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by ngoc truong nguyen 5 days ago in movie
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The other day, I patched up Land of the Forsaken and The Lost City of Z. See three spiders in the same frame, three bats in the same frame, better to see bat spiders in the same frame. Of course, in The Lost City of Z, the two only co-starred, not together.

In order to balance the rain and rain, I added some films with only my Dutch brother to the list, like this one. From The Lost City of Z to Uncharted, The Dutch are old explorers too.

Nathan and his brother Sam claimed to be the descendants of the Legendary British pirate Drake. Being drake's descendant, of course, is going after Magellan's treasure.

The screen pirate most familiar to audiences of my generation is undoubtedly Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. There is also a direct homage to Pirates of the Caribbean. In the second half, Nathan holds the helm of the boat and pretends to ride the waves, but his partner Sully says, "Save it, Captain Jack."

In the final battle, we also see pirates of the Caribbean style ancient wooden battleships bombarding each other, but the final battle is not a sea battle, but an air battle, because the two ancient ships are lifted in the air by helicopters. This kind of play can also be said to be the literal meaning of the sling. The magic of ancient weapons and modern technology is the most interesting part of the film.

In terms of characters, Uncharted, like Pirates of the Caribbean, has two male protagonists, a slick old man and a hot-blooded young man. The difference is, Nathan is young, but he's also slick. In the first three "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, Wiltner was the hero in terms of story function and drama, but Captain Jack was the hero in terms of presence. Nathan in Uncharted is the undisputed central figure in every way, and Mark Wahlberg's Sully doesn't steal much of the spotlight from him. But in the final act, the crucial AB story combination falls on Sully, whose character arc is more pronounced and thus not entirely a foil to Dutch.

Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland are two men with the right temperament to play father and son. In the game, Sullivan and Drake also have a father-son relationship. As a result, the story B of the film is about the brotherly love between the two men -- how Nathan, who lost his own brother, found the brotherly love in Sally, and how Sally was influenced and changed to change her mercenary personality.

In addition to the large-scale ship combat reminiscent of Pirates of the Caribbean, the close-quarters combat also has a vaudeville action-comedy feel to it. This style of action comedy originated with Buster Keaton, and another representative who has carried it forward is Jackie Chan, whom Chinese audiences are most familiar with, and who is clearly a more direct imitation of, or homage to, the action scenes in the first half of the film.

The film's most obvious tribute to Jackie Chan, when a few auction into the mission. Hero hit the enemy a punch results in pain to show his teeth, and even was bounced to the ground, Jackie Chan brother saw straight call expert. The protagonist is then suspended from a lamp tube in midair, which is also reminiscent of Jackie Chan's mall descent in Police Story.

If the film also synchronizes the NG clip as the credits roll at the end, it will truly learn the essence of Jackie Chan's movies.

To learn from Jackie Chan, we should not only imitate his actions, but also study his words and learn his spirit.

The project itself is in the implementation of Jackie Chan's teachings: the game you are not really strong, only in the movie you are really strong.

As a game adaptation, the film is in line. Movie adaptations of games are often a thankless task, because they also need to introduce the audience into the characters through story setting, which is bypassed by games, and the player automatically identifies with the main character. In my opinion, the film with the same quality is 2010's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, both of which have a simple, smooth story, muscular actors and solid special effects, but lack surprises overall. Tony Stark's glasses as a pledge of love for the spider and the mysterious guest, the choice of film is very similar.

What I found most interesting during the whole movie watching was not any screen of the feature film, but the Logo of PlayStation Productions at the beginning. The idea of using the studio's characters to bring out the studio logo was clearly influenced by the MCU and DCEU. We'll probably see god of War, Horizon, and the Last of Us come to life in the future, but it's not clear if they'll be as interconnected as the MCU's comic-book heroes. Expectations can be expected, but I'm not too optimistic at the moment. Again, the only real cinematic universe in the world right now is the MCU, and what's left is either a traditional single-story series that pretends to be a cinematic universe, or a DCEU that doesn't copy it. I think it's probably too early for PS, which has far less history than Marvel and DC, to suddenly build a cinematic universe that allows its brands to interact and feed each other like the MCU.

When I checked the information of this film on the Internet, I accidentally found that I had seen all the films directed by the director of this film. In my impression, such a situation happened to me, before only Jiang Wen and Nolan. The difference lies in that I took the initiative to make up all their works for the latter two, while I really never paid attention to the director of this film, and achieved this "complete collection" achievement in a confused way. Looking at the resume of the director of this film, he has directed all 6 or 7 points of genre films, most of which are guaranteed basic entertainment, but forget the films after watching. Although it is all practical work, if the PS cinematic universe mentioned above is really implemented, then experienced practitioners like the director of this film will become the core force. Please refer to Jon Favreau and The Russell brothers after joining the MCU.

If you're going to follow the Marvel cinematic universe, you have to follow everything. Whether or not the core can learn, learn the skin first, such as Marvel's Easter egg burying formula. One of the most sincere Easter eggs, should be the game's leading dubbing actor cameo, different dimensions of the two Drake met on the beach.

The main character in Uncharted claims to be descended from the legendary British pirate Sir Drake, a dubious pedigree. The same thing will not happen in our East. The most famous navigator in ancient China was Zheng He. I don't think anyone would pretend to be his descendant.


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