'What's Your Number?'

by Sigal Erez 4 months ago in movie

A short film about a Holocaust survivor and an African American boy. Check out the trailer on Vimeo, password is 139.

What’s Your Number is a new short film written, directed, and produced by Sigal Erez. The film is currently in consideration at many more festivals. The story is about an unlikely friendship between a Holocaust survivor and an African-American boy. Sigal wishes to turn this into a feature (the title may be called “The Pointer”) and it will touch upon the black angels during the end of World War II. African American soldiers were told to enter the gas chambers and remove bodies wearing white hazardous suits. While most people were already dead, some survived and later described that they were saved by the black angels.

The two meet at a park, while the kid’s mom got into a car accident, she is very late to pick her son up. The survivor stays with the child at the park until the mother comes. They call the mom, and overhear her having a racial conflict with a white truck driver whom she got into an accident with.

This lead to sad memories for the old man…

We learn about the old man’s past, and we see a powerful flash back of how his heroic sister saved him by killing the Nazi commandants just Days before the end of the war.

The movie has powerful narrative, action, and perhaps most importantly an extremely relevant message, not only about the Holocaust, but about the forgotten bond between Black and Jews. A tiny Bridge is formed to close a huge gap between generations not knowing about one another’s history, the ignorance that remains today about stereotypes.

My hope is that we will realize that we are all noted on a list much higher than a tangible one, that each one of us is a divine soul in God’s eyes.

When the intention is purely from the heart, miracles happen.

The film has been accepted to many festivals, and it won many awards including the Best Film Award at the Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival, and the Social Impact Award at the Marina Del Ray Film Festival. What's Your Number? also won multiple awards at South Cinematographic Academy Film and Arts, including Best Lead Actor In A Short Film, Best Young Actor In A Feature Film, and Best Costume Design In A Short Film.

Please feel free to check out the trailer with Vimeo, the password is 139. Thank you so much.


Pamela Jaye Smith

Thu, Mar 28, 12:11 PM


"Hello, Sigal.

I just watched your very moving short film, What’s Your Number.

It was both chilling and heart-warming, capturing so much of history and humanity and hope. I like how it struck on so many sensory levels, particularly in the room with Carla and the Nazi officers: the sound of guns and dogs outside, the liquour up to her lips, smelling her slip, the brush across her forehead. All added to the palpable sense of danger and the horrifying absurdity of evil.

The old man’s words ring so true today: “Know the facts. Follow the history.”

And I liked the thought-provoking narration at the end about being on a list and knowing your own number.

Mostly though, ending with Compassion as the message.

I had to go away from the computer and sit in silence for awhile afterwards to absorb and re-balance. It certainly has given me more determination to be increasingly more aware and to encourage both myself and others to stand up for compassion and our interconnectedness.

Very well done!

All the best to you, Sigal, with admiration.

Pamela Jaye"

An Extra Ordinary DP name Daron Keet, agreed to shoot the film with top film equipment and his great crew.

Daron said: “Working with female directors is great because they are not afraid to ask questions and advise… “I would Love to work with Sigal Erez on any Film"—Daron Keet.

Drew Snyder:

“Sigal is calm, super creative, rich and vivid imagination, she understands acting, effective memory technique, an actress herself, she is excellent at expressing herself. Always gentle, the set was fun, and there is this strange sense of holiness on set.

Sigal Erez
Sigal Erez
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