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Top-tier moments from Scandal

"I'm nobody's Bitch baby"

By 'Vive AkughaPublished about a year ago Updated 9 months ago 15 min read
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Olivia Pope (known as "Liv", "Fixer", "Handler")-I like this scene of her defending Marcus Walker at the police station. It showed her power, talent, and skill in a simple way. It also gained the respect of Marcus while reminding me how good she is at her job. There are moments Olivia falters, lets people down, or is confused about what to do but she never fails to assert her power, be resourceful and helpful. She's had times like this as she runs her own crisis management firm, Olivia Pope & Associates (O.P.A) but this was a great moment.

Video Credit: Yolanda Mtintsilana on YouTube.

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President Fitzgerald Grant (known as "Fitz") and Olivia-After the many struggles of Fitz and Liv being unsure of what they wanted or didn't, Fitz decided to show her the house he built for them. Vermont was their dream place to get married, have children and prosper. So, him showing her this house in Vermont is a visible depiction of his commitment to her. From the moment she called his marriage cold, he fell in love with her and has been persistent. This is a cute scene.

Video Credit: ILuvOlitz2 on YouTube.

Fitz and Liv-Fitz was recovering from being shot and made a presidential decision of addressing the people. He wanted to give them hope and ensure he was there for them while avoiding being replaced by Vice President, Sally Langston (Kate Burton). It was one of the moments he made a decision and was not backing down from it which I respected because he doesn't always show much agency or power. It was great that Olivia forwent what Cyrus told her to do to support Fitz despite his poor state.

Video Credit: ILuvOlitz2 on YouTube.

Jake Ballard (known as "Command", "Captain Ballard") and Olivia-Liv previously tried pretending to be normal with Jake and this was one of her attempts at normalcy. She didn't want to talk about their situation, her father, B613, or anything at all. She wanted to be at peace for once and not bother about any of that, which is understandable cause she had been through a lot. Jake got this from the moment she opened the door saying she looked happy. Liv got the Gettysburger they always eat, imported beer for him, and the '94 du Bellay wine she took when they were on the Island which shows familiarity. He understood how she felt and despite wanting to talk to her, he knew they needed a bit of peace and accepted it as they danced.

It is such a beautiful and pure scene with the lyrics of the song adding to the moment saying they shouldn't worry about a thing. At this moment he realized he really loved her and said it. He had no regrets saying it but got to know she wanted both of them and did not want to choose (yet). This was one of the times she chose herself, it was good to see her be unbothered and happy. This was a great scene and one of the saddest too because, after all that, she was kidnapped and faced the most traumatic point of her life.

Video Credit: calm19 on YouTube.

Jake, Liv and Fitz-This scene is PERFECTION. It includes the two love interests of the show going back and forth. Jake was blamed to be the reason for Fitz's son, Jerry Grant Jr.'s (Dylan Minnette)death. He was Command of B613 briefly and Tom Larsen's (Brain Letescher)crime was pinned on him by Rowan. He wanted to show Fitz the proof of Rowan's involvement before Tom's interrogation but Fitz claimed to be busy as he was upset Jake spent time with Olivia on an island. This led to Jake's interrogation and Fitz's request for a confession despite not wanting to listen to him.

Fitz began punching him to get the supposed truth out of him but as Jake kept trying to explain to Fitz, he realized that he did not care if it was true or not. He realized this was about his time with Olivia and kept talking about it. Jake was imprisoned unjustly but freed when Olivia got the truth. So this scene is his hurt and pettiness portrayed which he deserves. His demand for Fitz to call him "Captain Ballard" instead of Jake is justified because of what he went through and how Fitz treated him. It's hilarious because a clear line was drawn between them as he repeatedly demands the name change.

This name change is huge because they had been friends and Navy buddies for years but both love Olivia. Jake felt betrayed and demanded the name change be respected. It should be noted that Jake never called him Fitz here, he referred to him as Mr.President which respects his demand. I like that he asked Olivia for permission to kill her father because that's respectful. He knows she might be hurt and wants consent on his decision because it would affect her. Rowan was a force no one knew how to deal with or end, so, it's not surprising that many of the people he hurt and recruited to hurt others would want to end the cycle.

I like that he makes it known that he and Olivia are dating by telling Fitz he's talking to his girlfriend and should not interrupt. I don't remember a conversation between them to be dating but I thought it was cute nonetheless. He said it like it was nothing while asserting territory and Olivia was surprised by that. His statement that he would be killed first, then Fitz as a ploy to hurt Olivia shows his thought to be more important to her than Fitz or that he could be seen first. The fact they wanted to leave him down there while they plan could indicate they still want him out of the picture while strategizing how to take Rowan and B613 down in the guise of "protecting" him. This could be another form of imprisonment which he was worried about by his shock asking if they would "get together at night and strategize" and asking Olivia if she would get him out of there.

