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Top 4 Movies To Watch On Hulu This March.

And Why I Recommend Them.

By Adrian A. Pedrin V.Published 3 years ago 4 min read
Top 4 Movies To Watch On Hulu This March.
Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

As a filmmaker I find myself watching films that I want to recommend. Why not recommend them to the internet?

I picked up a subscription to Hulu a few months ago and I didn't plan on sticking around when the free month was over. It's been 5 months now and I'm enjoying it very much.

My pick for the top 4 movies to watch on Hulu in March is as follows. Spoilers at the end of the article so I won't ruin your viewing experience.

Boss Level.

When I heard about this film, I thought, Another time loop movie and that's what I was expecting. I was wrong. It takes the same formula you have grown to love (or gotten tired of) and turned it into a good time loop movie. It's an action film but it's very entertaining, especially around the middle of the film. It also takes the ending of every time loop film and discards it, which I loved. (See the ending of the article for the spoiler and my thoughts on the ending.)


This is one of those underrated movies that flew below the radar. I saw a poster of it in cinemas way back when it came out but nothing else. flash forward to 2021 and I decided to give it a try.

This is one of the most solid films I have seen in years. It's about a small group of soldiers in WWII who land in a small town. Unbeknown to them, nazis are conducting experiments nearby. what kind of experiments? well, the kind that creates zombies.

Overlord is very well shot and acted. It's a compact movie that creates an epic feeling while not being a huge budget epic war film.

Don't miss out on overlord if you are a fan of solid action movies.


This is a very psychological film and it is very violent and gory. It's not an all-out gory film, it's more of a gory in realism. Be warned because I had nightmares after seeing this film not knowing what it was about. It was a recommendation from a cinephile friend of mine.

It's sci-fi but it doesn't look sci-fi. It's about an assassin who can take control of others' bodies to carry out assassinations. The way they handle it and make it into a business is in itself creepy. The way we are going with deep-fakes in ways of technology is a matter of time until this is possible.

It's a slow burn, artistic, horror film. The camera work is amazing and the acting is what stands out the most. Christopher Abbotts acting is phenomenal in how he portrays 2 people living in his head.

This is the kind of movie that you want to discuss with friends. There can be layers upon layers of what is actually happening and that's what I loved the most.


Another great film that flew below the radar. It stars Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. This is the only film on this list that is not an action film, but I still loved it. I can't tell you what it's about without ruining the whole deal of the movie. What I will say is that it's written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo. Nacho Is one of my favorite Directors out there.

I saw this film without knowing he directed it or wrote it. It was no surprise that his name came up in the credits after I had loved this film. It's his most commercial film to date but it is still not 100% commercial. It takes a common problem and paints it with a different lens.

SPOILER WARNING: These Thoughts(spoilers) will ruin the film, read at your own risk or what the movie and come back and then read them.)

Boss Level: Throughout the whole movie I was waiting for that moment in a time loop film that the character has to do it all over again but this time he can die for good. That moment never comes. Well, it does but it cuts to the credits and I loved it. It was a great payoff and something that a time loop movie had not done before. (or at least that I had seen.)

Possessor: That moment in the end when you hear the words from another character "Pull me out" is just so brilliant and subtle. You can wonder if Vos let Colin kill her family so she wouldn't feel guilty about it.

Colossal: The film turns into an abusive relationship story even though Jason Sudeikis's character and Anne Hathaway's character are in nothing more than a friendly relationship. He finds a way to control her until she has had enough and finds a particular way to confront him at his own game.

I'm having a blast browsing and finding fun movies to watch on Hulu. I'll be sure to come back next month with more movie recommendations to watch on Hulu.


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