Top Ten 'Grey’s Anatomy' Characters

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Top Ten 'Grey’s Anatomy' Characters

10. Callie Torres

Callie came in to the show in season 2 and stole everyone’s hearts from the beginning. She became more loved as we watched her find her sexuality and later marry the love of her life Arizona Robbins. It broke viewer's hearts when they got a divorce and were fighting over custody of their daughter, Sofia. In the end they both decided it was best if Sofia had both her mothers but Callie went on to live in New York at the end of season 12. We just hope she’s happy.

9. Amelia Shepherd

Amelia’s story first began on the Grey’s Anatomy spin off, Private Practice. She did not have it easy: from being addicted to drugs then having to see her boyfriend’s dead body after he overdosed to later find out that she was pregnant. But she still didn’t get a happy ending; her baby was born without a brain and died in her arms only minutes after being delivered. All of that happened on Private Practice, but on Grey’s Anatomy she had her only brother die without being able to say goodbye and in season 14 we found out that Amelia had had a tumor growing in her brain for over ten years. Luckily, the tumor was removed and she made a full recovery, and we all hope that Amelia will finally get some good in her life sometime in the near future.

8. Miranda Bailey

Bailey has always been everyone’s favourite from the first time we met her. She brought fear to all her interns and she will forever be known to us as the Nazi. Everyone was happy when she met Ben and they got married, as she deserves to be happy. But her marriage wasn’t the best thing to happen. It was the fact that she was the first female black chief of surgery.

7. April Kepner

April is a trauma goddess. In the beginning, I didn’t like April very much but in the episode where they got there trauma certification, I became April Kepner’s biggest fan. It broke our hearts when her baby Samuel died in her arms only minutes after being born but we couldn’t be happier for her when she had Harriet.

6. Derek Shepherd

Derek was a badass neurosurgeon that didn’t believe in inoperable tumors. He loved Meredith and his kids and he was taken from us too soon. Even on his last day, he saved several people's lives before being hit by a truck. Sadly, the hospital he was brought to didn’t give him a head CT and he died from a brain bleed. May he Rest In Peace.

5. Addison Montgomery

In the beginning, I didn’t like Addison because she was standing in the way of Meredith and Derek being together. But she slowly grew on us when she saved countless numbers of babies. It was sad to see her leave the show but we’re happy that she got her own show.

4. Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan, also known as McSteamy, had my heart from the beginning. So nothing made me happier when he had his daughter, Sofia, and finally confessed his love to Lexie. It broke my heart into tiny little pieces when he died in season 9 after the plane crash. But he wouldn’t have been able to live his life without Lexie.

3. Meredith Grey

Meredith is the main character of Grey’s Anatomy and is a wonderful character. Meredith has been through so much and she has lost so much but she still finds a way to smile.

2. Lexie Grey

Lexie was taken from us to soon. She is the person that taught Meredith that having a family could be a good thing. She could have been a kickass neurosurgeon and great wife to Mark and we all miss her very much but we hope she is happy in the after life.

1. Alex Karev

Alex Karev has come a long way from who he used to be. He saves children and will always be there for Meredith when she has nobody else.

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