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Underworld Longing

by Monique Star 3 years ago in fan fiction
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If your love was taken from you, how long would you wait for their return?

To say that that denizens of the Underworld were unfamiliar with love would be incorrect. Logan was a demon who helped to keep order in the Underworld to counteract with the chaos that Eris would orchestrate. Even with the order and organization he was able to accomplish for so many millennia, nothing could've prepared him for a shy ghoul who was wandering around while waiting for the chance to be a born-again lifeform on the Surfaceworld. Sure, Logan has come across many creatures in the Underworld (including two little kids who claimed ownership of Death for several years), but there was something about the introverted ghoul that made him rather curious. After his shift, Logan went to a Spoken Word, held by a goblin, and managed to catch a glimpse of the familiar-looking ghoul. Logan took a deep breath and made his way to the ghoul before taking the empty seat across from him. Ever since that evening, the two have gotten to know each other and formed quite a bond. Logan would join the ghoul as he wandered around in the Underworld and even made the ghoul forget that he'd eventually be born onto the Surfaceworld. They would even spend Logan's lunch breaks together and made Logan realize, over time, that his job was actually really dull until he was able to spend time with the ghoul. They were different and had their ups and downs, but they wouldn't trade their time together for anything. It took many centuries and some help, but Logan eventually realized that he loved the ghoul as more than just a friend. By the time he ran off to confess to the ghoul, though, he received word that the ghoul had been born onto the Surfaceworld. Logan felt what he could only describe as emptiness. He called in mentally sick for a few days and didn't know what else to really do. On the last consecutive day, he called in for a mental health day, and he went to a lake of lava and stuck his hands into it. With as much energy as he could muster, he was able to use the magma to melt footprints into a sidewalk that his love would eventually walk on. He placed the lava onto his heart so that he could feel when his love's new form would fit his feet into the sidewalk.

For centuries, Logan had continued on with his life waiting to feel for the presence of his love. Unbeknownst to him, for every generation his love was born into, the footprints changed so that only he would be able to fit into them. After many centuries, Logan was nearly ready to give up and re-embrace the emptiness in his chest. However, he felt an increased heat in his chest and he stopped in his tracks before running to the lake of lava he originally went to. As he went to the lake, he saw a geyser of magma slowly diminish into steam, showing a silhouette until it revealed a young emo in front of Logan. The two beings looked at each other for a long time and neither of them turned away in fear. The emo, coated in purple, looked at the demon in awe as if he saw an old memory.

"Y-you're the demon from my dreams; the one that made me feel safe. Your name is Logan, right?" the emo asked.

Logan's eyes opened wide and occasionally blinked with tears as he heard the remark while looking into the emo's eyes. Sure, his love didn't remember everything from when he was a ghoul, but Logan meant enough to him that he made him feel safe.

"Yes, yes, it's me. You have no idea how happy I am to see you again," Logan spoke with the occasional sob.

"I... don't know if you knew my name in my dreams, but I'm Virgil," he awkwardly introduced.

Virgil looked longingly at the demon in front of him. Neither of them cared how different they had completely become and were only focused on their thoughts and experiences related to each other.

"I... I've seen you in my dreams for years. I've drawn and rambled about you. Everyone in my life expected me to fear you, but I never brought myself to. Do you have an understanding of why?" Virgil explained.

"Well, before you were... this human form, you were a ghoul and I didn't mind your company and you never seemed to mind mine. We were both introverts, so we weren't too extravagant. I don't know how you felt, but by the time I understood how I felt, you were gone," Logan answered.

Virgil seemed slightly surprised by the reaction, but looked more like it answered some questions for him. He stepped closer to the demon and pressed his hand against his inhuman chest. He felt a burning sensation in his hand from the touch, but wouldn't dare to pull away as if the moment would disappear before his eyes.

"Well, I guess you weren't super emotional," he recalled from his dreams.

Logan nodded to confirm it and felt internal glee that the memories weren't completely gone from his love.

"I need to know, Logan, what did you feel for me that you couldn't tell me years ago?" the emo asked as if he wanted to know for a long time.

"Well, what did you feel for me that made you feel safe around me?" Logan whispered as he got closer to the former ghoul.

The two felt warmth, but they didn't know if it was coming from the lava or something else. Virgil placed a hand on Logan's shoulder while Logan placed a hand on Virgil's back. The two of them drew closer until their lips collided and quickly adjusted to the different textures. Logan's mind drifted to the moments he shared with Virgil that he wanted to last forever. Virgil's mind regained memories of more than just the 18 years of his life that consisted of his past selves dreaming of the demon, and feeling safe around him all the way to himself as a ghoul wandering around with the demon and preferring to be with him rather than born onto the Surfaceworld. For so many years, they had been apart, hoping to see each other again in one way or another, but they were finally content with reuniting and no longer holding back on their need for each other.

fan fiction

About the author

Monique Star

I'm not the most sophisticated adult out there. I'm also not the best at communicating all the time, but I do try my best to get my thoughts out there into the world verbally or nonverbally.

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