie Hawkins would be a female villain like Black Cat, for example, and all types of female villains would want to kill Spider-Man, but also want to take Peter Parker to the Sadie Hawkins dance… since it is girls choice. I was even thinking of introducing Madam Webb as the Deus ex Machina to save Spidie from the web of villains he was tangled in.

For Spider-Man: Prom; I would introduce Morbius, the Living Vampire, and have it be kinda like the movie Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where Spidie is Buffy, and his trainer is Blade.

Now for Spider-Man: Winter Formal; this one would be unique. The villain could be Kateri Deseronto aka Coldheart. An expert martial artist and swordsman who wields Cryonic Swords that can freeze anyone in their place. so basically a female version of Mr. Freeze in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Lastly, for Spider-Man: Senior Cotillion; I would have the Green Goblin try to ruin Peter Parker's last high school dance. But then Spidie gets an army of alternative versions of himself from different realities, and other non Peter Parker Spider-Men and Women team up to defeat the Green Goblin.

Sadly, we probably won't get these movies because of the sequel being called Spider-Man: Far From Home. But hey, it could happen.

Since it looks like they're keeping with the 'Home' theme being in the title of the Spider-Man movies; here are 10 titles that I think Spider-Man 3 should be called. Complete with a logline for each title explaining the plot of each movie.

Most of these sound like they would appear in the What If…? Series, but again, it could happen.

So here we go!

1- Spider-Man: Home Run

When Peter Parker decides to try out for a college baseball team called the Richmond Spiders in Virginia, he must bat up against the Louisville Bats to win the championship. The only problem is that Morbius, the Living Vampire, is their best player.

2- Spider-Man:Homeless

After the events of the snap being reversed, Peter Parker becomes homeless. He must find a new home, before he looks like Fat Thor.

3- Spider-Man:Home Alone

In a different multiverse where an 8 year old Spider-Man uses the infinity gauntlet to make his family disappear, he soon realizes that the snap brought in the Sinister Bandits.

Spidie must reverse the snap before it's too late.

4- Spider-Man:Sweet Home Alabama

Spider-Man and Thor are sent to Alabama to fend off the Undead Confederate Soldiers. They must eliminate the ghouls before the world ends in a zombie apocalypse.

5- Spider-Man:Homestar Runner

In an alternate reality, Spider-Man replaces Strong Bad, and becomes Spider-Bad. He must find a way to defeat Trogdor the Dragon-Man before he burninates the peasants, and makes Spidie's head esplode.

6- Spider-Man:Homeward Bound

In another Spiderverse, Spider-Man is a talking Wolf-Spider who gets lost in the woods. He must find his way home before his aunt May forgets him.

7- Spider-Man:Home For Christmas

Santa isn't the only friendly neighborhood red guy. Spider-Man becomes 'Ol Saint Nick's sidekick, and tries to save Christmas from the Mean Green himself. No, not the Grinch. The Green Goblin! They must save Christmas before it's lost forever.

8- Spider-Man: Homer

Spider-Ham teams up with Homer Simpson and Spider-Pig to defeat Mr. Burns and Bigpin. They must stop the bad guys before all the Springfields in the United States get destroyed.

9- Spider-Man:Home of the Brave

After Captain America retires the shield, Spider-Man takes on the mantel as Captain Spider. He must defeat Hydra's new leader, Doctor Octopus.

10- Spider-Man:Home on the Range

Spider-Ham is back, but this time he's running Old McDonald's farm of the Pet Avengers. They all must protect the farm before Bessie the Hellcow makes them into vampires.

So what do you think? Would any of these titles work? And would you watch these movies, if they were made?

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Rand Einfeldt
Rand Einfeldt
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