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Turning the Avengers Into a DND Party (Part Two)

In this article, we'll create a build inspired by one of Cap's best friends

By M.N. NegusPublished 11 months ago 3 min read

As you're aware, we began covering this topic with Captain America. It seems fitting that the next hero we cover is one of his greatest friends: Bucky Barnes.

James Buchanan "" Barnes was in Brooklyn, like Steve, and they grew to be great friends. later enlisted in the army, and after a plan went sideways, fell to his (assumed) death off of a moving HYDRA train. Cap would later discover that his pal was not alive, but serving as a weapon for HYDRA under brainwashing and super soldier serum. , would break free from his ties with HYDRA and the psychological damage they had done, becoming his own hero.

is one of my favorite characters. I relate a lot to his struggles and his hardships with mental health, so I wanted to create a DND character that stayed true to his image. His image of perseverance and growth.

The Winter Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes

Let's begin with his race. To keep his ties with our Captain America build similar, we'll make him a half-elf as well. This will also give him a +2 increase in Charisma and a +1 increase in two stats of our choice (we'll put them towards Strength and Constitution).

Choosing a class for our ex-H.Y.D.R. operative wasn't difficult. His darker contrasts to Captain America make it easy to rule out Paladin as a class for him, but he's not as ballistic as a Barbarian could be. The perfect for him would be a Fighter/Rogue multi-class. Starting him at Level five allows us to choose in two skills of our choice. I recommend choosing Acrobatics and Perception. We also gain the Second Wind feature, which allows us to gain a limited well of stamina we can draw on to protect ourselves, and using this allows us to regain hit points equal to 1d10 + our Fighter level. Action Surge is another feature we gain at level two, which allows the character to take another action. For his fighting style, I decided to choose archery. This will make sense in a moment.

I chose Archery as his fighting style because it gives us a +2 bonus to attack rolls you make with a ranged weapon. What ranged weapons does Bucky tend to use? You guessed it, guns. Choosing the Archetype gives us a Firearm and the Gunsmith feature. From this, you gain in Tools to craft ammunition and make repairs on your firearms.

Another thing we gain from this archetype are trick shots, which can be used to disable or damage opponents. If I'm being honest, any of the trick shot options would be suitable for this build, but I decided to choose the Violent Shot and Shot (for now). At fourth level, you get to either choose a feat or gain an increase in ability scores. I went with the feat choice, and gave him the feat. With this, our Bucky has advantage on attack rolls against a creature he may grapple. This can us in the Rogue aspect of our build.

For the Rogue class, I started him off at level one, so he could at least gain the rogue advantages. I gave him a in stealth and deception. This also gives him the sneak attack .

I created a custom background for Bucky I like to call, The Winter Soldier. I created this background combining the Criminal/Spy and Soldier backgrounds to stay true to his character. wanted to give him extra in Athletics and Survival, as well as with two other tools: The Disguise Kit and the Forgery Kit.

After rolling his stats and giving him the proper equipment, the build was complete. As I've stated before, is a beloved character of mine, so I enjoyed creating a DND build inspired by him. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as well. Let me know if you agree or disagree with the ideas I presented, and feel free to comment any changes you'd make! I love hearing feedback! Until then, I'll see you in Part Three!


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