Top 10 Cartoon Characters I Would Smash

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We've all considered this, don't lie.

Top 10 Cartoon Characters I Would Smash

The cartoons I watched as a child were a very important part of my development into who I am today. They helped form my sense of humor, my appreciation for diverse storylines, and most importantly, what type of people I ended up feeling attracted to. Of course, you can just reflect certain fictional characters and I'll find myself falling head over heels for you, but you can also just obsess over these characters with me and I'll still slowly find love for you.

NOW CAN I JUST SAY, limiting myself to only 10 characters was so unbelievably difficult, and I considered changing this list to 20 just so I could fit everyone in. I'll just have to make a part two for next time.

These are in no specific order, except for Danny Phantom because I love him and he will always be in the number one spot, but all the others could literally be anywhere on the list.

Anyways, let's all just get into it and forget the fact that I'm almost 21 and still in love with fictional characters, okay? I'm not alone here, so don't come for me.

Share your top 10 lists with me so that I can go obsess over more cartoons, please and thank you.

1. Danny Phantom

Danny Fenton - Danny Phantom

Danny freaking Phantom better be on everyone's top 10 list, if not the very first. I mean, come on, the boy was just fourteen when his parents built a very strange machine. Don't you just wish your molecules could be rearranged?

2. Shego

Shego - Kim Possible

My absolute favorite villain.

Let me say it once more for the people in the back.


She makes me feel gay, next.

3. Chip Skylark

Chip Skylark - The Fairly Oddparents

Where do I start with this one? A hottie with a body, a good role model for children, and the voice of an angel. What more could you need?

Shiny teeth, duh.

I lowkey shipped him and Icky Vicky, though.

4. Jake Long: The American Dragon

Jake Long - American Dragon: Jake Long

Honestly, forget vampires and werewolves, I'm into dragons. Jake Long was the start of my love for sk8r bois, as well as Avril Lavigne, but that's not what this is about.

I'm team Jake Long.

5. Gerald

Gerald Johanssen - Hey Arnold!

He was underrated and deserved so much more. His hair was taller than my hopes and dreams, earning him a spot on this list and in my heart.

6. Debbie Thornberry

Debbie Thornberry - The Wild Thornberrys

Her attitude just got to me, I don't even know what else to say about her. I wanted her hair, her style, and her everything.

7. Sheen Estevez

Sheen Estevez - Jimmy Neutron

We love a guy who plays with dolls, I mean action figures. Plus he got his own spin-off show, so he was obviously star material and top ten list material.

8. Johnny Bravo

Johnny Bravo - Johnny Bravo

This marked the beginning of my love for douchebags, and I don't regret anything. Whenever someone questions my love for certain people, I simply show them this picture and everyone understands.

Except for most people.

9. Jeremy

Jeremy Johnson - Phineas and Ferb

Ignore Candance in the photo, that whore. He deserved so much better than Candace, she was annoying. He could've totally gotten Stacy if he wanted. Even Stacy's mom; let's all be honest, Jeremy was ready to take on the position of being Stacy's daddy.

10. Zuko

Zuko - Avatar: The Last Airbender

HOT. LITERALLY. LOVE HIM. HE COULD SET ME ON FIRE. YES. Look at the little points on the end of his shoes, he's like a little elf. I have an elf ear which means I was practically meant to love him.

I'm going to stop myself here before I start feeling the need to switch out more characters because I feel bad. If you think someone else should've been on the list or if you feel the exact same way, let me know and send me your list. Also, recommend some new shows so I can find new characters to fall in love with, thank you.

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