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Top JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development in 2022

by Kuldeep Kundal 2 months ago in industry
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The digital world is protruding at an unpredicted rate and also bringing unprecedented prosperity to the people from medium and small business classes.

The digital world is protruding at an unpredicted rate and also bringing unprecedented prosperity to the people from medium and small business classes.

Companies around the world are constantly working in order to upgrade the existing levels of development. Thanks to technology and its advancements, now we have a lot of options to build web and mobile apps quickly.

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages for web and mobile app development. According to Stack Overflow’s 2021 Developer Survey, 69.8% of developers use this framework more than any other language.

Talking about the top JavaScript frameworks for mobile app development, there are various new frameworks available today that have gained so much popularity in the mobile industry.

jQuery Mobile, React Native, Native Script, Apache Cordova, Ionic, and Titanium are the top JS frameworks that claim to ease the lives of developers. Although, all these are beneath the iOS and Android platforms.

However, choosing the right JS framework for mobile app development is not as easy as it seems. Hence, you are reading this blog in which we will help you choose the right mobile app development framework for your hybrid or cross platform app development, we have shortlisted the best ones- just for you.

Here Is the List of Top JavaScript Frameworks for Mobile App Development In 2022

React Native

React Native comes on the top position in the list of top JavaScript frameworks. This framework lets you build cross-platform mobile apps with no effort. Apps built using React Native provide a native-like experience to its end-users.

Moreover, React Native applications are indistinguishable from apps that created using other programming languages such as Objective-C, Swift, and Java. Developers around the world can connect as React Native has a large community where they can get support or share their knowledge. It is very large and becoming stronger daily.

Instagram, Messenger, Skype, and Amazon Prime Videos are some of the popular apps that are made using React Native.

Native Script

Native Script is one of the best JS frameworks which is based on the concept of Write Once, Run Anywhere. Developers can use the same code to run apps smoothly on different platforms. They can use their existing JavaScript skills to quickly build apps that are supported by multiple mobile operating systems.

The apps using the Native Scripts utilize the same APIs similar to using XCode or the Android Studio. The developer can get sufficient help in the form of tutorials from the Native Script’s official website.

Apache Cordova

Cordova Framework, also known as PhoneGap, is the most popular framework which is used for building native mobile applications using HTML5, CSS & JavaScript. Developers can use its extensive and robust backend to easily develop native mobile apps.

Web apps do not support device hardware or functionality such as camera, accelerometer, contacts, etc., but using Cordova we can access device hardware. This framework provides access to various useful libraries that makes app development quick and fast.


The Ionic framework can never be ignored when it comes to the best JS frameworks. This robust framework has gained huge popularity among the developers worldwide as they consider this framework for building progressive web apps or native looking apps.

This open-source framework is very similar to Angular JS in design and structure. Furthermore, this framework uses a single codebase that enables developers to develop responsive and intuitive apps for all kinds of portable devices.


Titanium, introduced by mobile technology company Appcelerator, is the most popular framework which is widely being used for building native apps for different mobile devices, and operating systems, including Android, iOS and BlackBerry.

With mobile first approach at its core, this framework helps the developer to build high performance, visually appealing and rich native apps. Using this framework, developers with web development skills can build rich and native mobile apps.

JQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is one of the best JS frameworks built on jQuery Code which is used for building responsive applications that are accessible on different devices. In jQuery, developers can use standard languages such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 for developing appealing mobile apps.

Moreover, this framework provides the developer with an AJAX-powered navigation system and touch-friendly UI widgets to support animated page transitions. It will be fun to develop web apps if developers having a basic understanding of JavaScript programming.

Backbone JS

Backbone JS is an old JavaScript mobile app framework which is extremely useful for building single page mobile applications. This framework a seamless event-driven communication between views and models. This lightweight framework simplifies the process for developing interactive, complex and data-driven applications.

Mobile Angular UI

It’s an open-source framework using for developing HTML 5 mobile apps that combines Angular JS with Bootstrap. As the name suggests, it provides libraries to achieve a better mobile UI experience.

Moreover, it also provides several UI components like scrollable areas, switches, navbars, overlays and more that developers can use to develop appealing mobile applications.

Bottom Line

It can be said that JavaScript is the backbone of the web and mobile apps and it defines the future of web and mobile app development frameworks. There are various frameworks running in the market for specific purposes. It is imperative to choose the right framework that matters the most for your needs or requirements.

If you wish to know more about JavaScript and its framework for hybrid mobile app development, then contact us. Our experienced team will assist you with a suitable solution.


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Kuldeep Kundal

Kuldeep Kundal Founder at Developers.Dev which is an Custom development company. Mr. Kuldeep Kundal has expertise in Marketing, People Management, Internal Administration and Research & Development.

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