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What Is The Right Order To Watch Danganronpa Anime?

The chronological order to watch Danganronpa Anime in the right order.

By Aamir KamalPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Right Order To Watch Danganronpa Anime / Picture created by Aamir Kamal

What is the right order to watch Danganronpa anime?

Danganronpa is a video game series that got its anime in 2013. The series has been into nine different reboots, several different manga novels, and three anime series. The story of Danganronpa revolves around Hope’s Peak High School. A school consists of students at the top of a certain field, whether math, sports, acting, etc. The students are locked into school and forced into murder and by the principal.

The Principal of the School is Monokuma. Monokuma is a bear, and his entire face and body are divided into two parts. His body looks like the Yin-Yang image, of which there is a harmony between two alternate extremes in a manner like a "stream". Its right side is white and has the exemplary articulation of a teddy bear; While its left side shows a more evil appearance. It is dark, has a red, level, spiked eye that takes after the Hope's Peak Academy logo and a malicious grin.

The show turns into a pretty exciting mystery story as we’re figuring out who murdered who. But with so many different games, mangas novels, and handmade readers' book stories, fans get confused on where to start.

Don’t worry, as we have come up with the correct order to watch the series.

Danganronpa: The Animation

This is the definite start for the series as you meet Makoto Naegi and other fortunate students who are accepted in the Hope’s Peak High School. However, the high school is not worth seeing the way it is, as you and the entire cast are about to find out.

The school is a trap designed to have the students murder one another. The principal bear, Monokuma, is the mastermind behind this trap. The students are trapped within the school to get out Monokuma tells them they had to kill one of their classmates. But here's the catch. They have to get away with it. Once a student is murdered, the other students are allowed an investigation period so that they all gather together and vote on who they think did it. If they guess wrong, the murderer gets away. If they guess right the murderer is killed. This season has 13 episodes

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School synopsis

Okay, this is where it gets confusing. So listen up. After you finished the first animated series, you move straight to the second animated series Danganronpa 3: The end of Hopes Peak High School. This anime is divided into the despair arc and the future arc, each with 13 episodes. Before I explained the watch order of these arcs, let me tell you what each arc is. The future arc is a direct sequel tonight Naegi’s story and the rest of the characters you meet in season one.

The despair arc is a prequel to the whole story. You're going to meet some characters in the feature arc’s first episode that will have you saying ‘Who the hell are you?.

The watch order for both these arcs is one episode of each starting with the future arc. Let me explain. You start with future arc’s episode one, then watch despair arc’s episode one, then future arc’s episode two, despair arc episode two, and so on. You do this until you've seen all 13 episodes of each.

Why watch it this way? Because each episode of arc playoff is one of the other episodes and you get to see the character’s past and present. And, this was the intended watch order set by the creators. The story is far more enjoyable if you watch it in this order. This season is both subbed and dubbed.

Danganronpa 2

Now that you know the confusing watch order for the anime content, you're probably wondering where is Danganronpa 2 falls into all of this, to put it simply and to not give you any spoilers. Danganronpa 2 happens in between the despair arc and the future arc of Danganronpa 3 and at the same time as the first season.

Dangaronpa first came into existence through video games. You don't have to play a video game to understand the content of the series. But if you want to know more of the dark characters in Dangaronpa Season 3, then you might want to pick up the game because the story continues better. Let me say this again. If you don't have access to the game, then just don't worry about it. You can still watch the series and understand it.

If you’re keen to play video games, you could enjoy the game on these platforms.

  1. PlayStation Portable Android and iOS
  2. PlayStation Vita
  3. Windows
  4. OS X
  5. Linux
  6. PlayStation 4
  7. Nintendo Switch

The correct order to play the video games is listed below.

  1. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc- Released in the year 2010, this game introduces you to the main character Makoto Naeigi. This will show you how Naegi got involved in the Hope’s Peak Academy.
  2. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair- It is the second game of the Dangarongpa Franchise. It was first released for Playstation Portable in the year 2012 and later released for Playstation Vita in the year 2013.
  3. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony- Written by Kazutaka Kodaka and Takayuki Sugawara this is the third game for Dongaronpa Franchise. The game was released in the year 2017

And that's all for the Danganronpa anime content. There are many mangas and novels for you to pick up to know more about the series, and you find yourself craving more than there's always the games.

Although not necessary, they're still pretty fun to play in my opinion, and I recommend that nonetheless. We have tried to cover every possible detail about the series and games. Follow the order for both games and series for a more fun experience. Comment down below if we have missed something or tell us your favorite moment from the Series.

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