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VH1 Family Reunion: Love & Hip- Hop Edition

by Majique MiMi 7 months ago in tv
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Episode 5: Home Is Where the Family Is! RECAP SPOILERS POSSIBLE!

photo courtesy IMDB

First & Foremost, I keep missin this damn show when it originally airs.

So, forgive me for my recaps bein all late and what not, but aye.🤷🏻‍♀️

At least I am honest.

And since I’m being honest and all, VH1? Y’all and the commercials are out of pocket.

I mean I get it, I think me and three other people on the planet actually care about the folk on this show, so yeah, sponsorship is needed, bur damn.

So, onto who I actually care about, lol.

Jonathan & Erica’s Beef

I’m typing this before I have actually watched the episode but what I will say is:

I LOVE Jonathan with all my heart and soul & I kinda have a weird little girl crush on Erica because she IS so absolutely gorgeous, but if she is gonna spark some racial bullshit all up in the family reunion, y’all wanna know whose side I’ma be on?

Shekinehs or mimi’s.🤣

For now, anyway, like I said I just turned the show on and again mimi’s hair is on POINT!!! 🎯

😳Hol up, I paused the recording again to ask this question:

Did Safaree say he looks at Juelz & Kimbella as role models for marriage?

He does know Juelz is only on this show cuz he got restitution to pay right?

😳 Okay, I missed a whole lotta mess or somethin, because did Safaree say he saw Erica kissin on Amina and told Erica to bring Amina up to their room?

And Erica got upset & he dunno why? 😐

So Safaree & Cisco share the same number on the spectrum?

Not for nuthin, I thought Erica was fittin to get her ass whooped by Shekineh when she came at her like that, and the ONLY reason I thought Erica decided to get brolic was because they all drinkin.

Erica looks like she gotta new fit on in every scene.

Brooke, are you friends with Shekineh? If not, stay out her drawls.

How the hell you assume she ain’t getting any? Brooke?

Are YOU?

::said in the voice of the Caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland::


Yeah, I officially don’t like Brooke at all.

I believe Rich is gonna force Cisco to go to rehab, a shrink, and sign him up for multiple job fairs.


He’s gonna come out with a new reality show called, “Make a Song with Cisco” and it will be on VH1 with waaaaaay too many commercials.

Yeah, Safaree you’re Jamaican we get it. 🙄 No one cares, except Erica. But I’ll be damned if I don’t want some cabbage right now.

OMG, I’m only half-way thru this show.😐

But I’m starting to think this show is only fifteen minutes long and forty-five minutes of commercials. One day I’ma find out.

Zellswag’s apology to mimi?

NOW I understand!

His name shouldn’t be Zellswag, but Swagjacker?

So Sawgkacker’s mad cuz mimi didn’t immediately fawn & gush all over his little post on IG after SHE put HIM on the damn map.🙄

I guess you can say he made it to the damn map, I dunno who the hell he really is, but okay🤣

And you notice how mimi kinda got up and gave him a hug like a disgruntled parishioner mad cuz the benediction lasted too long and now it’s gonna take her forever to get out of the church parking lot.


I know y’all are gonna think I have a thing for Shekineh, but Ion care what y’all think for real, CUZ SHE ROCKED THE HELL OUTTA THAT OUTFIT at the “forgiveness circle” thingy.

So, the producers, got me and y’all suck. LOL That was ERICA walkin up on Shekineh last episode.

…and I’m TRYING to give her hormonal nursing her newborn backstage on a reality TV show ass a break but I can’t.



LEAVE that 🍕 💩

File for all kinds of child support and make him prove that he’s Jamaican and obtain many jobs.

I’m mad at this show.

Yet, I’ll be back next week…lol


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Majique MiMi

You can call me MiMi. I’m a Brain Aneurysm & Stroke Survivor & Former English Professor. I write to stay sane and to keep gratitude in my Spirit & Praises in my mouth.

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