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Top 10 'South Park' Celebrity Impersonations

by WatchMojo 2 years ago in tv

If there's one thing the show is good at, it's the 'South Park' celebrity impersonations.

Frequently ridiculous; occasionally offensive; always hilarious. Join as we count down our picks for the "Top 10 South Park Celebrity Impersonations."

For this list, we cast our eye over Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s funniest, most offensive, and most accurate celebrity portrayals on this long-running cartoon comedy.

Gay, sadistic, and sexually promiscuous, Hussein features heavily in South Park’s feature film as one of the main antagonists. The former President of Iraq is given a whiny, high-pitched voice as well as the typical split-head appearance usually saved for Canadian characters. His first appearance saw him try to take over Canada, but a mass fart killed him. This sent him to hell where he presumably began his romantic relationship with Satan. All in all, his was a fitting re-imagination of one the most hated men of the 21st century—well, fitting for South Park in any case.

#9: Bono

Apparently Bono is not just the lead singer of U2; he is also an actual, literal piece of crap. When Randy Marsh takes a record-setting crap, he steals the title away from—you guessed it—Bono, who is none too pleased, let us tell you. But then it’s revealed that Bono hadn’t previously taken the world’s biggest crap; he IS the world’s biggest crap, the second talking piece of poo in the South Park universe, but the first to take the form of a human. According to the show, it’s his status as a hunk of excrement that explains why Bono can do so much good in the world yet still appear like a huge turd.

All aspects of Cruise’s controversial personality and lifestyle are heavily parodied in the classic and controversial episode “Trapped in the Closet.” When he’s led to believe that Stan is the reincarnation of Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, Cruise sycophantically seeks his approval. He’s utterly devastated when Stan admits he’s not as good an actor as some others in Hollywood, so he barricades himself away and waits for various celebs to attempt to lure him out of the literal closet. Likely as a form of retaliation at the real Cruise after he had a re-run of the episode banned, poor old Tom gets it again in some later episodes where he is, again quite literally, packing fudge.

#7: Michael Jackson

Despite his alias of Michael Jefferson, it’s obvious who South Park is targeting here. The childish singer has made numerous appearances over the years, most notably in the episode when he moves to South Park to get away from the constant accusations of child molestation. After his neglected son, Blanket, makes friends with Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, Jackson tries to join the fun as a way of living out the childhood he missed. Even as a ghost or a hologram, the infantile Jackson can’t deal with what people say about him: "so ignorant."

#6: Barbra Streisand

The singer has been cited as Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s most hated celebrity and she certainly gets one of the more abstract treatments of any famous person. Depicted as “Mecha-Streisand,” she destroys South Park after obtaining an ancient artifact from the boys by torturing them with her singing. It takes the likes of Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier and Robert Smith of The Cure to eventually destroy her with their Kaiju transformation abilities, but Tom Cruise and his fellow pissed off celebrities later revive her. This time, only a duet with Neil Diamond can mollify the gargantuan robotic musical diva.

“Excelsior!” Poor Al has done a lot of good in his career, but if that were to stop Matt Stone and Trey Parker from mocking the former Vice President, what kind of satirists would they be? Depicted as… unstable and almost insane when it comes to his search for the imaginary ManBearPig, Gore is sometimes seen wearing a cape while running around, pretending to fly. Speaking in an effeminate manner, Gore is perfectly detached from reality, living in a world where an animal can be half man, half bear, and half pig all at the same time.

#4: Paris Hilton

Hilton is perhaps the definition of a celebrity: she’s only really famous for being famous, and the South Park creators really let her have it. Constantly coughing up semen, she is shown to be the stereotypical image of a whore. All of her previous pets have committed suicide so she buys Butters and stuffs him into a bear suit as her next victim. To top it off, she enters a “whore off” with Mr. Slave, which ends with the wonky-eyed heiress being inserted into his rectum. In the South Park world, perhaps that’s a fitting end for Paris.

This Australian actor aptly has a show called “Russell Crowe Fightin’ Around the World” and that title really says it all; Crowe randomly beats people up who are even slightly critical about his work—and even a few who aren’t, to be honest. Along with his good friend Tugger (a boat), the incredibly offensive Australian beats up folks that he calls, “Chinamen,” “black people,” and “scrotums.” Perhaps worst of all, he even beats up a cancer patient in a misguided attempt to fight cancer itself. Even poor Tugger grows tired of Crowe’s antics in the end.

#2: Mel Gibson

He’s totally insane and one of the few South Park characters to have his real face used for his parody. When Stan and Kenny travel to Gibson’s house to get their money back for The Passion of the Christ, he promptly strips off and asks the boys to torture him—as you do. Now with the Braveheart blue face paint, Gibson chases the boys back to South Park where he insists that the whole town torture him. He’s hilariously sadistic and ends this brilliant episode by, well, doing this… And to think, this episode actually came out two years before Gibson’s reputation went down the tubes.

Before we reveal our top pick, let’s take a look at some honorable mentions:

  • Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson
  • George Zimmerman
  • Ben Affleck
  • Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
  • Lorde

#1: Kanye West

Never have fishsticks been so funny. Well, unless you’re Yeezy. Apparently Kanye is the only one who doesn’t understand the childish gag as he goes on a murderous rampage in his attempt to have the joke explained. He eventually sets his ego aside and accepts his life as a gay fish. Now content with his newly found sexuality, he wastes no time mingling with other sea faring creatures. Of course he eventually reforms and instead decides to marry a hobbit. This depiction perfectly captures the rapper’s egotistical nature, while throwing in just enough trademark South Park randomness to make this the ultimate celebrity send-up.

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