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Venom Was Worth The Wait

Seeing the symbiote on the screen, and the future this anti-hero holds

By Samantha ParrishPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
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Remember when people were finicky about Heath Ledger playing Batman's nemesis? The surprise came to many when Heath Ledger gave a powerhouse performance that set the bar. When the news about a full-feature movie about Venom, the treatment was the same, most Marvel fans dismissed the film.

I was ready for this film no matter what it would turn out to be. The initial negative reviews didn't make me take the word of the audience when people have different ways they took in the film. Some of them might be fair critiques because all films have some form of plot hole or goof, no film is perfect and that's OK. Then some just critique or dismiss the film just because they didn't like it for a solid reason.

After Venom premiered, I talked with one of my friends that vehemently didn't want to like the film or watch the film because of the company that produced Venom. My friend has a particular taste in movies, which is understandable. As time went on, to my surprise, my friend brought up that he watched Venom, he looked around the room, and he whispered to me, "I liked it."

The process to get Venom was a long journey. I can see why the studios had a hard time getting him started in Spider-Man 3 before getting him his movie. The overall review that people felt towards Venom's screen debut in Spider-Man 3 wasn't appreciated.

I'm just an open-minded movie buff, but the way I look back at this moment of Venom's moments in the third Spider-Man movie, it got Venom recognized. It may have not been the greatest way to get the anti-hero up there, but knowing the comic book history of Venom. The writers had worked with just the basics of his character and hoped that there would be a further elaboration in future films.

Time went on. Poor Topher Grace waited for a phone call to reprise the role of Eddie Brock. The page reserved on IMDb for Venom's movie remained empty, what would the point be to have a page up to show there would be a movie about Venom with no news or progress?

The way Venom has to be portrayed as accurately as possible. There won't be an entire origin story his turmoil from family issues and reckless dangers that he and Venom do.

When the time came, they got the core points of what was in Venom's story. The controversy Eddie Brock caused for his jobs was because of how far he would go for his jobs. The transformation sequence of the total takeover that Venom did to his hosts. The best part of the Venom movies was how the writers portrayed the perfect co-dependency that Eddie has with Venom. They rely upon each other, they save each other no matter what the odds are.

The premiere of Venom was unexpected for all, after the second movie it only pushed Venom to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was different, but a fresh kind of different. Despite the negative reviews, it is enjoyable even if there is more work to be done. Venom has the potential, it wasn't scraped like other movies. It wasn't a half-assed piece of work.

Watching the Venom movies, you can tell how much work went into expanding the MCU without this character being a part of the MCU. The future for Venom is going to be interesting now that he's been given the proper introduction.

If you would like to hear more about my commentary about Venom, here's my podcast episode all about the symbiote on the big screen!


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