The smirk Jake made after Fitz said he would call him whatever he wanted and Olivia intervened strikes me as a one-upping move. The show makes it a point to show Fitz as Olivia is talking to Jake about how they are because we know it's hurting him. Jake's pettiness comes in again as he makes sure Fitz is aware that they have a thing, about one of their catchphrases and their time on the Island. Fitz finally called him "Captain Ballard" acknowledging the line as he said they didn't need him but Jake's resourcefulness brings him back. The looks between each other are deadly and the shake saying "No hard feelings" is ridiculous as they agree to put everything aside to fight Rowan. Jake knows he can't hurt the President of the United States physically as he did him, so he did it emotionally.

Video Credit: calm19 on YouTube.

Cyrus Beene (known as "Cy") and Olivia-This scene is beautiful and one of the truest moments of their friendship. Cyrus was an object of ridicule in the press for his affiliation with the sex worker, Michael Ambruso(Matthew Del Negro). He thought this brought great shame to the White House and his character. He resigned and planned to re-locate but Olivia was there to talk to him. She comforted him, empowered him and reminded him who he was. This was great as they showed their love for each other through the blurred lines of power and the presidency.

Video Credit: bring change on YouTube.

Leo Bergen and Abby Whelan (also known as "Gabby", "Red")-I like this scene because it showed Leo's (Paul Adelstein) heart after his depiction of being cold and politically focused. He worked for Charles "Chip" Putney's (Michael Trucco)campaign to be the Senator of Virginia and was winning but sabotaged it. Abby told him her ex-husband, Chip beat her numerously and mercilessly. This was a traumatic point in Abby's life and the thought of that man having more power was frightening which could be seen when he confronted her at the parking garage. He was unapologetic asking she didn't say anything to ruin his chances. Leo was very nice and did the right thing leaking it to the press. I was happy he did this instead of overlooking it which many people would have done for the good of their client.

Video Credit: ABC on YouTube.

Abby and Liv-This moment showed Abby's power. Although she seemed different, I was briefly happy for her because she believed Olivia thought so low of her. Liv had said Abby should never cross her again and that she taught her everything she knew but also told Abby she believes she performs well at her job. They went to the same law school and were friends but Olivia had left hints leading Abby to believe Liv thought she was better than her. This scene was very telling from the silence Abby kept as Olivia rambled on to the emotions exchanged.

Olivia asked her if she was being coerced and said she should tell her ensuring she could help as she always does but Abby stood her ground saying she was reminded of her job and purpose at the Oval. Abby said she no longer worked for her to emphasize the difference between professions and power levels. Things got out of hand between them as they battled for who was more powerful after revoking Liv's hard pass to visit the White House. Liv previously suggested Abby could come back to work for her if things went wrong at the White House.

At that moment Abby realized that she may always be Olivia's, sort of owned by her. She refused to have that possibility of being lower than her and less respected by her again. As she worked at O.P.A she was occasionally left out of things and disregarded as many of them were but was offended by that. Abby was fed up at O.P.A but felt indebted to Olivia for saving her, so her going back did not feel like an option.

Video Credit: ABC on YouTube.

Rowan Pope (known as "Eli", "Elijah", "Papa Pope", "Command")and Fitz- This is one of the most, if not the most recognized and appreciated scenes from the whole show. Each of Rowan's lines is delivered with so much gravitas. At this point, no one knew his true stance when it came to Liv's mother, Maya Lewis(known as "Maya Pope", "Marie Wallace")(Khandi Alexander)but was blamed for her supposed death. He was captured, taken to the pentagon and interrogated to find out why he ordered Operation Remington. Fitz decided to use a different approach by telling Olivia's father of their sexual relations in the most classless way. This was truly disappointing and disrespectful. The audacity to do this regardless of the purpose was just insulting, weak, and low for his character.

This prompted my idea that he probably perceived her this way coupled with the moment he called her a mistress despite always saying she was more than that and should never view herself in that way. No matter what he wanted to get out of Rowan, who does this?? There was no way Rowan was going to be that impacted by his comments when he could identify his daughter's emotional bait to fish him out. I liked Rowan's answer.

