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Top 3 Blown Opportunities for Potential Lifetime Villainesses

A look at the worst teases for potential villainesses in Lifetime films

By Clyde E. DawkinsPublished 24 days ago 5 min read

Today is April Fools' Day. Yes, there's a day named after fans of the Edmonton Oilers. In all seriousness (ironically), the trademark of April Fools' Day is, of course, the fooling. Jokes, pranks, lighthearted jabs, you name it. One thing I've noticed is that Lifetime has adopted a habit of swerving us in their films. Just when we think we have the baddie pegged and identified, they pull the rug over us. Sometimes, it's a pretty good surprise. Other times, not so much.

I'm a big fan of villainesses, and there have been a number of occasions where I watch and hope for a certain woman to be revealed as one, usually because the actress hasn't played one, Rug pulled. I've made a slight habit out of posting about these disappointing teases on Reddit, categorizing them as "LT Blown Opportunities." I've actually written nine (so far), and I may discuss the rest of them on Vocal, but here are my three biggest "Blown Opportunities" to create a delicious Lifetime villainess.

3. Tori Spelling Should Have Been the Main Villainess (Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? 2016)

Tori Spelling in 2016's "Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?" reboot

Who here remembers Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? reboot. The reboot came out in 2016 (20 years after the original) and was heavily hyped, because the original is one of the greatest LT movies of all time. I remember being so excited for the reboot, mainly because they were turning it all around by giving the reboot a bit of a horror element by centering it on vampires. I beamed over that, and then...I saw it.

Now, here's the thing. I loved the vampire attribute. I loved the LGBT representation. I also loved that Tori Spelling and Ivan Sergei (the two stars of the OG film) were in it. What I didn't love is that Tori played the main protagonist's mother. You want to know the true main reason why I was excited for the reboot? It was because I was expecting Tori to be the main villainess. Usually in reboots, the main star of the original appears in a villainous role in the reboot. Granted, it doesn't happen all of the time, but it does more often than not.

With the vampire element, I was hoping we'd see Tori Spelling as an evil vampire queen leading a group of vampire teens, with Ivan Sergei in the role of a heroic vampire hunter. Tori hasn't really done the villainess thing a whole lot, so it would have been so delicious if she played an evil vampire queen in that reboot.

2. Should Maria Elias Have Been the True Main Villainess? (Killer Daddy Issues)

Lisa Thornhill as Maria Elias in Killer Daddy Issues

A film I enjoyed back in 2020 was Killer Daddy Issues, which still serves as Jillian Murray's only non-villainous Lifetime film appearance. Murray played main protagonist Carrie Douglass, who was part of the wealthy Douglass family and had a close friend in the form of Sofia Elias, whose mother, Maria, was the family's live-in housekeeper. However, the film quickly revealed that Sofia was Carrie's half-sister, as she was the result of an affair between Maria and Daniel Douglass (Carrie's late father).

The reveal came after Carrie's mother, Grace, landed on her head after falling off her horse, and after discovering that the saddle was sabotaged, Grace's young husband, Reed, was suspected. However, the climax revealed that Sofia was behind everything; the attempt to kill Grace and the many attempts to kill Carrie, which included sabotaging the brakes in her car. Unfortunately, Maria drove that car and ended up killed, and that ended my hopes that Maria would actually be the film's true villainess.

I had thought of two ways that Maria's reveal would have been played out, and both of them would have included a twist that she faked her demise in order to lurk in secret. In one version, the climactic scene where Sofia pursues Carrie could see Maria appear, with Carrie believing that Maria would talk her daughter down from her rampage. Instead of doing so, however, Maria turns heel on Carrie and reveals that she enlisted Sofia to carry our her evil vendetta, while looking to kill Grace herself. A second version I thought up has Maria as the sole villainess, having maintained her bitterness towards the Douglass family. Sofia could be shocked and upset over the discovery that she's Daniel's daughter, but she would still maintain a bond with Carrie and not be part of Maria's heel turn. Maria was played by Lisa Thornhill; she had played some awesome villainesses before, and I was hoping that she would do so again in this film, but it was not to be.

1. How Was Amy Thomas NOT the Killer?! (Deadly Sorority)

Moira Kelly as Amy Thomas in Deadly Sorority

It's been seven years, and this still bugs me. 2017's Deadly Sorority centered on Samantha Blake, whose best friend, Kristina Roberts, was murdered in the film. The investigation revealed that Kristina was engaged in an affair with English professor Justin Miller, and as we would also learn, she wasn't the only one. We later see Samantha at the home of Justin's wife, Amy Thomas (a fellow professor), and that visit sees Amy rant and rave in quite the maniacal fashion about her husband's dalliances. I swear her eyes were bugging out; she was that enraged.

So yeah, Amy's the killer, right? Yeah...about that...

It turns out that the actual killer was Jubilee Swan, a sorority leader who also hooked up with Justin. As for Amy's rant, it was merely a stalling tactic. Now don't get me wrong; Jubilee was an amazing villainess. The problem: they had a much better one in Amy Thomas, and decided not to make her the villainess. I still don't know why or how they could not go that route! Amy Thomas would have been the perfect villainess; a college professor turned crazed and bloodthirsty murderess acting out of scorn and revenge. Plus, Moira Kelly was playing her, and it would have been nice to see her actually play a murderous madwoman on Lifetime.

Those are my top three "LT Blown Opportunities," a fitting topic on April Fools' Day. If you like this story, click the heart and subscribe button, and feel freel to comment below! Tips and pledges would be greatly appreciated, but only if you want to do so!

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  • Mariann Carroll24 days ago

    This is your forte 😊🤗I can see you being a director for a villainess movie. I am surprised, too that Spelling was not the main Villainess

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