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Welcome to Kurtis Town

A brief introduction to my favorite YouTuber

By Anie HomanPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
The ramen-haired comic himself - image source:

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“Folks!" *Clap Sound Effect*

Ah...a familiar and welcome video intro for a modest 2.62 million subscribers of Kurtis Conner’s youtube channel.

"For those of you who are new here, what’s up? How’s it going?

And for those of you who are back, what’s up? How’s it going? It’s very good to see you again!

See, when you subscribe to my channel, you get an extra greeting at the beginning of every single one of my videos!"

As a subscriber, I can confirm that Kurtis does, in fact, deliver an extra greeting at the beginning of every single one of his videos. (Except for that one time...but we don’t talk about that.)

This was originally the reason I subscribed to Kurtis Conner - I mean, who doesn’t want a sweet extra greeting at the beginning of every video to make them feel special and valued? What drew me into the world of this awkward Canadian boys content commentary videos was his charm, cheesy jokes, and political woke-ness, but what kept me coming back was - well, his charm, cheesy jokes, and political woke-ness. Sometimes what you see is what you get, and our boy Kurtis - Mayor of Kurtis town - never disappoints.

So, if you are in fact new to his channel, who is Kurtis Conner, and what does he do? Kurtis is a comedian, but he specializes in a genre of comedy I can’t quite describe with the limited vocabulary of the English language alone. The first video I ever saw on his channel was called The “I’m not like most girls” Phenomenon - which was about, you guessed it, the over a decade- long internet trend of girls acting like they’re better than other girls because they’re...different? Unique? Or, as Kurtis put it, “dare I say...quirky?” As a girl who lived through this phase of my life, I cried laughing at this video and the cringe-worthy nostalgia it brought about. And that is, I suppose, a way I can start to describe the response Kurtis’s videos bring on - you get a lot of laughs, a lot of cringe, a lot of relatability and a lot of green screen and ugly shirts. (Sorry, Kurtis!)

After taking a brief look through his channel, and maybe watching another video or two...okay, you got me; after binge watching the next thirteen half-hour long videos that popped up in my youtube suggestions, I was a die hard fan - a true citizen of Kurtis town (Which is another awesome feature of being a Kurtis Conner fan - you get to live in Kurtis Town!) Most of Kurtis’s videos are a social commentary on questionable internet trends, such as the not-like-other-girls trend, cancel culture, cringy imagines and fake internet pranks, but he also does movie reviews/reaction videos, overuses green screen, talks about Tik Tok more often than he probably should and, occasionally posts videos of his standup comedy. He also has a weekly podcast called Very Really Good, which I highly recommend.

So, why do I think Kurtis deserves to win YouTuber of the year award? Well, for starters, the man oozes wholesome-ness by the gallon. Kurtis is actively anti-racist, is a feminist, a huge supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, and an overall awesome guy. I think it’s really difficult to find unproblematic content on the internet - YouTube especially - but look no further! Kurtis Conner is a very unproblematic content creator, who’s comedy never comes at the expense of women, or racial minorities, or people’s gender or sexuality - unlike a lot of content creators or self-proclaimed comedians. In fact, Kurtis openly speaks about such issues in his videos Tik Tok’s Worst Dating Coach, Tik Tok’s Obsession with Dark Humour, The Convention for Women...By Men, and Pranking Your Girlfriend Every Single Day.

Kurtis manages to touch on and discuss difficult topics and make wholesome, good-vibe content at the same time, and if you ask me that’s something we need a lot more of in the world.

I think Kurtis Conner is definitely the role model we need, and the hero we definitely don’t deserve. If you’ve never seen a Kurtis Conner video, I strongly suggest you check him out (I highly recommend you yeet yourself into this rabbit hole starting with The Country Girls of Tik Tok - I guarantee you, you will not be disappointed). And if you love his content as much as I do, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe! (For an extra greeting)

You can find Kurtis's channel at the following link:


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