It was striking and composed. It told of his low opinion of Fitz, his struggle, success and power in himself & the reputation and power of Olivia. He called Fitz a "spoiled, entitled, ungrateful little brat" as a person with a silver spoon all his life but still a disappointment of a person feigning for a response with cheap shots at what "a great lay she is". His statement of being above Fitz's pay grade refers to B613's power in the world but I think it also refers to his personality. He thinks he is above Fitz in every way and the idea of him trying to go after his daughter thinking he's in love with her is insulting. He called him a "boy" which belittles any inkling of power Fitz thinks he has which adds to the moment he told Olivia that everyone knows he's not the one in power.

The moment Rowan said "you love that she is a door-marked exit", I believed it. Fitz thought he did not earn the presidency, his father Jerry Grant's (Barry Bostwick)comments hurt him and the idea of being in his father's shadow offended him. I *saw a comment that Fitz was probably crying in the shower again and I laughed because that possibility is high especially when Rowan said "sadly BOY, I know everything about you, you disappoint me as a suitor for my daughter's hand". He thinks so highly of his daughter and is consistently proud of her which shows throughout the series.

Video Credit: CollegeGirlKEY on YouTube.

Huck and Rowan-This was one of the first times Huck was unfazed by Command. I was happy he did not hit him despite being triggered. Huck accepted his family would be better off without him, which was sad but the right decision. Rowan kept talking about his wife, Kim(Jasika Nicole), and son, Javi (Jaden Betts)as Diego Muñoz.

This was a very sensitive spot for Huck enough to make him hit or kill him but he didn't. Huck was able to keep his "guy" inside and I was happy for him because he was having difficulty doing that. Instead, he hurt him emotionally which surprisingly made more of an impact. He might not be able to "take command" but he definitely made an impression. At this point in the show, greater powers than Rowan were being hinted at. He was scared, so being killed by Huck would be the safest bet. In this show, death always seems to be peaceful, easy, and kind because "there are worse fates than death". Huck talked about how Olivia was berated and battered by the media.

He talked about which "white boy" he would approve for her and called him a failure of a father. Regardless of Rowan's hard shell, he loves Olivia so much and these words killed him inside. This was one of the times his expressed sadness made an impact on me. The other time was when he was disappointed that Olivia would even consider shooting him. He was so saddened and despite his dark side, he is not too bad a dad.

Video Credit: Asavela Makhwembe on YouTube.

David Rosen and Susan Ross-David (Joshua Malina)did not do well in this relationship right from the start. He gave her a rejected gift for Elizabeth North(Portia de Rossi), cheated on her, and lied to her. I like the Susan Ross(Artemis Pebdani) character. She had great intentions, was for the people, unpretentious, loving, confident, self-aware, aware, a proud mom to her daughter, Casey(Caitlyn Leone), and stood her ground.

This scene of her breaking up with David after the lies in the relationship felt right and I like that she said she was aware of all her characteristics. I was happy for her even though she was sad about it. She said she deserved someone who believed in her instead of doing something she CLEARLY objected to when mentioned earlier. She wanted actual change and did not want to comprise her morals. I respected this character so much especially when she sat down with the President, Fitz to add things to impact actual change through enforcement for the Brandon Bill. She did not just vote regardless of the numerous people that told her to. It was very telling that no one had read it fully but all wanted to pass it because it would add to the President's appeal and legacy. She is a great person and Vice President.

Video Credit: ABC on YouTube.

Quinn Perkins(often known as "Robin"), Liv and Huck-Quinn was not present as she normally is and no one noticed. This was very unfair because she always wonders what's wrong with everyone, where they are, or is trying to help them. She became the heart of O.P.A protecting and searching for each person after a brief disbanding. It's not unusual for her to expect the same or even a lit bit of concern because something horrible could have happened to her. I was happy she lashed out at them because it's only right to look out for each other. I *saw something about her taking over O.P.A and I believe it was a good decision.

Video Credit: Television Club on YouTube.

Stephen Finch and Liv-This was a REVEAL. I knew it would come at some point but I was still happy it happened. Abby did a great job finding him and orchestrating this whole thing to save Liv. It was beyond calming to see Stephen(Henry Ian Cusick) and see that he would be the person taking her. Stephen was in the original set of Gladiators at O.P.A. . It is such an endearing scene as you have feared for Liv's life and even more when he held her saying she was okay with him. You could see the pain from her trauma and fear being kicked into Gus (Chad Donella)after she shot him. She went through a lot and finally had it end positively.

Video Credit: CollegeGirlKEY on YouTube.

What do you think? Do you have any other notable moments?

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