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What Is A Composite Door Made Of?

Guide On What Material Composite Door Are Made Off

By Kevin SmithPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

What is a Composite Door?

A composite door represents a harmonious blend of materials meticulously crafted to deliver a door that epitomises strength, unrivalled weather resistance, and an extensive palette of vibrant colours.

Understanding Composites:

At its core, a composite is a masterful fusion of various materials, where the resultant whole surpasses the individual components in terms of strength and functionality.

When it comes to composite doors, this craftsmanship shines through. A composite door emerges from the amalgamation of materials that bestows upon it a formidable thickness, unmatched durability, and a premium finish.

In the United Kingdom, the surge in popularity of composite doors can be attributed to their exquisite wood-grain effect finish. This finish exudes the timeless charm of wood while requiring minimal maintenance, all while boasting an impressive lifespan of up to 35 years. To get the best Composite Doors Milton Keynes you can contact us.

A composite door is more than just a door; it's a testament to resilience. It resists the fading effects of time, remains steadfast against warping, cracking, and the harshest weather conditions. With a composite door, the need for laborious painting becomes a thing of the past, ensuring that it stands the test of time with unwavering elegance.

What Is A Composite Door Made Of?

The composite door is a masterpiece of engineering, composed of several key elements that collectively ensure its strength, resilience, and energy efficiency:

Robust External Layer:

The outermost layer of the composite door boasts a formidable 2mm thickness of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), which is the very material relied upon in the construction of North Sea fishing boats. This GRP exterior is renowned for its toughness, weather resistance, and its ability to replicate the intricate wood grain patterns that add to the door's undeniable curb appeal.

Sturdy Internal Frame:

Beneath the resilient GRP exterior lies an internal frame, meticulously crafted from uPVC. Adding to the door's structural integrity, an additional layer of hardwood frames the interior, forming a double frame configuration that offers unparalleled stability and rigidity.

Insulating Core:

Within the confines of the door, a thermal polyurethane foam core is injected, ensuring exceptional insulation that's not only eco-friendly (100% CFC-free) but also A-rated for heat retention. This core enhances the door's energy efficiency, helping to maintain a comfortable atmosphere within your space.

Reinforced Door Frame:

The outer door frame, engineered from robust 70mm uPVC and fortified with steel reinforcements, elevates the security of composite doors to an enviable level. This combination of materials makes composite doors among the most secure options available in the market.

In summary, a composite door's construction is a testament to innovation and durability. From its resilient GRP exterior to its energy-efficient core and fortified frame, it's a door designed not only to withstand the test of time but also to provide peace of mind and enhanced energy efficiency for your home.

The Craftsmanship Behind Composite Door Production

Our commitment to excellence shines through in every step of the composite door manufacturing process, ensuring that each door is a bespoke masterpiece tailored to our customers' precise requirements:

Precision Crafting:

Each composite door we create is meticulously handcrafted, with every detail honed to exacting measurements provided by our customers. This bespoke approach ensures a perfect fit that leaves no room for draughts or imperfections.

Door and Frame Integration:

The composite door and its frame are crafted in unison as a harmonious set. This deliberate pairing ensures that the door slots seamlessly into the frame, creating a snug and airtight fit. The result is a door that not only looks stunning but also offers optimal insulation and security.

Artistry in Colour:

We take pride in the artistry of colour selection, allowing our customers to choose from a diverse palette of options. Our skilled artisans meticulously hand-spray each door with a specially formulated hard-wearing acrylic paint. This not only enhances the door's aesthetics but also adds a layer of protection against the elements.

Durability Beyond Compare:

To guarantee that your composite door stands the test of time, we employ a cutting-edge curing process. Each door is subjected to an infrared bake, creating a finish so resilient that it obviates the need for future painting. This durability ensures that your door retains its beauty and strength throughout the years.

In essence, our approach to crafting composite doors combines precision, artistry, and innovation. We take pride in delivering doors that not only offer impeccable functionality but also serve as a statement of style and sophistication, all while requiring minimal maintenance for years to come.


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