Top 10 Most Paused Movie Moments

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Wait, was that...? These most paused movie moments deserve a second look.

Blink and you might miss ‘em. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most-paused movie moments.

For this list, we’ve picked the spots in movies where you ask yourself, did I just see that? And then rewind and pause a million times just to make sure.

#10 – Horror History: “The Cabin in the Woods” (2011)

If you’re a fan of the horror genre, then this pseudo-parody is full of touches and pausable moments you’ll love. Our fave? The whiteboard: c’mon, it lists some of our favorite foes from horror lore. There’s the usual, like vampires, zombies and werewolves, but there’s also Deadites, the Sugarplum Fairy, and Unicorn. Also, +1 for distinguishing between “witches” and “sexy witches.”

We know we’re supposed to be celebrating Marty McFly’s buzzer-beater basket, but all we see in this scene is a creepy background extra hastily zipping his fly. Wait; can you see his junk? To be honest, we’re not sure if it’s a guy or a girl, but either way it’s hella distracting. But, since it’s literally the last frame before the credits, we’ll give the editor who missed this goof a pass.

#8 – Commando Cartoons: “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (1988)

Jessica Rabbit may be one of the raciest animated characters ever, outside of creepy cartoon porn. That reputation may’ve helped start the rumor that she goes commando. Some perverts think it’s more than a rumor, and point to this scene as proof. Pause it as often as you like: it’s tough to tell. Either way: this wasn’t the first sexy Disney legend, and it wasn’t the last.

What’s creepier than three men raising a baby together? Ghosts. What’s creepier than ghosts? Little boy ghosts that haunt the house they committed suicide in, which happens to be where they’re filming a cheesy 80s comedy. Okay, clearly there’s something in the window. But turns out this movie was filmed on a soundstage, and the “ghost” is a cardboard cutout of Ted Danson that some idiot left on set. Debunked!

This popular Hollywood legend has forced us to hit pause more than once. Well, at least before the HD version came out. Okay, the rumor: munchkin hangs himself as Dorothy and friends skip cheerfully down the Yellow Brick Road. The facts: it’s a giant bird, and no munchkins were on-set when this was filmed. But if we had to be this perky, we’d have a death wish too.

Nerds love in-jokes, and the makers of “Tron” included a few Easter eggs that require the pause button. The first is a nod to a little video game by the name of Pac-Man. That one’s pretty noticeable in the grand scheme of things, but the next one isn’t: You’ll see the stars fly past a Hidden Mickey on their trip through the system. Too bad Mario never shows up…

We warned you the Disney folks are depraved. Before we could YouTube something to confirm or deny, this rumor spread like wildfire: does the word “sex” appear in The Lion King? It’s still debatable, but the official word is that it actually says “SFX” to honor the special effects team, and is not a hidden message encouraging promiscuity. Don’t even get us started on The Little Mermaid erection thing.

‘Member that thing about nerds loving in-jokes? Get a load of E.T. and his family in the Galactic Senate. But that’s not our fave Star Wars moment to pause and watch over and over: we’ll never get enough of the headbanging Stormtrooper. Again! This blooper actually became so famous, George Lucas added a sound effect in the re-release to draw more attention to it. Classic!

You may never have noticed it, but Brad Pitt shows up before the character Tyler Durden is even introduced. First, there are the legendary moments where he subliminally appears for a single frame. Then, there’s an even subtler second where he appears dressed as a waiter in a TV ad, but blink and you’ll miss it. Seriously, how many women saw this movie because Brad Pitt flashed on-screen?

Sex sells, and no scene in Hollywood history had guys wearing out the batteries in their remotes more than this one. In the role that made her a star, Sharon Stone does seduction like no one else. While VHS copies of this flick may keep you wondering, the high-def version leaves little to the imagination about whether she’s wearing anything under that skirt. Poor Newman didn’t stand a chance.

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