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Top 10 Best Lip Sync Battles

If only all battles could be settled with lip syncing. Here's a look at the top 'Lip Sync Battle' performances of all time...

By WatchMojoPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Julianne Hough, Derek Hough, John Legend, Common, Olivia Munn, Kevin Hart, Gigi Hadid, Tyler Posey, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie, The Rock, Jimmy Fallon, John Legend, Common, Anna Kendrick, John Krasinski, Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Channing Tatum, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, Kevin Hart, and Olivia Munn are just some of the celebrities who have appeared on Lip Sync Battles! Which battle is #1, though?

What started as a sketch on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon has become an entertainment phenomenon where we get to sit back and watch our favorites go to war... through song, dance, and the occasional costume. So let’s take a deep breath and pretend to sing along as we count down our absolute favorite performances.

How else would professional dancers settle any form of sibling rivalry? As if being on Dancing with the Stars wasn’t enough, the Houghs brought their best moves to the lip sync stage. They each really hit their stride in the second round as Derek dug deep to swing from the Chandelier, and Julianne... just had sex, and from the looks of it, it felt sooooo good. This was an interesting song choice since the opponent was her own brother. Watching Julianne tell the crowd to sing with her about the glory that is sex was one thing, but watching Derek’s face? Priceless.

What do a fashion model and teen wolf have in common? Extreme levels of attraction, that’s for sure. Oh, and their lip syncing ain’t bad either. Tyler Posey perfectly recreated the iconic, sketchy, storyboard style of “Take on Me” and took us back to the era of quirky 80s videos. Meanwhile, Gigi Hadid blasted us off into the distant future, armed with a tight catsuit, futuristic bike, and hot backup dances. She was so much “Larger than Life” that even the Backstreet Boys had to lip sync her praises... well, two of them anyway.

According to our sources, these two have some bad blood. With Kevin Hart, we expected something wild and crazy, and the comedian did not disappoint. He flooded the stage with an entire crew dressed to the nines in baggy clothes, sunglasses, and crowd-surfing energy straight from the streets. Olivia Munn’s act was a bit more subtle with her aggression as she angrily wrote in a notebook directed at Kevin. Then she slowly crept toward the front of the stage, weapon in hand and deadly sirens at her side. Kevin better watch his back.

This battle is a prime example of the fun these celebrities have on this show. Both Common and John Legend take things slow with their first round, with Common fondly lip syncing to the Jackson 5 and John Legend making sure to accessorize his teeth to pay proper respect to Juvenile. The second round is where things really get entertaining, because honestly, we’re just here to have fun... all night long. The tight pants. The hair. The breakdancing. Common clearly came to party, but as John Legend told him with confidence—he can’t touch this.

Oh John Krasinski, is this what happens after The Office runs its course? If so... thank you. As an executive producer and one of the people who initially came up with the Lip Sync Battle show idea, we’re certain that John knew that his time to grace the stage would come, and boy, did he ever grace it. Who could possibly compete against a man who dared to emulate the great Tina Turner? Enter Anna Kendrick, who looks as sweet as apple pie... if that pie had a big, big booty. Even J-Lo approved of the sexy girls on the dance floor.

Could we technically call this a Marvel vs. DC battle considering the two franchises these actors have been a part of? A holiday lip sync battle is probably less destructive than a Civil War... than again, Anthony Mackie tasting that cherry chapstick may be a bit too hot to handle. Anthony had his work cut out for him against Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who’d appeared on the Tonight Show’s "Lip Sync Battle" before, and his experience showed as he became an unstoppable part of the Rhythm Nation. We’ll definitely raise an eggnog-filled glass to that.

Ah, the very first episode of the original Spike TV series, and the transition from late night comedy sketch to full-blown television series was a resounding success. Still one of the most viewed episodes of the series, Jimmy Fallon himself took to the stage to show us how it’s done. Lip syncing runs through Jimmy's veins, but we weren’t quite sure what to expect from “The Rock”. To our surprise and delight, the charming, muscular, wrestler turned actor proudly stated his love for Taylor “Tay-Tay” Swift and shook off Fallon’s challenge. We also appreciate his great efforts to make sure the 70s are stayin’ alive.

We want you to keep one thing in mind: Josh Gad is the voice of that lovable snowman, Olaf, so you miiiiight not wanna build that snowman when you see him touching himself as Donald Trump. It’s an entire presidential performance that takes shot after shot against Trump, and it ends with Gad-Trump making out with a donkey riding, sombrero wearing Galecki-Trump. Yep, Josh Gad was so ruthless against Kaley Cuoco that he made out with her on-screen husband. Bless Kaley’s little heart, because she definitely gave some solid performances, but we can never un-see... this.

How to start the second season of a funtastic series like Lip Sync Battle? Get a husband and wife to face off against each other, have a lot of costumes, and a crazy amount of special guests. Jenna may have started as a cold hearted snake, but she switched gears with a particularly sensual homage to a certain scene in a certain movie her husband was in. Channing stepped up to the challenge and showed his wife who really runs the world by channeling his inner Beyoncé... who then proceeded to shock us all by gracing the stage.

It was only the third episode of the Spike TV series when Anne Hathaway came in like some kind of ball that wrecks things. Huh, I guess that’s a reference to something. To be fair, when you have to follow Emily Blunt’s chilled out “Piece of my Heart” and her smooth “No Diggity”... you have to bring in the big guns, especially when you face lyrics like, “Ain’t you gettin’ bored with these fake ass broads?” Who wouldn’t respond by dry humping a sledgehammer in a white tank top and high waisted panties? Riding that wrecking ball while flipping off her opponent was just icing on the best cake ever.

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