Top 10 Zombie Movies

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Zombie movies are a dime a dozen nowadays, but the best one really stand out above the brain-hungry crowd.

They hunger for human flesh! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 best zombie movies.

Don’t hate us for not including The Walking Dead on our list! While that award-winning project blends all the things we love the most about the genre, its compelling characters, moral dilemmas, and stomach-turning effects are on the small screen, and therefore not eligible.

Kicking off our list is the Spanish zombie flick that inspired the Hollywood remake Quarantine. REC follows a reporting team as they film the night shift at a local fire station on a routine call. However, this call is anything but routine, as they are soon hunted by hellish ghouls that can climb walls. Just keep a crucifix and some holy water on you, and you should fine!

This cult classic follows a reporter and the daughter of a missing scientist as they explore a mysterious island that’s crawling with the undead. While the film shamelessly cashed in on the success of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, it is still a must-see for zombie lovers. Keep your eyes open for outrageous gore and maggot-infested monsters that feed on sharks!

Norwegian filmmakers decided zombies weren’t scary enough, so why not Nazi zombies? A group of students on a mountain vacation are confronted with a terrifying piece of history. After being cursed and left to freeze to death, these soldiers of the Third Reich feast on the flesh of anyone foolish enough to cross their path. Wind ‘em up boys!

Before he took us on a journey to destroy the One Ring, Peter Jackson created this off-the-wall zombie splatter flick. A village idiot attempts to hide his overbearing mom from the town. Did we mention the part about her being an undead flesh eater? This all-out gore-fest is funny to the point of ridiculous, but trust us: never did lawn care tools come in so handy.

A group of unlikely survivors takes a post-apocalyptic road trip across the Mid West to find a safe haven. You can’t beat Zombieland’s humor, incredible slow-mo title sequence, survival rules, Twinkie-crazed Woody Harrelson and Bill Murray cameo! Best of all, this film features the most bone-chilling ghoul ever to hit the silver screen: a zombie clown.

Shaun’s having a bad day. This deadbeat tries to salvage his relationship while playing hero when the zombie apocalypse arrives. The plan? To drink at the local pub until everything blows over. This may be a parody of zombie films, but this film it breathed new life into the genre with its laughs, scares and unique zombie-killing techniques.

When a medical warehouse worker tries to show off, he accidentally unleashes a gas that causes the dead to re-animate. And guess what: decapitating the zombies does nothing, and burning their bodies makes matters worse. Set to a kick-ass soundtrack of deathrock and punk, this landmark flick showed us what a zombie’s favorite food is: brains!

When well-meaning activists free animals from a lab, they unintentionally release a rage virus. Cut to a month later, when all of London lies in ruin. A mail carrier wakes from a coma and unites with other survivors to locate a fortified military base. This ain’t your standard gratuitous gore-fest: 28 Days Later is a thoughtful exploration of human nature. Plus, running zombies!

Not only is this Romero classic one of the best zombie flicks, it is also one of the best horror films in history. We follow two SWAT team members, a traffic reporter and a TV exec as they try to survive the end of the world by taking refuge in a mall. This revolutionary film bleeds thrills and social commentary. And, you know what? The 2004 remake isn’t half-bad either.

Taking the top spot on our list is Romero’s original cult classic that made zombies a household name, despite the fact the word is never used. This subversive film sees the dead rise, and attack a man and five others who are holed up in a farmhouse. Laced with social commentary on issues like racism, this flick moves from atmospherically scary to downright terrifying in the final act.

Do you agree, or disagree with our list? Feel free to let us know which is your favorite zombie movie, before you lumber over to to check out our other Top 10s.

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