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What Is 'The Office' Truly About?

by Alexis Roulette 4 years ago in tv
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An Argumentative Essay by Alexis Roulette

Many might say that The Office is about Michael, or that it’s about Jim and Pam, or maybe even about Kevin (as seen in "A.A.R.M."). In the episode "A.A.R.M.," Kevin will tell you that the documentary was about him and his search for love. Well, let me tell you the truth, and most importantly, the evidence. The Office was, in fact, about Dwight, his growth along those years, and of course, his heartstring-tugging on/off love story with Angela. I, obviously, can’t drop this epic thought bomb on you with no proof, so stay tuned to get some knowledge dropped on you.

First of all, there is not one episode I can think of off the top of my head that Dwight is not in. He is always a driving force of the show, and his agenda is almost always given the spotlight. In fact, sometimes the show even feels like a classic "what will Dwight and Jim do this time?" where almost every episode involves a prank of some kind, or some elaborate scheme. In these pranks and schemes, Dwight is always at the forefront. Jim never really pranks anybody else (at least not in the same way), nor does Dwight every really form alliances with people other than Pam or Jim. Now you might ask, "Well, then wouldn’t the show be about Dwight and Jim?" Which is a fair question, but the show is more so about Dwight, and here’s why…

Secondly, throughout the show we follow Dwight’s home life at Schrute Farms. You really don’t see this type of background or look into a personal life with many other characters. You may see one of their houses, but not to the depth that we get a look into Schrute Farms, or even the inside really. We also meet almost, if not all, of Dwight’s immediate family. We see Mose appear many times, his siblings, aunt, etc. We also meet all of Dwight’s friends, including his “Knights of the Knight” squad. We even get to see the historical importance of Schrute Farms in season 8 episode 8, "Gettysburg." Of course, no one else really has a historically important house or land, but the fact that that was added into Dwight’s storyline really shows how intrinsic his character is to the show.

Lastly, the series finale is an episode centered around Dwight’s wedding. I personally feel like this was the perfect way to wrap up the series. The fact that something like that was a satisfying ending to such an amazing show should really show you that Dwight is the main focus of the show. I will acknowledge that Jim and Pam’s wedding did get two episodes, however, I feel there is more significance in being the series finale than being a two-parter. The reason I feel this is the biggest sign of Dwight’s significance in the show, other than it simply being about his wedding/a romantic ending, is the fact that this is what ties the show together. That Dwight finally solidifying his relationship with Angela is what was felt to be a fitting ending to the show. This proves how the series was about Dwight’s search for love, and by having this as the finale, it definitely proves that. We conclude the series satisfied because we now know Dwight found love and is married.

Also, Michael only ever makes a reappearance to show up at Dwight’s wedding. Michael never made a reappearance for anyone else or any other massive event, so this shows how important Dwight really was to the show, and to Michael. It also shows how important Michael was, but since Michael is not cast in all seasons, he is disqualified from the pool of potential.

For these reasons, I believe that The Office was truly meant to highlight Dwight’s journey through late adulthood, and to find love and happiness. I will agree that he is not the only focus of this show (Jim and Pam are obviously another key romance, along with Michael and Holly), but I would say that Dwight’s storyline was the most consistent, and he was always a pivotal character in each episode. I acknowledge other characters' importance; of course, Michael is runner up, but again for reasons discussed, Dwight is the main focus of The Office.


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