Top 10 Gilmore Girls Plot Holes You Never Noticed

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Though full of funny moments and life lessons, Gilmore Girls has some massive holes in their storylines.

We may love the show, but it’s hard to ignore these oversights. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Gilmore Girls Plot Holes We Can't Unsee.

For this list, we’re looking at the most noticeable inconsistencies in this American comedy-drama.

Okay we get it, Dave moved to California. Serious fans are totally aware that Adam Brody ended his stint on Gilmore Girls because he was offered a starring role on The OC, but it still seems like he fell off the face of the Earth. We never get to see Lane and Dave break up, even though we had anxiously born witness to their entire (amazing) relationship up until that point. We don’t want to be the ones to say it, but let’s be honest, Zach never quite matched up to Dave in terms of how much we were rooting for him.

At the beginning of Gilmore Girls, we know very little about who Rory’s father is. In one episode from the first season, we see Rory going through some of Lorelai’s things in her old bedroom and she comes across a strip of photo-booth pictures of Lorelai with a guy who is presumably Rory’s dad. Several episodes later though, we actually meet Christopher and it’s clearly not the same person. This would be forgivable if we were talking about two episodes from different seasons, but considering they’re both in Season One, we have to wonder what happened here.

At the end of Season Five, the Rory we know and love goes through a significant character change when she’s pushed to a breaking point in her journalism career. She changes from a list making, studious perfectionist to someone who steals boats and drops out of school. The most shocking thing about this storyline however is that two seasons later, she graduates from Yale on time with the rest of her peers. Even if she took as many classes as they would allow, it seems pretty implausible that this could happen, especially if you consider her personal life and extra curricular activities. We don’t even see her taking summer classes!

From the beginning of their relationship, there were a number of red flags foreshadowing an unhappy ending for Lorelai and Jason “Digger” Stiles. First of all, Lorelai pretty much only agreed to start dating him to upset her mother. When things finally blew up between Jason and Richard in terms of their business, Jason told Lorelai he was going to sue her father, causing her to break up with him. Jason does return to try to regain Lorelai’s favor a couple of episodes later, but when she rejects him, he is never heard from again. Wouldn’t an ex suing your father still be a pretty prominent plot point in anybody’s life though?

It takes four whole seasons for Luke and Lorelai to finally share their first kiss, but the wait feels totally worth it. They’ve been friends ever since episode one however, and there are many allusions made to the fact that they’ve been close for far longer than that. That’s why it doesn’t really make sense that only in Season Five does Lorelai learn anything about Luke’s “dark day.” This is the one day a year he goes off the grid to commemorate his father’s death. The whole town acts like this is a giant mystery, but his father also lived in Stars Hollow. Shouldn’t they be able to put two and two together?

Okay, we’ll admit that this is a fault that many (if not most) TV shows encounter, but it is particularly noticeable in Gilmore Girls. From the beginning of the show, it’s clear that, because Lorelai has raised Rory alone for her whole life and refused to accept money from her wealthy parents, that they’ve ALWAYS been on a shoestring budget. Despite this though, it’s only in certain episodes where large expenses come up that money actually seems to be a problem. Other than that, they’re constantly eating out (we rarely see them make any food at home aside from the occasional Poptart) and shopping for new clothes.

Similar to the issue with Christopher’s photo, this would have made a lot more sense had it took place over several seasons. The first time we hear about Richard’s mother (also named Lorelai), everyone talks about her as though she is no longer living. Later on that season however, she makes an appearance in Hartford and is very much alive. Possibly even more strange is the fact that after the character really does die in the fourth season, the actress who played her comes back to play a different role of a guest attending her funeral!

In one of the series’ most memorable early scenes, Lorelai is the recipient of a grand gesture of epic proportions. Max Medina, one of Rory’s teachers from Chilton, has recently suggested they get married, but Lorelai doesn’t consider it a “real” proposal because there aren’t “a thousand yellow daisies” along with candles and a horse. Show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that once they got a 1,000 daisies on set, it didn’t look nearly impressive enough. When asked how many they actually ended up using, she responded, “Thousands and thousands and thousands.”

In a move that is now familiar to Gilmore Girls fans, actress Sherilyn Fenn plays two notable roles on the show. In Season Three, we meet her as the woman dating Jess’ father and living with him in Venice Beach, California when Jess comes to visit. Several seasons later however, she’s back in another role (albeit with a different hairstyle) playing Anna Nardini. Anna ends up being a significant player in the final two seasons of the show as the mother to April, Luke’s daughter he didn’t know he had.

Before we unveil our top pick here are a couple of honorable mentions:

  • Dean owns a motorcycle but we never see it.
  • Lorelai says she destroyed all her baby pictures, but we see some anyway.

We’re not sure what was going on during the production of Season One, but that seems to be where the majority of our plot holes come from. In the show’s second episode, actor Sean Gunn appears on screen as a cable installer named Mick. He appears again in the following episode as “Swan Guy.” By episode five however, he is officially our favorite Stars Hollow weirdo, Kirk. We’re not sure if Gunn was supposed to be playing a different character in the earlier episodes or if he was really Kirk all along and they simply hadn’t ironed out the details of his personality (and name!) yet. It’s confusing, but hey, it’s all part of that Gilmore Girls charm!

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