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Unpopular Buffy Opinions

Because we all have some

By Eve VolungeviciutePublished about a year ago 4 min read

With a show of this caliber and the size of the fandom, there are bound to be a few controversial takes here and there. Although I absolutely adore this series, I also have some of these and before I say anything else, they are just my personal opinions and in no way am I asking for people to take them for a fact. Anyway, let's dive in!

Spike is not all that

I will probably get booed at just for this, however, I’m set on it. This is not the Spike the Vampire show, although for some fans it might seem that way. I’ll argee that he is brilliant as a villain in season two and his dynamics with Drusilla and, ironically, Buffy were super interesting. As soon as he gets the chip and reluctantly teams up with the Scoobies, his character gets a complete makeover, which frankly didn’t feel earned. His obsession and in turn ‘relationship’ with Buffy is disgusting and a topic for a completely different article which I’m not even sure I’m in the mood to write ever. All in all, there were better characters the writers could’ve put all their attention to.

Spuffy is abusive on Spike’s end

Despite what I said about this dynamic deserving its own article, I do have to quickly touch base for the sake of this piece. It’s clear cut that nothing about Spuffy pairing is healthy or ‘couple goals’, even in season seven as Buffy is forced to coddle him just because he now has a soul (which in itself was a selfish act to get Buffy back). However, a lot of people state that the relationship was mutually abusive, and I just don’t see it. Did Buffy use Spike for sex to feel something after being pulled out of heaven? For the sake of the argument, let’s say yes. Spike on the other hand essentially preyed on her during the most depressive state of her life and instead of encouraging Buffy to get help, he was happy that now she was ‘messed up’ and ‘belong in the darkness’ with him (his own words).

Angel is one of the best characters

I’m not sure exactly how unpopular this opinion is now, however back in the day I heard it was extremely common for people to shelf Angel as this boring brooding sidekick in Buffy’s story. There is a lot more to him than that and his own show proves it. Angel is a complex and layered character, with inherent darkness that’s fascinating to watch and even a good sense of humour (might not be everyone’s type but it’s there). His romance with Buffy is so much more than just a melodrama fest but even without it, he still has plenty to offer. I’m glad he is now getting more appreciation.

Xander isn’t that bad

Again, I’m not sure how much controversy this statement would cause today, but while Xander is by no means perfect, he is also nowhere near as bad as some other characters on the show. Not that being a stupid teenage boy excuses anything because his advances and ‘nice guy’ attitude towards Buffy are despicable, the point is that both the narrative and the fandom have continuously condemned him for such actions. We’re meant to think he’s being awful and then we watch him grow up and turn into, while not perfect, but a genuinely better person. One thing I can’t forgive him though is ‘kick his ass’ line, although I can understand why he did it.

Buffy is not a great friend

Let’s get one thing out of the way – the Scoobies absolutely have their moments where they are horrible to Buffy. Season six is especially a glaring example. However, Buffy herself is not perfect in this regard. She can be quite self-involved, ignoring Willow’s concerns about things on multiple occasions and not even blinking when Xander mentioned he would be spending Christmas in his backyard to avoid abuse. Season seven is where she distances herself from her friends in order to prop up Spike (although that’s more of a bad writing choice rather than her consistent characterisation). I love Buffy as much as the next person but she is not a perfect angel who can do no wrong, none of the characters are and they could be horrible to each other. Alas, that’s human.

Willow should’ve stayed a villain

Not sure how controversial this opinion might be now but I do think that there was a lot of potential for Willow to go down a proper villain route. Not every story requires redemption but it’s worse when it’s not even done properly. Willow essentially goes power-hungry and snaps after Tara’s death almost ending the world and gets nothing for it. Everyone welcomes her back to the group like nothing happened and her magic addiction problem just disappears. Just feels like a very ‘have your cake and eat it too’ situation. They should’ve properly leaned into it and there would’ve been a better payoff.

Giles was not a good parental figure to the Scoobies

I feel like I had to specify to the Scoobies because Giles is an excellent surrogate father to Buffy (obviously with certain exceptions). When it comes to the others, not so much. With Willow, he could’ve done a lot more to guide her through her magical journey and potentially prevent some outcomes. His treatment of Xander was appalling at times, with outright disdain showing (sure, he was an annoying teenager with some issues of his own but that’s the point, Giles was the adult in the situation). Not to mention that he never made a big effort with Faith.


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