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WandaVision Delivered!

Series Finale

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 6 min read

Pandemic 2020 lead to movie theaters being closed, life coming to a halt, and for fans of the Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an end to the grand adventures of our beloved heroes. Today, Friday, March 5th, 2021 we finally got a peek into the future and a big Avengers level battle.

When episode eight of WandaVision came to a close we were at the pinnacle cliffhanger of the season, everything was out in the open, the secrets were known, for the most part, and we knew with one episode left we were probably in for a treat. Marvel did not disappoint with the battle between Agatha Harkness and Wanda. It spills out across Westview as the two women unleash the magics on one another. We're even treated to a sideshow battle, Vision vs Vision, that gives the characters a chance to revisit the powers of Tony Starks' incredible sentient super-bot.

As the battles rage on through most of the episode, we even get treated to a tie-in, connecting the season 4 Agents of Shield storylines to Wanda as Agatha brings back the Darkhold. We learn something new about the Scarlett Witch, as Agatha shows Wanda, the Scarlett Witch is not born but forged. Like any of our heroic stories, any of our heroes, Wanda carries a conscience with her and get's a glimmer of what's to come if she returns things to normal. Bringing down the "hex" means she has to face the loss of Vision as well as the loss of the twins.

In comes the military. The members of SWORD, lead by Hayward, surround Wanda and her family as the new Vision arrives. Agatha, White Vision, and SWORD, what's a family to do? Proving once and for all Wanda protects the innocent members of SWORD from Agatha before unleashing the power of the twins on the soldiers as we get to see the boys disarm them. She runs off to deal with Agatha, Vision with the new Vision, leaving the twins at the mercy of Hayward. As it looks like Hayward is about to shoot the kids, Captain Rambeau shows up, her new powers in full display.

Vision vs Vision becomes an opportunity for the MCU to bring back the character full time as our Vision gets through to the new version, appearing all in white with blue eyes and a blue stone in place of the mind stone. Memories, in a computer, are not as easily wiped out as humans think they are. The new Vision gets the memories that were locked away in his processor, the memories of his life before Thanos destroyed him, uttering the words, "I am Vision." Look for Vision to be a part of phase four and phase five stories, hopefully.

Wanda continues to fight Agatha, leading to her acceptance of who she is and the extent of her powers. Agatha taught her, reminding her that knowledge was her weakness. As the HEX is Wanda's creation, the barrier around it her domain, Wanda finds her power to beat Agatha. Giant runes appear in the HEX in what is a battle that treats us to the greatest special effects sequence of the entire series, as the FBI looks on from the outside.

All hail the Scarlett Witch. Defeating Agatha, came at little surprise. Agatha was genuinely scared of Wanda, scared of her powers. The strength and courage that Elizabeth Olsons' Wanda has to show are going to let the actress show some genuinely impressive acting ability. Post battling Agatha, she still has one feat left. Post defeating the bad guys, Wanda has to ultimately accept that she has some sins to atone for and there's unfortunately only one way she can do that. Even as Agatha goes down in defeat, the fear of the Scarlett Witch reminds us all how powerful Wanda truly is. "Good God, What Have You Done?" I have a feeling we have only just begun to see the powers of Wanda as they grow.

Grab a kleenex. Vision greets his love after the battle, telling her, "I know you'll set everything right, just not for us." With a soulful look at Monica, the heroes turn to go home with their boys. As the Hex comes down, slowly, Wanda and Vision put the boys to sleep, one last time. With her family tied to the magic of the Hex, Wanda gets to say goodbye. The chemistry between Elizabeth Olson and Paul Bettany is palpable as they are together, saying goodby to this version of the vision, the life she built for them all, as it all disappears right in front of them. "Boys, thanks for choosing me to be your mom..."

Downstairs, in the final moments, the two star-crossed lovers have their final moments. For all the circumstances Vision finally learns what he is. The memories of his creation, the part of him that was the mind stone that is inside Wanda. This reminds us that Wanda's powers were unleashed by the mind stone, making her as much a part of it as Vision. Vision, like Wanda, is a being of chaos. In the blink of any eye, as they share that final moment, "We've said goodbye before, so it stands to reason..."

"We'll say hello again..."

Left standing in the very spot that we learn she went to and created this alternate world, a world she could be happy, Wanda's left standing there, alone, again. She walks through town, facing the faces of the people she affected in her grief over Visions' demise. "I'm sorry, for all the pain I've caused."

Wanda promises to gain a better understanding of the power inside her before she lifts into the skies, heartfelt good luck from the newer character Captain Rambeau. Just like that, the series comes to an end. So, after months of cancellations, postponements, and slowdowns in Hollywood, we have now spent nine weeks with two of our favorite characters. The MCU sure beat up Wanda, making her watch Visions' demise not once, but a second time in WandaVision. We know, by this point, that she'll be in the Multiverse of Madness in Doctor Strange 2; as what, only time will tell.

We also know that Monica will return. She's pulled into a theater during the mid-credit scene, told it's for a debrief only to be visited by one of the Skrulls, masquerading as an FBI Agent. Monica's being summoned by an old friend of her mothers that wants to meet with her, and we're lead to believe that this is a direct tie to the end scene with Nick Fury in space.

Wait, I guess they're going to beat up on Wanda a little more. If you haven't watched, stay tuned for the end credit scene as we see where Wanda disappears to, a tiny cabin in the middle of nowhere...with the Darkhold Book.


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