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Villainess Review: Cali (Walker)

The ultimate question is answered in the halfway mark of The CW show's freshman season

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 4 min read
Katrina Begin as Cali

The CW's Walker series (a reboot of CBS' Walker, Texas Ranger) sees Cordell Walker returning to duty a year after the murder of his wife, Emily Walker--a crime that hadn't been solved until the series' ninth episode, "Rule Number 17." Even prior to the episode, there was an assumed culprit in the form of Carlos Mendoza, but he was cleared and released. Episodes earlier, Geri Broussard, Emily's best friend and the owner of a bar known as The Side Step, was a suspect--and that actually increased in the episode.

In "Rule Number 17," Walker and partner-turned-captain Larry James perform a stakeout/sting outside the headquarters of a criminal gang known as the Northside Nation, as they were connected to the night in question. Then Geri appears, which makes things interesting after Walker learns that she's a suspect. The fact that Geri found Emily that night doesn't help her case. What also doesn't help is the reveal that Geri cleaned money for NSN, the same hush money paid to Carlos Mendoza. Geri had also been working humanitarian aid with Emily, sending supplies across the border, but it was also where NSN transported guns and drugs. Because of this, it was believed that Emily had found out about Geri's connection to NSN, leading to Geri killing Emily to cover her tracks.

Walker confronts Geri, who denies killing Emily and states that she had no idea where that money came from, while adding that her appearance was to find out who killed Emily. It led to Walker and James sending Geri in to join in on the gang's poker game to get information, and among the players was a woman named Cali, who was seated at the same table as Geri and Oswald, the latter being NSN's leader. Geri and Oswald get into it over the former selling her bar, and it was during the progression that the wire is found by Oswald, leading to Walker and James entering and a standoff coming afterwards. Walker asks the gang about the night of Emily's murder, with Oswald stating that the date--April 8--was his mother's birthday, and the two of the were at a casino that night.

So the headquarters are raided, and Walker and James end up talking to Cali, who claimed to have information on the night in question, but she would only reveal it in exchange for safety and her past crimes expunged. She claimed to have no ties to NSN and added that Oswald bragged about Emily's murder two nights after it was committed, doing so at a sporting event, with Cali also claiming to have audio of Oswald on her phone. As Cali went to retrieve her phone, James was off his phone and informed Walker what he was just told: Oswald's alibi was solid, meaning that he didn't kill Emily. As Walker turned around to the warehouse, he noticed Cali holding her lighter and recognized that same object from that night, leading to the truth: Cali killed Emily.

Cali later shuts off the lights and fires a shot at Walker and James, who later enter and search for the villainess. She later appears and holds Walker at gunpoint, but after James ordered Cali to drop her weapon, she reveals everything. As Cali revealed, Emily caught her during one of NSN's jobs, as she saw some of the drugs spill from the truck, after which Cali shot and killed Emily because--in Cali's words--"she looked like a talker." James talked Walker out of killing Cali, who unleashed a handgun from her right sleeve and was set on killing Walker, only for Geri to appear and shoot Cali to death.

"Rule Number 17" aired on April 15, 2021, and it featured Katrina Begin as the villainess Cali. I remember leaving that episode immensely surprised that what had the makings of a season-long arc was wrapped up at the halfway point of the first season, but I also loved that Katrina Begin was playing the villainess, as I had seen some of her work before. She had appeared in a couple of my favorite Lifetime movies: 2018's A Mother's Greatest Fear as main protagonist Alice Gould, and 2020's Psycho Party Planner as main villainess Lindy Shores--and she played another villainess, Barbi, in 2019's Christmas Break-In. Regarding Cali, she was bad-ass, but also ruthless and vicious in her quest to cover up her murderous and criminal actions, and Begin played Cali's villainy and callousness wonderfully.

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