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Wanda Through Time


By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

As WandaVision approaches I’d like to take a look at how Wanda’s powers have grown since her first appearance so that we have a nice long list of things we hope to see before the series hits Disney+ so here we go...


When Wanda was first introduced in 1964 her powers were defined as nothing more than hex powers, or hex magic. This was generally used as a story device to make whatever the writers needed to happen, happen. At the beginning there was no specific definition to her powers, in the 70s it was revealed that her and Quicksilver were the mutant children of Magneto, we did know about their mutant background considering their debut was a part of The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She also possessed probability manipulation which she still retains, now this sounds small but think of Domino’s powers and multiply them by like 50. If Wanda wants something to happen, it'll happen.


The 70s brought us an expansion in Scarlet Witch’s powers and personality, giving her an interest and apprenticeship in witchcraft. The 70s era of Wanda also gave us her children which set up her magical mutant ability to create life (yes she's a woman but these children were by no means naturally conceived).


In the 80s she got her own title series giving us more insight into her as a character but not too much more expansion on her powers.


The 2000s brought us some of the most epic story arcs featuring the Scarlet Witch. Both House of M (2005) and Avengers vs X-Men (2012) let us see the extent of Wanda’s reality warping powers as well as her magic manipulation and her ability to bring people back from the dead.


Her abilities now supersede anything the original creators could have possibly fathomed, the current state of her powers also makes her one of the most powerful earthbound heroes in the Marvel universe. She is a master of and has control over every kind of thinkable magic that exists, her main magic use being Chaos magic. Though she is closely tied with chaos magic she also has the ability to tap into elemental magic, and necromancy. Wanda is also a nexus being, she is the entity that is the anchor of reality (someone please tell me she would get beat by Doctor Strange One. More. Time.) She literally exists at all times and realities and is one of the most famed, feared and powerful magic users on the planet, she was also an option to be chosen as the next Sorcerer Supreme.

Wanda can also astral project, bind someone with magic, control and manipulate time, alter cosmic timelines, she possesses a certain level of clairvoyance, her energy blasts are concentrated beams of magical energy that can be put out as a beam, wave, or bullet. She can also absorb and channel energy, fly, produce force fields that can be used to imprison her opponents. She has also been known to exorcise demons, heal different kinds of injuries, create illusions, manipulate, create and shape holographic projections. The love of my life is also able to sense almost anything that affects her, it's referred to as magical awareness and it's kind of like her version of a spidey sense. She can also enhance, increase and boost the powers of others, see into the future, replicate objects or living beings and turn her magic into solid objects thus creating weapons. Of course we haven’t even really gotten to the most impressive portion of her powers as of yet, Wanda also has the ability to manipulate reality, she can both create and erase events, humans, and objects as well as combine her reality warping powers with the magic and energy manipulation she would use in physical combat. This magnificent mutant can also nullify spells and their effects, utilize telekinesis, telepathy, transportation and transmutation.

Anyone who thinks the average Avenger can take her down doesn’t pay attention and anyone who cites Doctor Strange beating her (in her weakened states) does nothing but prove that even when the writers of comic books allow female characters to be overpowered they are still sexist in the execution and consistency of those powers (again, more on that in another article). Wanda is the most badass and that really isn’t negotiable, I just hope we see even a fraction of this in her series.


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