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Top 7 Dragon Ball Villains

by travus Leroux 3 years ago in list

List of DB Villains


Hit, Jiren and Whis receive honorable mention but do not make the list as they are not true villains. Antagonist yes, however, Hit and Jiren are just beings from another Universe fighting for their team. Even though the dragon balls are at stake, it is not as if they came to earth to destroy or enslave all mankind. Whis is an angel and it appears that they a somewhat separate type of being as they only awaken to be the attendant of a God of Destructions.

#7 Dr. Gero

Low man on the totem pole we pull in the creator of all the androids. He is as intelligent as Bulma and more ruthless in his pursuits. A list of his top creations would be Perfect Cell, Android 17, Android 21.

#6 Broly

This may become dated fast as the newest movie will surely have repercussions on the power scaling. However, Given the nature of berserk form, we have seen before Broly is a true Power House. However, we have not seen it up against the likes of even Super Saiyan Blue yet.

Upcoming Movie

In the past, we have seen Gohan as a young child go Berserk and defeat his uncle Raditz. Vegeta first matched blows with Berrus after seeing Bulma hit. Kale in the tournament of power required a first glimpse of Ultra Instinct to defeat. Broly getting a new movie and being made cannon makes it apparent that we are going to get insight on the lore of legendary Saiyans.

#5 Frieza

Golden Frieza easily surpassed Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta and it was only because Frieza didn't train his stamina and rushed back to kill Goku that he lost. He was also half of the power that took Jiren off the stage allowing Android 17 to win the Tournament of Power.

It is Obvious that Frieza is a top-tier character in the dragon ball franchise. Having been notorious for not training a day in his life it is impressive how much stronger he got in a short time being revived in Resurrection of F.

#4 Super Buu

If you want to talk simply downright scary this is where it starts. as evil as Janeba but even more powerful. The Majin Buu form is truly terrifying being able to absorb nearly any and all attacks we have seen Majin Buu reform after being blown into millions of pieces. It is also very interesting that Buu rarely fights against anyone in Dragon Ball Super. He is always asleep during the most important moments. This is a clear signal that the writers do not want to reveal just how strong Buu really is and leaves him out of the top 3.

#3 Beerus—God of Destruction

I know he is the god of destruction and that he is the strongest being in the Universe. But I also know that is not true, Whis holds immense power and is probably instrumental in all of the acts of the destroyer deities. I mean if something is stronger than you, it is probably nice to have a partner who can rewind time. But on the fighting side, we have seen Goku go up against Beerus on multiple occasions and while we know Goku is still no match for Beerus he fights him well. Beerus is able to destroy anything with his Hakai power, presumably, ripping it right out of reality. But Hakai has been shown to be overcome. We saw Frieza overcome a god of destructions Hakai blast and Vegeta was able to knock out God of Destruction Toppo who, while new to the ability, had complete control of the all-powerful destruction ki.

As for now, I am most curious about what he's going to be up to during the time of the new Broly movie. Will we get a power scaling between Beerus and Broly or will they leave them separated and allow Goku and the crew to handle it.

#2. Goku Black Zamasu Fused

A truly immortal being, Zamasu can be spotted sporting a full-on halo akin to the type that Whis wears around his neck, after his fusion with himself. His power was so immense that it took a spirit sword right through the center to rip apart his physical form. And then he still wasn't dead, he became the universe and it required Grand Zeno to appear and destroy the entire universe.

I'm going to tell you this right now Goku Black isn't done. Zamasu wished himself to become immortal and he was traveling through time capable of ripping a hole in time and staying there a short while needing nothing more than his time ring. Even if he does go to the other side he will find a way to return and get revenge I all but guarantee you.

#1 Zenny the Omni King

Zencha is the ultimate destroyer and there are two of him. Although they are not trained in any martial skills they are able to destroy the entire galaxy and worlds with little more than a word. We first see this leading up to the Tournament of Power when both Zeno's were playing a board game and it seems to be innocent enough. Until you see that the planets that are being destroyed in the game are actually being destroyed.

It's kind of a poetic way to make the leader of all destroyers a simple child who doesn't know any better. Simply that some things are wrong and that things have to occasionally be destroyed so that other things can survive.

travus Leroux
travus Leroux
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