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'Toy Story 4' Review

A perfectly wrapped up sequel to a long running Pixar franchise.

By Lisa BourgeaultPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Woody and Buzz Lightyear 

Toy Story 4 was the long awaited sequel to an already well-known and popular movie franchise. This review will definitely be spoiler free just in case anybody hasn't already seen it!

So, the big question; is the movie all it's cracked up to be, or could it have been done better? The answer is, it was amazing and perfect in every way. Anybody who grew up watching the original, and became excited with each of its sequels to follow will not be disappointed. It was just what the fandom of the franchise should expect, and what we ultimately deserve. Even new fans that just tuned in to watch this one will find it joyful, emotional, and a fun ride.

For me, after watching the initial trailer for this movie way back when, I had mixed thoughts. It didn't really give away any details of what the movie would be about, and the new characters seemed a little off-putting. When I went to see it, I was looking forward to it, of course, but I was not as excited as I thought I'd be, but that all changed by the end of the movie. For someone who doesn't cry or get emotional from movies in general, this movie made me cry, it was just that wholehearted and sweet, and it stayed true to the Toy Story brand.

The movie was the perfect ending to a long-beloved movie series. It's possible that it's not the last movie, but honestly, I'm hoping it is because the ending of this movie will make you feel all sorts of emotions in the best way possible. The ending was beautifully done, and wrapped up each character's storyline, so why would you want to come back and potentially ruin such a beautiful thing?

The story starts off and shows all the toys' relationships with their new owner, a young girl called Bonnie. Bonnie is nervous about going off to her first day of kindergarten. She ends up making a new friend, and that's when the real adventure begins. The story is all about keeping her newly made friend, Forky, safe, and making sure Bonnie stays happy. All the toys band together to make sure that happens, and of course end up in some troubling situations along the way.

Bo Peep voiced by Annie Potts

No doubt about it, all the main characters are back in this movie, and even though some of them have more screen time than others, they all have their parts to play. The main players in this film are Woody, Buzz, Bonnie, as well as Bo Peep making a big comeback. A big sigh of relief comes from having all the original voice actors returning to voice their characters. You can't do a Toy Story movie without Tom Hanks or Tim Allen! As well as the beloved characters, this movie introduces several new ones that are there to help and to stir up trouble for the toys. New voices include Keanu Reeves as Duke Kaboom, a Canadian motorcycle stunt toy, and Christina Hendricks as Gabby Gabby, a lonely doll, just to name a few. All the new characters and actors did a fantastic job, and it feels like they've been in these movies the whole time.

As much as I'm trying to think of the positive and negative aspects of this film, it's difficult to find a fault in this movie. From start to end, the movie was down to earth and fun for the whole family. It had tons of charm, and I'm pretty sure no matter where you go to look for a review, there will be nothing but praises. It has its funny moments, sad moments, and even shocking moments.

One thing that is for sure is that the ending will surprise you! The ending does make sense the more you think about it, but it is sad and surprising, and changes the whole dynamic of the movie.

I give this movie a 10/10. It was just that good, and I recommend to everyone to go see it now while it's still in theatres!


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