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Upgraded 2024 Movie Review: Fail to Offer Newness

Upgraded 2024 Movie Review

By Ayush VermaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Upgraded 2024 Movie Review

Upgraded is a romantic comedy film that was released on Amazon Prime, and finally I have watched this film. Through this review, I am sharing whatever good or bad experience I have had after watching this.

In this film, you will see the story of a girl, Ana, who comes to London on a work trip, where she meets a rich or handsome boy, Will. A relationship starts between them, but Ana starts this by lying about herself. And what is that lie? If Will comes to know about that, then what kind of consequences can happen in the relationship between Ana and Will? You will have to watch this film to learn more.

Upgraded 2024 Movie Review

Look, nowadays I don't watch romantic comedy movies much because in this genre we don't get to experience anything new or different, and the same problem is with this movie too. From start to finish, this movie is very predictable; nothing is new here. Even the chemistry that was seen between Ana and Will faded.

In my view, this film is for the young audience who have just started exploring the romantic comedy genre. This film will provide a good time pass for them.

This film is not bad, but there is nothing new or different in it, and the comedy of the film is also not such that it should be watched only for comedy.

The character work of the film is also just fine; there is no special emotional depth in the characters, and the rest of the actors' performances, music, and production work of the film are decent.

Upgraded 2024 Movie Download

Guys, although the Camilia Mendes or Archie Renaux starrer film Upgraded is available to watch on many platforms like Bollyflix, Moviesflix, 9xmovies, Movies4u, and HDhubforu, I do not recommend you enjoy this movie through any of these platforms because there is a risk of privacy involved, and believe me, you will get the real pleasure of watching this movie only on Amazon Prime, so watch this movie only on its original platform.

Upgraded 2024 Movie Cast

  1. Camila Mendes as Ana
  2. Archie Renaux as William
  3. Marisa Tomei as Claire
  4. Lena Olin as Catherine Laroche
  5. Anthony Head as Julian Marx
  6. Thomas Kretschmann as Arnold Grant
  7. Grégory Montel as Gerard Abel(as Gregory Montel)
  8. Rachel Matthews as Suzette
  9. Fola Evans-Akingbola as Renee
  10. Aimee Carrero as Vivian
  11. Andrew Schulz as Ronnie
  12. Saoirse-Monica Jackson as Amy
  13. Matteo Lane as Sovereign Air Lounge Escort
  14. Juliet Agnes as Ticket Agent
  15. Akshay Shah as Flight Attendant
  16. Jack Hewitt as Billy
  17. Renny Krupinski as Joe
  18. Chloe Wade as Front Desk


If you've never tried romantic comedies before, this movie is a good start; it's sweet and funny. But if you've seen a bunch of rom-coms, it might not bring anything new. It's like the usual love-and-laughter stuff you've probably seen before. Still, if you enjoy these kinds of movies, you can give it a go; just don't expect too much excitement.

Remember, it's not a great pick for family movie night. Some parts might not be suitable for everyone. So, if you're into easy-watching romantic comedies, enjoy it by yourself or with friends, and just keep in mind that it's not trying to be a groundbreaking film. It's more about the familiar, cozy feelings you get from this type of story.

So how did you guys like this film? Please give your opinions in the comment box and don't forget to give me a like.

Have a great day.

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