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True events, 1995, more than one wrongful case in India

To talk about "Jai Bim" is a complicated matter in itself, and why is it complicated? The film that set off Indian legal opinion at the end of 2021 is indeed an excellent film, but the realities reflected in this film are equally worthy of consideration by Indians themselves.

By Haas TashPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

This is not the kind of climactic emotion that some of our domestic viewers have as an onlooker, but the real need for Indians to think for themselves, is the current Indian society really what they want?

The film "Jai Bim" is about a senior Indian lawyer for a low-level Indian people to fight for justice, the story is very touching, touching, the film succeeded in making the domestic audience feel that although India has presented a tear under the social structure, the glory of human nature is brilliant beyond compare. Many people regard this film as India's "The Defender", and at the same time, it also raises the height of Indian cinema to a higher level, and many people reflect on why our films can't be like this, and when we can produce the same type of works. Of course, some reflect on our own stain of the legal system, thus reaching a standard of profound introspection on their own.

But in the face of India's systemic problems and the realities reflected in this film, is it as simple as the two points mentioned above? Of course, we can get the answers to our concerns through the above-mentioned points, but these answers are not fundamental. To understand the fundamental answer, we need to know how the needs of the poor should be protected under the current social system of India.

As we all know, Gandhi is considered the father of India because he negotiated the independence of India, which is a very great thing in the twentieth century, but after Gandhi contributed to the independence of India, did he further solve the problem of the survival of Indians? The answer to this question, as evidenced by the structure of Indian society today, is naturally no. When Indians became independent, they were faced with further deprivation of their agricultural and industrial production by multinational corporations. India, which had become independent politically, became dependent economically.

India's independence was negotiated, and for the colonial power to agree to its political system, it had to give up some of its other interests to complement the colonial power. Therefore, even though India gained its independence, the fruits of independence did not benefit the common people.

The natural result of this is the further widening of the gap between the rich and the poor, which ultimately leads to the tearing of Indian society and the solidification of classes. This is the fundamental reason why the caste system in India has not been completely abolished. Why is it required to let farmers get land, India is a country with a very high proportion of the agricultural population, with farmers as the majority, if they can get a better life, then India's overall socio-economic level will get a higher development, social conflicts will also cool down.

However, for Indians today, this is an unrealizable dream, because of the existing economic system, even if India gets high growth figures, it is not relevant for farmers, who make up 80% of the population. Most of what we know about Indians is the impression that they communicate through the Internet, but for those in low-caste areas, do people there have access to modern communication tools such as the Internet? How do they connect with the outside world?

The family of the man suspected of being a thief in the film, their living conditions are evident. Do they just need justice from the law? Do they need a savior like Jay Bim to come? No, what they need is the current social system to give these ordinary people more means of production and basic livelihood security, but all this, by Jay Beam can change?

Jeybim is naturally great, he contributed all his strength for the legal demands of these poor people under the current social system in India, but he only did things within the framework, what these low-caste people need is not a Qingtian lord to redress their grievances, but a great man who can change the world. A great man can equalize land rights, a great man can make everyone equal. Gandhi had the opportunity to become such a great man, but in the end he became a mere "mahatma" in the West.

Do Indians need Jai Bim? Of course, they do, but more than that, Indians need a new system, a society where everyone is equal and where farmers have real sovereignty over their land. Under this society, the caste system that has prevailed in India for centuries will be truly eradicated. All Indians will be free from the poison of the caste system. What the Indians need is not the so-called perfect legal system learned from the West, but real good life for the people of their own country, such a good life does not need to be handed out by others, it needs to solve the fundamental problem, if the fundamental problem of India is solved, then Jeybim does not need to exist.


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