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Top 10 Spider-Man Suits of All Time

by Greg Falconer 10 months ago in superheroes

It's your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!

Top 10 Spider-Man Suits of All Time

With the recent success of Marvel's Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 (PS4), I thought it would be fitting to write something about my favourite superhero of all time, the wall-crawler. Spider-Man was first introduced into Marvel comics in the Amazing Fantasy series #15 in August 1962. Since then, he has appeared in many of his own comic books, TV shows, movies, and video games. He has also had many suits in his lifespan since his first appearance. So let’s take a look at my favourite Spider-Man suits of all time.

10. Spider-Gwen

On Earth-65 in the Marvel comics universe lives Gwen Stacey, who in this iteration of Spider-Man, was bitten by the radioactive spider that bit the original Spider-Man Peter Parker. She becomes Spider-Gwen and sports a suit that is mainly black and white with purple and bright blue webbing details, as well as a hood. This suit first appeared in issue #2 of the Edge of the Spider-Verse storyline.

This suit rightfully takes its place as 10 on my list, the contrast of the white and black with the funky web colouring making this suit one for the ages. Also with its young age only being introduced four years ago, to already be one of my favourite suits is remarkable.

9. Miles Morales

Miles Morales is the Spider-Man of Earth-1610. In this universe, Peter Parker dies around the same time that a radioactive spider also bites Miles, and Miles then takes up the mantle of Spider-Man. He starts with the same coloured suit as Peter, but quickly changes to an all-black suit with red webbing, red fingers, and the very contrasting bright white eyes. This suits first appearance was in Ultimate Fallout #4.

This suit is very deserving of a place in every Spider-Man fan's top 10 suits. It is very popular within the community, which has led to the making of the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which revolves around Miles Morales.

8. Iron Spider (Comic Version)

This suit is the first suit of my list that is worn by the original Peter Parker we all know and love. This suit was created by Tony Stark before the events of the Superhuman Civil War. It was built with Stark tech like his own Iron Man suit—the difference being, this was made with mesh. The most notable thing about this suit is the three metal spider legs that spring out from the back to help Spidey. The Iron Spider suit has the same striking colour scheme as Tony Stark's Iron Man suit. The Iron Spider suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #529.

Coming in at eight on my list, this suit is one of my many, but when I first saw it, I was in awe of the colour scheme. It also must be one of the most famous suits of Spider-Man’s lifetime, recently being recreated and redesigned for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

7. Scarlet Spider (Original)

The Scarlet spider suit is worn by the clone of Peter Parker known as Ben Reilly. He has the exact same strengths and abilities as Peter Parker. Ben Reilly ends up being murdered after being a prominent figure in the clone saga storyline. The suit mainly consists of red spandex all over with a blue sleeveless hoodie thrown on top. He also has wrist mounted metallic web shooters and spider symbols that are unique to him. The suit is finished with bright white eyes that have no black border. The suit first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #118.

A deserved seventh place for this suit on my list, the causality of it is what really makes it one of my favourites with the hoodie just thrown on top. This suit feels like something an everyday person would wear if they suddenly gained spider powers. This suit is also a fan-favourite, being implemented into the new Spider-Man game.

6. 'Marvel's Spider-Man' PS4 Suit

This suit is the most recent on my list, first appearing in the Marvel Spider-Man game for PS4. This suit is worn by an older Peter Parker in this universe who has been Spider-Man for about eight years, making him 23 years old. This suit is created by his mentor and boss Dr. Otto Octavius. He makes this suit when he finds out Peter is working with Spider-Man to help him fight crime, before revealing he knows Peter is Spider-Man. The suit is the same as the classic suit except with a slightly less deep red, as well as white accents all over the suit and a giant white spider symbol on the chest. The suit also features mechanical eyes like the suits from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

This suit is one of my favourites of all time, but I could not put it in my top five for the simple reason of it hasn’t got anywhere near the lifespan of the next five suits. As time goes on, if it still is one of my favourites then it may climb higher in my list, but as of right now it is in sixth place.

5. 'Civil War' and 'Homecoming' Suit

This suit is worn by the Peter Parker from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This Peter Parker is still in high school and has not been Spider-Man for that long. This suit makes its first appearance when Peter is given it by his mentor Tony Stark who built him the suit after he recruits him for his team to fight Captain America in the movie Captain America: Civil War. It is then also used by Peter during the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming and for the first part of The Avengers: Infinity War before he is given the Iron-Spider Armor.

Coming in fifth place, this is currently one of the most famous suits, and it's linked with the rebirth of Spider-Man on the big screen after the disaster of The Amazing Spider-Man series. This suit has also been implemented into the new Spider-Man PS4 game.

4. Sam Raimi Trilogy Suit

The suit here is worn by Peter Parker from the trilogy of films created by director Sam Raimi. These films are Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man 3. The suit in these films was created by Peter himself after he got his spider powers. He made a makeshift suit to wrestle with to try and make money, and after the death of his Uncle Ben, he created a new suit to help him fight crime. This suit is the classic red and blue, but with a lot more prominent webbing that stands out on the suit, and a bit less blue than the classic. This suit first appeared in the movie Spider-Man in 2002.

This suit is extremely deserving of the top five suits. In the fanbase, it is one of the most hated, but also most loved suits of all time. I love this suit as I grew up with these films, and every time I see this suit it brings me great memories of watching these films.

3. The Classic Suit

This suit was created by John Rotima Sr. when he replaced Steve Ditko as the Spider-Man artist. He removed the webbing under the arms that Ditko had put in. In the comics, Peter Parker designed this suit for himself. It consists of mainly blue with red gloves, boots, midsection, and head. There are webbing details on all the red parts and bright white eyes with black borders. The suit also has a black spider on the front and a red spider on the back of the suit, both of which have different designs. The suit first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15, in which it originally had webbing under the arms for a short while before being removed.

This suit being third is the perfect rank for it, in my opinion. It is not the best suit Spider-Man has ever worn, but it should at least be in every Spider-Man fan's top three—at the very least. This is the suit that Spidey was created in, the first suit he ever wore, and it has also been recreated in the new Spider-Man game with the mechanical eyes that look sick.

2. Scarlet Spider (Mark 2)

The person to wear the second version of the Scarlet Spider suit is known as Kaine Parker. He was the Jackal's first ever attempt to clone Peter Parker. He had the exact same powers as the original Peter Parker. The suit he wears is mainly all red with some black paneling on the chest and neck and dark black eyes. The suit first appeared in Scarlet Spider #2 in 2012.

Coming in at number two on the list, this suit isn’t here because of the person who wears it, or even the comics that it appeared in, it is simply here on my list because of the look of the suit. It's one of the most simple yet stunning suits any Spider-Man has ever worn.

1. Symbiote Suit

The original Peter Parker wears the black symbiote suit. This happens when his suit is damaged and he is engulfed in black goo that fixes his suit, changing the colour to black and augmenting his powers. Later in this particular story, he discovers the goo to be an alien symbiote. The suit is all black except the white eyes and giant white spiders on the chest and back. There are also white patches on the hands. This suit first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man #252.

The winner of my favourite Spider-Man suit, and for good reason, this suit has to be one of the most famous suits of all time. The pure black with the contrast of the white spider and eyes makes him one of the best-looking superheroes. This suit has been a fan-favourite since its first appearance, and it still is to this day—being in movies, TV shows ,and rumoured to be in the sequel to Spider-Man game on PS4.

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